Nowruz Table Decorations

Nowruz Table Decorations – Nowruz is to Nowruz what the Christmas tree is to Christmas. Nowadays, spread or sofreh is placed on the table. Traditionally, sofas are spread out on the floor. There are other types of sofreh, such as sofreh aghd or wedding spread (laid on the floor).

Usually, all Zoroastrian religious ceremonies are performed on couches covered with white linen. An example is the jashan or thanksgiving ceremony being performed by the priests shown on the left. Sitting on the ground has other symbolic meanings for Zoroastrians: it is a sign of humility, and it supports a person in many ways. Literally and figuratively, maintaining contact with the floor brings it closer to the ground.

Nowruz Table Decorations

Nowruz Table Decorations

Three types of objects are placed on the sofa: objects that are symbolic of the occasion (in this case, Nowruz), objects that are common to the occasion, such as sace (see below), and objects that the neighbors consider to represent the core. beliefs or importance Items have special meaning to them.

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Nowruz sofreh is a homemade specialty and can be very creative. Nowruz is often observed differently in Zoroastrian households than in non-Zoroastrian households.

Nowruz Table Decorations

The Zoroastrian family Nowruz transmission (Persian sofreh) has seven terms (Persian haft) beginning with the letters “sh” or “sheen”. This is why it is called a haft-sheen spread or table. These seven elements are:

(If you hover your computer mouse over the top right photo, the haft sheen project will be identified by a pop-up label. There are links to two projects, one a pudding recipe and one how to grow sprouts).

Nowruz Table Decorations

Haft Sin Table In Nowruz 2021: What Are The 7 ‘s’? Know Traditional Items And Significance Of The ‘seven Seens,’ To Celebrate The Persian New Year

Considering that “Sharab” is an Arabic word meaning wine, and that the names of the letters “sheen” for “sh” and “seen” for “s” are also of Arabic origin, the whole tradition of identifying the project is based on it. The first letter Table, probably the whole tradition of seven elements beginning with a certain letter arose after the Arab conquest of Iran. The use of wine could also be a silent protest against the culture imposed by the Arabs. According to Zoroastrian tradition, the actual items placed on the tray are those representing the seven Amesha Spenta. Follow this symbolism in Jashne/Jashan rituals.

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Other objects often seen in Nowruz include: scriptures, portraits of Zarathustra, mirrors, rose water, candles or oil lamps, goblets of fire, fish bowls with goldfish, wheat or vegetables, various grains, flowers, fruit, paint coins, bread, sugar cones and boiled eggs similar to Easter eggs.

Nowruz Table Decorations

Some families put a sasa or ses on the Nowruz table. The Sasa (pictured right) consists of a stainless steel metal tray, EPNS (German silver) or silver, with matching accessories such as a fire glass or oil lamp, a long-necked rose water bowl and a rock sugar cone. The sash and its accessories are beautifully crafted and are often part of an heirloom.

When Is The Persian New Year, How Is Nowruz Celebrated And What’s Haft Seen?

An important part of the Nowruz table is the source of fire: a fire cup, candle or oil lamp. The fire represents the core Zoroastrian values ​​based on kindness and honesty (similar to the Olympic flame).

Nowruz Table Decorations

Sofreh is a white tablecloth or linen sheet, and white is the Zoroastrian symbol of purity. Other elements represent the grace of creation and the joy of living a good and meaningful life.

Occasional spreads may incorporate a pomegranate and coins as symbols of prosperity, longevity and good health for the New Year (see image at right). The pomegranate tree and its fruit are of particular importance in Zoroastrian rituals and ancient health practices. (See our pages on Haoma and Baresman for more information.)

Nowruz Table Decorations

Persian New Year

Since Muslims were not allowed to drink alcohol, they changed sofreh to haft-seen sofreh, seven of which begin with the letter “s” or “see”:

Although hyacinths (sonbol) and coins (sekkeh) are popular display items beginning with an “s”, they are not traditionally part of the seven.

Nowruz Table Decorations

Orthodox Zoroastrians will rise before dawn, bathe and pray, as it is the time to bid farewell to the fravashis of souls participating in the Hamaspathmaidyem Gahambar celebration.

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On Nowruz, after bathing, family members in new clothes sit around a table at the request of the matriarch of the Zoroastrian family.

Nowruz Table Decorations

After greeting each other, the matriarch holds up a mirror, and everyone (and later visitors) smiles. Mirrors reflect one’s past, reveal one’s present, and remind one to reflect on one’s future goals and commitments. In Zoroastrian theology, the soul receives the reflections of a person’s thoughts, words and deeds – “what you sow, you shall reap”.

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Breakfast can include sweet dishes such as faloodeh (or falooda), ravo and fried vermicelli dishes made with sugar and garnished with nuts. These dishes are more common among Zoroastrians in India.

Nowruz Table Decorations

How To Celebrate Nowruz, The Iranian New Year

In Iran, Faloodeh (see recipes for homemade ingredients and recipes for store-bought ingredients) is served well-chilled in bowls, white vermicelli-like strands dipped in rose syrup or sweet sharbat (sherbet).

In India, Zoroastrian-Iranian diners turn a faloodeh into a pudding with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. There it is called falooda (see recipes for homemade ingredients and recipes for store-bought ingredients).

Nowruz Table Decorations

Ravo is made from suji (semolina – hard ground wheat), milk and sugar. It is ready and looks like a thick porridge.

Haftseen For Norooz Recipe

According to Indian Zoroastrian tradition, the Nowruz meal consists of pulav, rice, nuts and saffron, dal and fish, a dish that has similarities to the Iranian Sabzi Polo Mahi meal.

Nowruz Table Decorations

In Iran, some traditional Nowruz foods carry wishes for good luck in the new year. The dishes are:

• Sabzi Polo Mahi: (pictured right) green herb rice with fish. The spices used are parsley, cilantro, chives, dill and fenugreek.

Nowruz Table Decorations

A Traditional Haft Sin Table Celebrating Nowruz, The Persian New Year, Is Seen Set Wednesday, March 19, 2008, In The State Dining Room Of The White House In Washington. Nowruz Is, In

• Kookoo Sabzi: (pictured left) is a light and fluffy fried egg made with parsley, dill, cilantro, spinach, chopped green onions and chives mixed with egg and walnuts. Kookoo Sabzi is served for dinner on Nowruz night.

• Reshteh Polo: Rice with noodles. This dish is associated with the desire to succeed in life.

Nowruz Table Decorations

• Dolme Barg: Similar to the Greek dolmades, hedgehogs are a mixture of cooked vegetables, meat and rice wrapped in vines and cooked again. This dish is associated with the desire to fulfill hopes and dreams.

Nowruz Table Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

After breakfast, following the family customs and ceremonies, the religious go to the temple to pray.

Nowruz Table Decorations

Zoroastrians pray alone unless they participate in a special Thanksgiving ceremony called a jashan ceremony led by one or more priests.

Personal prayers can include patet, a self-evaluation of thoughts, words, and actions over the past year in preparation for the promise of a better future in spiritual cleansing. Patet remains committed to giving thanks and choosing the path for this year and the years to come. (Click here to see paternal prayers.)

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Nowruz Table Decorations

Sspc’s Maryam Karimijafari Talks Us Through The History And Traditions Of Nowruz, Persian New Year

Families may invite or sponsor a thanksgiving or ritual ceremony performed by one or more priests in their home or temple.

Family visits begin at Nowruz, especially among immediate family, and continue in the days after Nowruz, including close friends and community elders.

Nowruz Table Decorations

In Iran, some families let others know what day they have at home, along with greeting guests and refreshments, following a tradition called taurouf, a word that combines formal etiquette with service.

Iranian Nowruz: Guiding The Spirits Home

In India, where Zoroastrian families greet guests with rose water and sit down at the Nowruz table, the matriarch may hold up a mirror to make the guests smile. This simple ceremony can be performed in designated places decorated with printed chalk designs, sometimes called chuna or rangoli. These ceremonies add to the pleasant nature of the occasion.

Nowruz Table Decorations

The Nowruz holiday is the perfect time for picnics and outdoor excursions. There are picnics and excursions to the countryside, parks and farms. This is especially true on the last day of the celebration – the thirteenth day after Nowruz – known as Sizdah-be-dar, literally “beyond the thirteen gates” or the thirteenth day outside.

The final Nowruz custom is on the thirteenth day, Sizdeh-Bedar, to remove the decorations from the Nowruz table and spend the day outside. After the Nowruz cloth is unzipped, the sprouts grown for the table are thrown into the flowing river. Some single girls tie them with tender buds, praying for good luck and gently finding the love of their life.

Nowruz Table Decorations

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Although superstitious people may associate the 13th with bad luck, there is no such concept in the Zoroastrian tradition. Perhaps the myth that house number 13 is unlucky at home was created for those who stay at home.

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