No Coffee Table Decor

No Coffee Table Decor – 5 rules for living room table decoration ideas + the best things to make it beautiful and functional.

A few weeks ago, I asked a few members of the Instagram and Bless’er House Decorating Group what you need help with and would like to see on the blog this year, and some of you said to stay with you are the last one. table decoration ideas, how to decorate shelves, how to choose the right size rug…

No Coffee Table Decor

No Coffee Table Decor

Simple, unless it’s one of those things that comes naturally to you. (I get stuck a lot too, really.)

How To Pick A Coffee Table (+ 105 Picks For Every Space)

So I’m going to break down the steps to make the small parts of decorating your home as easy as possible and hopefully take the guesswork out of it for you.

No Coffee Table Decor

Every week or two I plan to focus on one area of ​​the house and expand it into a whole series. I’m really excited and hope this helps! Because that’s what interests me.

Since I was doing a winter living room update the other day, I thought I’d share how to decorate the end tables, because they seemed like the perfect starting point.

No Coffee Table Decor

Easy Early Fall Decorating Ideas

I’m not a certified interior designer or anything, but I’ve spent YEARS researching every resource I could find, so I’ll share what I know. (And over the holidays, when I was visiting the NC mountains with my mom, I saw a table I never expected to decorate…)

(Did you know that 3 is the “magic decorating number”? It creates the best symmetry. In fact, try this number on anything: a mantel, a dresser, a bookshelf. It works. It’s not your number. .

No Coffee Table Decor

This number also works for “groups”. In the image above, the frame above the stack of books is counted as one group.

Simplified Decorating: End Table Decor Ideas

I usually need a simple bed sheet and a table lamp, then the other part can be a beautiful decoration, not necessarily a purpose.

No Coffee Table Decor

I like to add potted plants or vases of flowers to add color, texture, and “life” to what might otherwise be a flat vignette on the table.

If you have two objects of the same height on your desk, raise them so that they are equal. A collection of books or a coffee table is a good choice.

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No Coffee Table Decor

How To Style A Round Coffee Table

Always arrange things in a triangle when creating a shelf, table top or vignette. “Visual triangle” is the best stylist’s secret.

I really like the Philips Hue White bulbs. They are not too yellow, but not too white, and if you want to make your bulbs “smart”, they work with Alexa and Google Assistant.

No Coffee Table Decor

I like to keep one of these little ‘n’ ends that end up on our desks like changing clothes, jewelry, etc.

No Fail Objects For Styling A Coffee Table

Go with seasonal scents so you have the flexibility to use them year-round and not worry about storing them in the off-season. The tip of the capsule decoration. 😉

No Coffee Table Decor

We usually have extra pacifiers and bare barbies, but if you want your makeup to show.

It’s not worth it. It’s fine to match the furniture in the living room if you want, but the eclectic end table in the space adds a sense of unique furniture.

No Coffee Table Decor

Rivet Hairpin Mid Century Modern Coffee Table

The table should be within two inches of the height of the sofa arm, no longer or two inches shorter. When decorating the living room, there is a “list” of standard furniture. The goal is to find the perfect layout. In general, this means enough space for a sofa, chair, TV and coffee table. But should you have a coffee table?

Coffee tables are not very common in modern homes. Sometimes the coffee table is uncomfortable. Likewise, it may be too big for your space. If so, good news. Although the coffee table is not completely obsolete, it is not necessary.

No Coffee Table Decor

We found a nice living room that skips the coffee table. After all, there are options available. For example, consider ottomans, cocktail tables and end tables. Read on for some creative ways to decorate a coffee table. Instead, you can update your living room with a new and modern design.

Coffee Table Styling Ideas: How To Style A Coffee Table |

If you have a beautiful bed, show it off. Don’t let a boring coffee table cover it. Let the sofa be the center of attention. Need a surface for drinks? Instead, place a modern table next to the sofa.

No Coffee Table Decor

Completely remove the coffee table in a simple way. Instead, add plants to both sides of the bed. It keeps the room open but just adds color. Whether your plants are fake or real, they will instantly brighten up your room.

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Whether it’s necessary or not, many people rely on coffee tables. It is seen as the center of the living room. Then the furniture is placed around the coffee table. This can be an easy and convenient way to visualize the layout.

No Coffee Table Decor

Round Coffee Tables To Give Your Living Room A Boost Of Style

In open floor plans where rooms work together, it can be helpful to define the boundaries of each space. Use a rug instead of a coffee table to define and define the living room area. A large ottoman can even be a coffee table.

A rectangular ottoman (or two) can be pushed to the side. Easy to use when needed.

No Coffee Table Decor

However, it can also be pulled in the middle of the coffee table. It is more modern but has the same design. You can give your room a classic “coffee table” without a table.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas And How To Style Them

For more ideas on using ottomans in your home decor, check out this article: Should You Have an Ottoman or Coffee Table?

No Coffee Table Decor

A round ottoman can do more than one job. This is an extra seat or place to put your feet. And in a short time, it can also be used as a coffee table. Want to learn more about turning an ottoman into a table? Then read this article: Can an ottoman be used as a table?

A good sideboard can be a place of decoration and decoration. Try using a sideboard to decorate the room. You can turn it into a center of interest. Especially from bed, it gives you something to look at. But unlike the coffee table, this table will not be in the way or underfoot.

No Coffee Table Decor

Long John Coffee Table

You can also check this article: Console Table vs. Coffee Table: Who do you need?

You can completely remove the coffee table. Instead, fill the edges of the room with interesting objects. There are large pieces of art, plush sofas and bright pillows. It makes the place next to the wall interesting and colorful. Who cares what’s in the middle of the room?

No Coffee Table Decor

Using several separate ottomans adds a little more flexibility to the room. Ottomans can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled. It’s easy to change the look from one day to the next. Whether you are at home alone or with a large group of people, you can find the right routine for any situation.

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Diy Coffee Table Ideas

A few small cocktail tables can be the best of both worlds. It will update your room in a very unusual way. However, you still have a custom table format when needed.

No Coffee Table Decor

If you have a little stock, let him do two things. It can still work for storage, but it can also make a comfortable desk. Add it to your living room collection. It eliminates clutter because you don’t need two pieces of furniture.

For a modern look, mix and match the pieces. For example, several storage cubes and ottomans are used here. These separate units replace the traditional coffee table. As a result, it creates a flexible space that can be arranged and adjusted as needed.

No Coffee Table Decor

Kid Friendly Coffee Table Styling — Hausmatter

These parts can be chairs or tables. And if you don’t have enough entertainment or space, it can be used interchangeably. Also, if you need extra room, that’s not a problem. It will be easy to push them to your closet or the wall.

A coffee table is never really out of date. However, there are many modern designs that do not depend on them. Modern living rooms often use other furniture. Instead, try using an end table or similar buffet. An ottoman can also be practical; maybe a chair and a table.

No Coffee Table Decor

If you don’t need an office at all, consider other options. Use plants near the bed for color. Try rugs to organize furniture around. Likewise, create a fun focal point with art, jewelry, or bright pillows. No one forgets the coffee table! Sofas plus armchairs and coffee tables have long been a classic style for the living room, but what could be better?

Standout Dining Table Décor Ideas

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