Olympic Table Decorations

Olympic Table Decorations – How to have an Olympic party to win you a gold medal! Easy Olympic party ideas include favors, food, decorations, games and more!

Whether you’re planning an Olympic viewing party for the 2022 Beijing Olympics or just want to throw a fun Olympic party, you’ll find these easy ideas to be GOLD!

Olympic Table Decorations

Olympic Table Decorations

Your Olympic party is easy to plan when you choose one or more of these ideas to celebrate!

St Birthday Party At Bicentennial Park In Olympic Park On 3rd June 2017

Make fun fruit shapes and guns using fruit cups in the colors of the Olympic flag. The “gold medal” caramel sauce is to die for. This easy recipe is great for Olympic parties or opening/closing ceremonies.

Olympic Table Decorations

This Living Well Spending Less idea is great for a lunch box, dinner, or snack while you watch the Olympics! Just grab some Crunchy Cheetos and put them in ice cream cones for an Olympic party snack.

Give your friends, kids or spouse the G O L D! Or include one of these great party favors at your Olympic party!

Olympic Table Decorations

Tokyo 2020 Unveils Olympic Games Pictograms That Nod To 1964 Originals

Looking for Olympic party ideas for adults? Play this fun Olympic Trivia game. See how well you know the history of the Olympics with this fun 10-question trivia game! Give the winner a bag of gold (as shown above!) Get the printable trivia game here.

No Biggie shares this easy tutorial for making Olympic Ring Candy Jars. This is fun for a dinner party or to keep going during the Olympics while watching your favorite sports.

Olympic Table Decorations

These are free! and the little flags make an easy decoration for an olympic party! Make it a game and see if your guests can guess the flag of each country. Get the free printable here.

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How cute are these DIY Olympic Chocolate Medals? Just attach chocolate chips to a ribbon for the Olympic gold medal everyone wants to win!

Olympic Table Decorations

Play Party Plan is fun at home! I am adding one of these to our list!

For easy gameplay, get gold, silver, and copper magic bottles! Have your guests guess how many candles are in each box and whoever gets the closest wins!

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Olympic Table Decorations

Math Olympics Test Prep Review

A little time? Here are some great deals on Olympic party supplies and Olympic party decorations that you can have shipped right to your door!

Now you can throw an amazing Olympic party with these easy ideas! GET A COMPLETE OLYMPIC PARTY BOOK HERE OLYMPIC PARTY IDEAS You’ll know why to dress up and throw a party, but this one is great. My favorite band Duran Duran is doing an Olympic concert, my birthday is two days away and the opening is on TV. Unfortunately, the concert was never filmed, but that didn’t stop me.

Olympic Table Decorations

The first decorations, I decided to go to the world, I made some simple flags out of styrofoam and silver flags from the party store. Cover 2 polystyrene blocks with foil. I cut up the paper and used tape on the seams so I could reuse the styrofoam for another party.

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I also painted the olympic rings on paper using a paint bottle on top and painted and printed on the paper.

Olympic Table Decorations

Place your flags in the styrofoam and then you can pour colored glass or pebbles over the styrofoam to cover it (I forgot to do this step on mine). Paper towels will work too.

To serve up the Olympic flavors, my friend used mini M&Ms to make Olympic rings on her coconut cake.

Olympic Table Decorations

Olympics Birthday Party Ideas

We played many silly games like Olympic Themed Pictionary (split into 2 teams and draw different events, countries, athletes or London countries and traditions ), Minute to Win It’s “How’s it Hanging” and Diving for Cherries (pose a maraschino). The cherry in the bowl is covered with mixed oil and using only your mouth try to get the cherry, whoever gets it first wins)

And clothes and medals. Buy some at the thrift store or make your own with paper circles, glitter and tape.

Olympic Table Decorations

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Get Into The Summer Games With An Olympic Themed Party

We decided on Olympic swimming because our baby boy was born the same year as the Tokyo Olympics. Of course, COVID19 came and canceled this year’s games, but I’m still happy with the result of our swimming. I was able to find some Pinterest ideas for decorations and game ideas. We chose some Minute-to-Win-It style games instead of the old baby shower games that we play at every bath. However, I did the Guess the Belly Size game, because my belly was showing! lol For the “Don’t Say Baby” game, I used gold medals instead of the usual cloth prints to keep with the theme.

Olympic Table Decorations

The most difficult thing to find are the posts, but I know that finding them is very important in connecting to the topic. On a whim, I was able to get these awesome box posts with LetGo for only $10! I ended up going to the 99 cent store to find some Olympic colored streamers and some board games to use as decorations. For the table, I went to the 99 Cents store and a few other thrift stores and bought bags of food that I separated by color. Using homemade bowls, some stands, goody bags, and a cloth cup from the Dollar Tree, I made a really cute cloth table. The only splurge was on the cups, made by my friend who managed to make an Olympic fondant print on the ice.

I’ve been able to keep my bathroom expenses pretty low by buying everything at the Dollar Tree or 99 Cents store. I got the balloons from a local Hispanic party store instead of Party City because I knew they would be cheaper. For others, you can find all the links to buy below! In two weeks the 2018 Winter Olympics will begin in Pyeongchang, South Korea. It is the smallest city to host the Winter Olympics since Lilliehammer in 1994. The Winter Olympics are smaller than the Summer Olympics because there are fewer countries competing. Not all countries participate because many are from tropical countries and none of the athletes are competing in traditional sports.

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Olympic Table Decorations

Olympic Rings Cupcakes

I love watching the Olympics, both winter and summer, so when I have time to prepare for the Winter Olympics party, I flew in time. I am an agent of Oriental Trading. They send products for me to review and use in my posts, but all opinions about the products and Oriental Trading are 100% my own.

Many of their Olympic (International Games) products are based on a flag theme. The tables, vases, and center table have flags. Not only are they colorful, you can get a country lesson by choosing the flag about different countries.

Olympic Table Decorations

The centerpiece was very easy to put together and I love how the color is in the middle of the table.

Fun Olympic Party Ideas For 2023 Decorations, Games, Food & Favors

A couple of years ago, I found a few colorful cupcakes on clearance at Target for under $3. I drew them for this party because they are the right colors and remind me of the Olympic torch lit by the torch bearer.

Olympic Table Decorations

I have also uploaded a pack of flags of the various countries participating in these games. I’ll be honest, I need to find one. These can be used for decoration or as a selection of ground game.

This winter poster is currently on sale. It comes in three panels, and when put together, is 9 feet wide and 6 feet tall. I thought it was perfect for the gallery.

Olympic Table Decorations

Go For The Gold!

I didn’t have a plate big enough to put all three panels on, so I put one on the table as well.

I asked my daughter if she could cut fire to make an Olympic bowl. I’m not specific about the size, so it’s a small thing that worked

Olympic Table Decorations

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