Nautical Table Decor

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Whether you’re planning an intimate sunset ceremony on the sand or at a yacht club or other beach venue, a nautical wedding theme is perfect for creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere on your special day. But if you think this wedding style is all about anchors and seashells, think again. The classic granny beach aesthetic gives a whole new meaning to nautical-inspired design, offering many new (yet classic) ways to incorporate the theme into your wedding day. Here we explain the concept behind a nautical wedding theme, break down the beachy granny trend, and share some of our favorite ideas for achieving an effortlessly chic beachy look.

Nautical Table Decor

Nautical Table Decor

Although these two design concepts are not technically the same, they are complementary and share many of the same basic principles. You can think of the beachy granny aesthetic as a matured, polished take on the typical nautical style — it’s less preppy and more organic. But what is the beach granny aesthetic? If you’ve ever seen a Nancy Meyers movie (“It’s Complicated” or “Something’s Gotta Give”), chances are you know what it looks like.

Our Favourite Nautical Table Decor Weddingdates

Imagine: an immaculate but lived-in home in an idyllic location like the Hamptons or Cape Cod. A blue and white color scheme, chic floral prints, wicker accents and sheer linens are just a few of the essentials you’ll need for the beachy granny trend. Add other details like fresh hydrangeas, striped patterns, jute rugs, a little cashmere and a nice glass of wine to fully embody your inland beach grandma. Luckily, many of these items easily turn into wedding decorations, especially if you’re getting married on a beach or heading to an exotic beach town for your wedding.

Nautical Table Decor

From the venue you choose, to the clothes you wear, to the food served, there are a few basics that will help you pull off a beach and ocean-themed wedding with ease. Here’s how to do it.

Destinations like Martha’s Vineyard, Block Island, Kennebunkport and Montauk are strongly associated with nautical themes and a beach granny aesthetic, but you don’t need to get married in New England to pull it off. No matter what state you’re getting married in, research wedding venues such as yacht or sailing clubs, maritime museums, lakeside properties, or beach resorts. For an outdoor wedding, rent a Sperry tent – ​​they’re made from sailcloth, the same material used for the sails of sailboats, so they provide an instant nautical feel.

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Nautical Table Decor

Nautical Theme Sea Turtle Retro Map Table Runner Modern Table Mat Coaster Decoration For Home Wedding Christmas Party

Think of the mermaid dress as an upscale take on the beach wedding dress code, focusing on classic designs and airy fabrics. Stick to colors like white, blush, light blue, navy, and cream for a fresh look. Dresses and suits made of breathable materials, such as linen, cotton, and linen, add to the laid-back tone of the theme. If you’re looking for a more informal approach, you can skip traditional wedding accessories such as ties, waistcoats or veils.

Instead of trying to compete with the natural beauty of your beach wedding venue, go for your surroundings and choose a color scheme that complements the landscape. Colors like dusty blue, beige, green and white are reflected in the water, sea grasses and clouds of a coastal location. Add accents of gold or bronze to enrich the color palette, or if you’re leaning towards an Americana wedding vibe, use reds.

Nautical Table Decor

Nod to your wedding theme by adding a nautical-inspired card to your stationery collection. Other decorative details such as monograms, nautical knot patterns, nautical flags and watercolor washes will enhance the beach chic design of the nautical wedding invitations.

Nautical Table Decor

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular wedding flowers of all time and are a favorite when it comes to nautical wedding themes. These snowball-shaped flowers can be found in almost any coastal location, where they thrive in sunshine and cool breezes off the water. White is the most classic and versatile type, but the hydrangea also blooms in shades of blue, pink, purple, green, etc. Other flowers we love for a nautical theme include garden roses, delphiniums, peonies, and evergreens, like smilax, boxwood, or eucalyptus.

Nautical Table Decor

Rather than using overtly nautical decor, like anchors, floats, lighthouses, seashells, and sand, the beachy granny trend is to choose items that aren’t tied to a theme, but can work together for create a beach vibe. . The decor should also be fairly classic – and remember that not everything has to be “on point”. Take your time choosing the details that make you feel comfortable, like what you want

You’ll want to use it in your home after your wedding day to achieve a lived-in look that will instantly put your guests at ease.

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Nautical Table Decor Table Runner For Table Decorations Nautical Hippocampus Beach Coral Marine Animal Compass On Wood Plank Texture Tabletop Collection Table Setting For Dining, Home Decor, Holiday, Weddings 13×90 Inch

Is a seafood wedding complete without seafood? Crab cakes, crab rolls and oysters can be served as an appetizer or accompanied by main courses such as pasta, garden salad and freshly baked bread. Create the satisfaction of a home-cooked meal using local ingredients whenever possible. You can even share a menu note or add decorative flags to entrees that tell guests where the seafood was caught. Rose is the drink of choice for the ultimate beach grandma aesthetic, but you can also recommend red or white wine depending on your guests’ dietary preferences. Finally, end the day with a classic wedding dessert, such as white cream cake or fruit tart.

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Nautical Table Decor

Now that you know the basics, check out these other ideas for more nautical and beach wedding decor inspiration. Kitchen Table Runner For Farmhouse Party Holiday Dinnner,washable Coffee Table Runners 14×72 Inch Long, Nautical Anchor Beige And White Striped Table Runner Dresser Scarves Dining Table Decor

Find small ways to incorporate stripes into your decor, whether it’s through ribbon details in your wedding favors, striped linens for reception tables, or cocktail napkins to serve with a special drink.

Nautical Table Decor

For an outdoor ceremony, you don’t want the decor to distract from the beautiful waterfront views, so consider what you can add to complement the scenery in a subtle way. Decorative wedding chairs are one of the details that will add a personalized look to your venue setup without being disruptive. This style of folding bamboo is perfect for nautical or beach decor.

Hydrangeas are a staple of the beach grannies trend, but peonies also fit the classic vibe ready to send a message of a nautical wedding theme. For a simple yet elegant wedding bouquet, combine white flowers with hints of green.

Nautical Table Decor

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Set off at sunset – literally. If you’re having a smaller wedding, surprise your guests with a one-hour cruise or a late-night yacht charter. Another option: book a sunset cruise as an alternative rehearsal dinner idea to create a memorable experience for loved ones.

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These blue and white porcelain vases, sometimes known as ginger jars, are a staple for the beachy granny aesthetic. Use them to decorate the entrance to your ceremony aisle, display centerpieces, or hold party favors near the exit.

Nautical Table Decor

We love wedding escort cards that can double as favors. Invite a professional calligrapher to write guest names and table assignments on vintage-style compasses as nautical-themed keepsakes.

Nautical Decor Style Elements You Need To Know

Another great component of beachy granny chic? Blue and white textiles. Decorate banquet tables or banquet tables with floral, ikat or jacquard patterned linens to quickly spruce up your decor.

Nautical Table Decor

Wooden paddles are the perfect nautical-themed alternative to traditional wedding signs, such as mirrors or acrylic squares. It brings the fresh green to life and highlights the rich, natural colors of the wood.

If you and your partner enjoy eating oysters, start saving oysters to recreate the idea. Use them as smart escort cards or wedding place cards on your reception tables.

Nautical Table Decor

Nautical Table Runner Fish Pattern Runner Seahorse Table

Adding undeniably nautical wedding decorations is fine in moderation – but remember to balance them with other decor if possible. Wrapped in rope, these glass globes would make a great addition to a centerpiece, bar top, or reception desk.

We would say that nothing is more refreshing in the summer than a chilled glass of rosé. When starting happy hour or serving dessert, choose non-vegetable pour-over varieties.

Nautical Table Decor

One of the perks of hosting a beach party is the easy access to fresh seafood. Add a raw bar or hire a traveling maid to serve the oysters in front of your guests, it’s something they’ll be talking about long after your wedding.

Fish Design Table Runner Sea Food Table Top Nautical Table

Ideal for your wedding hall or your loveseat, the embroidered cushions are a sentimental way to mark the beginning of your new life together. If you share a last name, decorate them with your initials or a new monogram. The plus: you can reuse them somewhere in your house after the wedding.

Nautical Table Decor

When it comes to wedding venues, we love the idea of ​​using mismatched china to create a charming and inviting look. Stick to one color palette

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