North Pole Table Decoration

North Pole Table Decoration – Our little elf arrived home yesterday morning and we celebrated with an Elf on the Shelf North Pole breakfast. It was so cute and so much fun to put together. I used our dining room table as it was already half decorated and added a few little extras from around the house to make it festive.

The elf brought donuts and the kids brought their new soft ornaments from Target to hang on their trees. Pari gave the children a letter that I have printed here for free. My mom bought these adorable plasters for the kids last year at a local store called Artesana’s (I found them for you online, here). And that adorable polka dot picture frame with the Christmas countdown was a gift from the cutest Etsy shop, CourtneyRaeFrames. Be sure to check out the rest of his circles as well. These goodies include last year’s Christmas brunch with Brody at the All Out Celebration. The Santa mug is from Target and so is the cute little white Christmas tree.

North Pole Table Decoration

North Pole Table Decoration

I’m looking forward to this new tradition in our house and hope I can stay on top of things. The bad news is that Brody now thinks the fairy brings him a special breakfast every morning. It seems he is already woefully disappointed. It’s a lot of pressure, don’t you think? I will let you know how it goes.

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I’m sorry guys dropped the ball this morning. I got my days mixed up and forgot it was Thursday. Here is Natalie and I’s link today. Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases. If you click on one of my Amazon or other affiliate links, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. See my full disclosure policy here.

North Pole Table Decoration

Children make the holidays exciting, unexpected, memorable and bring a lot of joy to everyone around them. The magic, wonder and joy is evident on every child’s face at Christmas time. Christmas is a time for family and friends to gather and bond. My kids love seeing their cousins ​​and being together and of course sitting at the “kids table”. I made a fun North Pole themed table for the kids to enjoy and I hope they keep it around the table.

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They’re all busy making elves, decorating, cooking and lots of new ideas for you to try this holiday season.

North Pole Table Decoration

North Pole Sweets & Treats Table

To style this North Pole table setting, I went to my favorite places, Target Dollar Point and Dollar Store. Christmas can be expensive and I like to reuse things I already have. I use hot chocolate bar buckets and baby tablecloths. I found the plate, foam Christmas tree and stickers at Dollar Target. I found the snowman mug at Dollar General ($4 for $1).

I use 12×12 card stock as the scale because kids can be messy and it gives them room to draw or add stickers. It is also easy to clean.

North Pole Table Decoration

I made a card holder by making a silverware holder on my Cricut and sized it to hold the kid size silverware, then I added a picture to the front of the silverware holder.

Fussy Monkey Business: North Pole Breakfast With Our Elf On The Shelf

Since it’s Christmas, I made cute gift cards and put them in bowls of Hershey Kisses (good because it’s Christmas). I found these cute plastic bowls at Wegmans (69 cents each) that are the perfect size.

North Pole Table Decoration

In the center of the table is a bucket of foam Christmas trees and stickers for the kids to decorate. I wanted to pick something that could be done on its own and without the mess.

My kids have been watching me make this for days and can’t wait to get it together. I kept most of it for Christmas, but I will be going back to Target to get more foam trees and stickers because the kids are in love with them. I promised them they could decorate the trees as soon as I was done.

North Pole Table Decoration

Inflatable Holiday North Pole Scene Decoration

The North Pole Christmas table for kids is bright, colorful and full of Christmas cheer. Children love to decorate trees and eat chocolates.

Be sure to check out our 12 Days of Christmas bloggers below for more creative ideas this holiday season.

North Pole Table Decoration

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North Pole Accordion Table Centerpiece Christmas Party Decorations

When I was asked to write a guest blog, I thought: finally someone recognizes my aesthetic charm! Most of you associate me with the delivery industry, but let me tell you, when it comes to Christmas interior design, I’m a natural. Mrs. Claus is the person who keeps the sleigh and works with the reindeer. There are no gender stereotypes in this house.

North Pole Table Decoration

First, I have to say that I think it’s absolutely crazy when homeowners don’t give their interior design a little love. We all work hard and at the end of the day you need a relaxing, inspiring and functional escape. Can you imagine the stress I am under at this time of year? There are 1.9 billion children in the world and not only do I have to list who is naughty and nice, I have to double check. Fortunately, I outgrew my little helper factory. And before you accuse me of running a sweatshop, let’s make it clear that they all make minimum wage and work no more than 14 hours a day. Just kidding!

Anyway, here are my special tips for decorating Santa for Christmas. After four hundred years of silly seasons, I’ve learned two things…

North Pole Table Decoration

Christmas Interior Decorating

For a happy person like me, there’s nothing like kicking off my shoes at the end of the night and kicking my feet up on a comfy sofa.

Mrs. Claus has been helping me with my organizational skills and giving us some great storage options for our workshop. Try these organizational ideas to create more space in your craft workshop or office.

North Pole Table Decoration

Hiding in people’s chimneys and guiding reindeer all night makes me want to drink back home. After a long day at work I make sure to have an impressive bar with the best eggs, mulled wine and spirits to share with my best elves and Mrs. Claus.

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Mrs. Claus spends a long night reading and knitting while Santa goes out to work. I’m sure she’s perfectly comfortable with a living room environment suited to all her needs. Bookshelves, a creative side table and a cool armchair keep her happy with whatever is on hand. Mrs. Claus updated our humble abode to match the latest trends using neutral and metallic tones, greenery and minimal decor to keep it Christmassy all year round.

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North Pole Table Decoration

Working long, late hours and arriving home in the dark of night required a well-lit exterior to guide my journey home. Try these outdoor lighting solutions that add that all-important Christmas charm. Incorporating different types of lanterns adds a charming and warm atmosphere to your home.

Mrs. Claus needs space to bake all her delicious treats and cook a hot meal so I don’t overflow with milk and cookies. Being here in Lapland, there are so many beautiful Scandi style kitchens that she has visited so she needs her own. Last Christmas I put my elves to work giving her this beauty;

North Pole Table Decoration

Hallmark The Polar Express North Pole Table Decoration

Check out our Christmas interior decorating article to decorate your Christmas table, decorate your Christmas tree and decorate your stockings. Our elf, Buddy, returned to our house on Saturday morning and brought a special North Pole breakfast. We started this tradition in 2012 and it’s one of my favorite mornings all year. The first 6 years I did red and green and then last year I mixed it up with a whole bunch of colorful bottlebrush plants. My intention was to go back to red and green this year, but then I was at Hobby Lobby and everything was half price and I got the supplies to make it a winter wonderland theme 🙂

Friday night after the kids go to bed I set up all the decorations and usually plan the meal before Dave and I wake up early. One year they woke up before us and we played like this. “Oh look, Buddy left all the food for us, he must be late. Mom and Dad will prepare everything for you” 😉 But this year, Dave and I stayed up late, figuring everything out

North Pole Table Decoration

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