Nursery Table Decor

Nursery Table Decor – Nursery and today we have one covered for Christmas. It’s crazy to think about everything that happened between them and how incredibly blessed we are. The combination of our grateful hearts and the newness of it all prompts us to find ways to celebrate—above all, to celebrate our family and the journey that brought us together. This Christmas is already the most special we’ve ever had, and (admittedly, too much) I’ve been dying to start the holiday magic. Confession: Eliza’s nursery has been full of Christmas decorations for weeks, and no matter how many nightly activities we’ve done amidst the twinkling lights, it never gets old. Since she’s still non-mobile, this will probably be the only year it’s safe to “make up,” but this year, for the sake of magic and celebration, we’re totally going for it, haha. Today I’m sharing my favorite holiday project of all time – Eliza’s Magical Secrets of Fern Hall Forest Fairy Christmas Nursery. And that’s how the topic was born.

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Nursery Table Decor

Nursery Table Decor

All featured Christmas decor from At Home; permanent room sources, wall colors, etc. can be found at the bottom of this post.

How To Decorate A Nursery: Sophisticated Design Ideas

I wasn’t quite sure which direction I wanted to go until I walked the aisles in Dar; I shop there every year for the holidays and usually don’t make a decision until I go in the store, browse, and feel inspired. I thought I could go a little more feminine since her nursery was supposed to be pretty gender neutral

Nursery Table Decor

. One of the things I love is that they separate color schemes and themes into curated collections.

They don’t have an e-commerce site, but you can see if they have a store near you HERE and search HERE.

Nursery Table Decor

Nursery Wall Decor Ideas You’ll Love

Passes, but I get a ton of inspiration from seeing the combos they come up with. If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve shared some of my shopping and browsing stories—I went from thinking I’d play up her woodland theme to something more fairy-like, before finally landing somewhere sweet in the middle. So what exactly is a Magical-Secret-Fern-River-Forest-Fairy Christmas Kindergarten? Well, let’s see…

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Two trees?! Yes, two trees! haha My original plan was to do one tree in the corner, but while I was at the store, my wheels started spinning and I thought, “That would be nice, but how fun would it be to have the trees rule his crib?” I looked to see if they still had one of my favorite trees – the one I brought home for the first time last year (7′ Thin Full and Slim Chesapeake Pine ( HERE )) and luckily they have what can only be described as a whole farm of Christmas trees set up and spread over a good quarter of their store in every size, shape and color you can think of, but I knew if I was going to buy two trees, factor space into the extra consideration. I got them both for over $200. The one I chose last year sits in the entryway and serves as our “nostalgia tree” this year.

Nursery Table Decor

Because I wanted a whimsical atmosphere, a forest that could be a fairy house, I left the Christmas section and in their greenery all year round. I collected fern fronds, ivy and a few bunches of garland with leaves and twigs that I didn’t know what they were but looked pretty.

Baby Nursery Must Haves: Your Essential Checklist

Back in the Christmas aisle, I collected birds, butterflies, berries, flowers, large decorations, main decorations and ribbons of different widths. You can see how I add ribbon to my trees in THIS TUTORIAL. I wanted the trees to be cohesive and symmetrical, but have only slight differences. Tell me one with multiple butterflies…

Nursery Table Decor

I also couldn’t resist all the mirrored, gold and silver stars – stay tuned for a fun DIY later in the post 😉

I swapped out a few sprigs of garland and individual stems at the bottom of her cot for a bespoke garland incorporating ivy and fern stems used on the trees before finishing with a string of wire lanterns I kept it low to the bottom of the cot and out of sight and reach from the inside crib.

Nursery Table Decor

Led Table Lamp Glass Ball Night Light Bedroom Bedside Nursery Decor Lighting

Every morning when I wake her up, I go in and turn off her sound machine and light those two trees.

If that doesn’t make it worth it, I don’t know what does. 😉 On the other side of the nursery I added a wreath to her door, bells to the handle and picked up some Santa hats for her woodland animals 😉

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Nursery Table Decor

(remember the (awkward) art gallery??), I searched the internet for free santa hat clips, made them into a document and resized them as needed, printed them out and cut them out, got my crayola crayons out of my stash, and glued them on.

Chrysanthemum Flower Wood Letters For Nursery Decor, Wedding Table Letter, Flower Letter T, Wood Monogram, Wooden Wall Letters Wall Hanging, Furniture & Home Living, Home Decor, Wall Decor On Carousell

Another DIY I made was a mobile poinsettia on her changing station. Like I said, I was blown away by their variety and number of stars!

Nursery Table Decor

Her little Christmas tree forest is completely eclectic and comes from various curated sections – they have loads of tabletop/cone/bottle brushes so it’s easy to put a few together depending on the theme and color scheme you’re going for.

Another DIY I did (for those who don’t DIY that often, I impressed myself haha) was this little fairy house. I filled the terrarium with a bag of moss, moss balls, cones and made a hanger out of this cute mushroom ornament. Finally, I added a battery powered lantern made of thin wire (fairies 😉). Home has a whole section with different mosses and terrariums, so it’s easy to gather materials and set up your own. I love how adorable it turned out, and Christmas or not, it’s such a cute thing to have all year round.

Nursery Table Decor

Mermaid Felt Garland Baby Nursery Room Decor — Pier 1

At night, when we read, sing, and finish the day, it’s the only light we need.

I used some wooden bowls to hold all the pretties under the tree. If you don’t have any gifts to slide them in, decorative bowls, baskets and pillows (and in this case stuffed animals) will make a gorgeous display 😉

Nursery Table Decor

My sweet girl <3 I know you won't know much about what's going on this Christmas, but I can't describe how excited I am to be with her on Christmas morning, amidst the wrapping and tissue paper.

The Cutest Soft Wall Décor To Hang Over Your Changing Table — Decorist For Buybuy Baby Blog

In the following years we can go in a more “light” direction, Eliza will have her own advantages and of course next year the security will be

Nursery Table Decor

Haha But this year we have an adorable little place that we love. Nursery or not, many of these ideas can be applied to any room – not just nursery rooms where babies live 😉 I’ll be showing more new holiday spots soon, and in the meantime you can visit my full gallery of Christmas projects HERE or others. from these past favorites:

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Furniture: Crib // Chest of drawers (currently unavailable, but can be found in gray with silver hardware HERE ) // Bookshelf // Rocking chair (in Sunbrella Performance Slub Tweed, Pebble, Driftwood)

Nursery Table Decor

Rawr Sign Wooden Table Decor Dinosaur Theme Wooden Centerpiece Decorations, Little Dino Wood Table Topper For Kids Boys Birthday Party Decoration Baby Shower Nursery Room Ornaments Decor

(SYMBOLS) (16″x20″, style 2, on crib) // Copper frames with mats (for song lyrics) // Forest art (on bookshelf – 40×30) // Hedgehog picture (5×7) / / Rabbit Drawing (11×11) // Rabbit Art (gallery) // Raccoon Art (gallery) // Mouse Art (gallery)

Textiles: Macrame Crib Skirt //  Field Crib Pillow // Ivory Velvet Crib Pillow // Faux Pillow //  Nursing Day // Ivory Sheepskin (LOVED) // Chunky Knitted Rug

Nursery Table Decor

Windows: Curtains (Vanilla Bean Linen Weave – Private Lining) // Curtains (Bali White, Cordless, Blackout Lining) // Cornice // Curtain Rings

Nursery Decor Girls Bedroom Decor Baby Breath Garland Tablescape Spring Table Decor Baby Shower Decor Boho Home Decor Vintage Home Decor

Accents/Decor/Toys: Wicker Changing Basket // Ottoman Pouf // Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree // Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Basket (No Longer Available) // Water Hyacinth Stool Storage Couch (next to chair -rocking chair) // Laundry basket // Rocking Sherpa bear // White rope baskets (on bookshelf) // Wicker basket toy bin // Soap dispenser (MODEL) (no longer available) // Snake Plant Planter // Stuffed Owl // Stuffed Raccoon // Stuffed Bear // Bunny in Crib // Little Bunny // Pull Hood Bunny LIKES (no longer available) // Rabbit Rattles // Wooden Baby Beads // Terrarium ( Fawns — Cuddle & KindDecorating a Nursery for a little boy or girl can be difficult, but it’s not, it doesn’t have to be! Here is a collection of 10 charming ideas for nursery wall decor above the changing table! Whether it’s art, shelves, a mirror or more, you’ll find the perfect idea for your child’s room here! Read on to find some suggested items below.

Nursery Table Decor

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