Nursery Changing Table Wall Decor

Nursery Changing Table Wall Decor – “When I had my first two children I had an ugly heavy wooden table (I won’t name the brand!) and when we moved into our new house I just couldn’t bear to look at it as my second daughter came out of diapers… it didn’t match her nice big bed at all! I was stuck, I had nowhere to store this big thing and I wasn’t sure if I was going to have a third child or not?! Should I sell it on eBay? I’d put it on council? I ended up sold it…

So when my third pregnancy came around I had to find a new changing table… we had just finished building our new house so I wanted something that would match the tropical look we had in our house… I started Raja Homewares when I thought, “Why not make a changing table that I won’t have to sell later? And one that isn’t so heavy or ugly that I’ll actually like the look of it?” And so the idea for this design was born… A changing table with a safety bar on one side for changing watches, which later turns into a bookshelf… I stop using it with my third child then, she will continue to use it eventually to store your favorite books and toys! Plus, I love this simplistic look and feel of the bar – the open design is practical and super stylish without any bulky accessories – now I’m a happy mom!” – Tanya, Founder, Raja Homewares

Nursery Changing Table Wall Decor

Nursery Changing Table Wall Decor

I hope you too will fall in love with your changing table and find changing time easy with everything you need!

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The safety fence is 20cm high – that’s 10cm more fence than Australian product safety guidelines here:-

Nursery Changing Table Wall Decor

“1. The changing table should have some form of protection against tipping over, such as a child seat belt or raised edges and barriers (100mm is a rough guide)” – Our safety fence is 20cm high, which is twice the recommendation. The safety fence must be placed outwards as shown in the last product photo to prevent the child from falling over.

2. “Make sure there are no gaps or spaces near or on the changing surface that could trap the baby’s fingers, limbs or head” – our gaps are smaller than 20cm but larger than 2cm, which means that the baby’s head, limbs and fingers cannot be caught.

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Nursery Changing Table Wall Decor

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3. “Make sure all locking devices on the folding changing table are strong so the table doesn’t accidentally tip over.” – No data – our changing table arrives fully assembled with no locking or collapsible fittings, ensuring it is always very strong and durable.

Never leave your baby unattended on the changing table. Ignore distractions or take your child with you if you must leave.

Nursery Changing Table Wall Decor

Get everything ready before you put your baby on the changing table so you don’t have to leave your baby.

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Put anything that could hurt your baby out of reach, including open pins, bottles, lotions or creams.

Nursery Changing Table Wall Decor

Always keep one hand on the baby when using the changing table to prevent the baby from falling.

Not only was the changing table stunning, I received a personal text message from the owners letting me know the delivery date and thanking me for my order.

Nursery Changing Table Wall Decor

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When the delivery arrived, the delivery guy called me 30 minutes early and when he dropped it off he was very friendly and professional! A changing station is a necessary piece of furniture in every child’s room. Choosing the right furniture for a newborn’s room is a serious task, as it must ensure safety and comfort not only for the child, but also for the parents. Functionality is another factor that parents should take into account, and given that space is often an issue, we will help you with useful tips for organizing a child’s room.

Designing a children’s room means a harmonious combination of many elements – a cot, a wardrobe, perhaps a comfortable chair for the parents, soft carpets and, of course, the decoration should also be considered. How to make a child’s room comfortable? How to save space without compromising comfort? You can choose a cot with a built-in table for changing the baby – such designs are very practical, especially if there are shelves and drawers under the table. Storage space is very important for a changing table in a child’s room. You should also have everything you need for your baby’s skin. You can choose a specially designed changing table where you can store all your clothes, towels and baby care products in several drawers. However, when space is limited, there is an option to choose a wall-mounted changing station and this is the focus of this article.

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Nursery Changing Table Wall Decor

The wall-mounted changing station will help you save back pain and change your baby easily and quickly. Every parent knows that routine activities and caring for a newborn can be exhausting, and the better the nursery is organized, the easier it will be for mom or dad to care for the baby. Many parents think that they can do without a changing table, as it is not a necessary piece of furniture, and prefer to put a blanket on the bed or sofa, and there is nothing wrong with that. But if you asked them, they would readily admit that a changing table is a necessity, as it will eliminate back problems. In addition, the purchase of such furniture for a newborn includes ease of use and functionality. How to choose the use of a functional changing station? When considering the pros and cons of different changing table designs, there are two important questions to think about – what functions should the changing table perform and where will it sit?

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What is a wall switch station? Why choose a wall-mounted changing station? We will examine the advantages and disadvantages of this type of design to make your choice easier. The wall-mounted changing table is a specially designed changing table with a hinged counter that attaches to the wall. The design is especially suitable for small apartments and public toilets, and resembles a folding table, but is longer and convenient for the mother to take care of the baby. After changing the child’s clothes, the ceiling can be raised and fixed in its original position against the wall, so that it does not take up usable living space. Some models have a small built-in drawer that holds baby hygiene items – nappies, wipes, rash ointment and a toy or two to keep the little one busy.

Nursery Changing Table Wall Decor

Depending on the size of your home, your budget, the level of comfort you are looking for, there are many different changing tables to choose from. But which one – a changing mat, a wall-mounted changing table or a traditional changing table? Buying a wall-mounted changing station can be a really good plan, especially if you have limited space or budget. Provided, of course, that you follow certain safety measures and that there is no risk to your child after the installation is complete. A classic baby changing table is a piece of furniture that offers a lot of space but requires space. Yes, there are folding models, but the idea of ​​folding and unfolding your dressing table several times a day or night is a serious drawback. One of the main advantages of the wall-mounted changing table for babies is that it does not take up much space and offers the comfort of a classic changing table in a minimal space.

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Another advantage of wall models is that you can install them at the exact height that suits you. Most standard changing tables have a fixed height and cannot be made lower or higher. Functionality is another big advantage. The market offers creative wall-mounted changing stations that can be converted into a desk when the child grows up, or used as extra storage space in the child’s bedroom.

Nursery Changing Table Wall Decor

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Design and appearance – wall-mounted models are available in vertical or horizontal versions and in various shapes – rectangular, oval, etc. Different manufacturers use different materials, so when choosing a changing table, choose natural materials and soft fabrics – the materials should be extra strong, and the changing mats should be soft and pleasant to the skin. Changing stations are usually equipped with built-in stoppers to prevent the changing table sheets from falling off unexpectedly. Some models also have a safety belt that prevents the child from falling.

Wall-mounted changing stations can have many advantages, but they also have some disadvantages. One of the main concerns of parents is safety

Nursery Changing Table Wall Decor

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