Orange Table Party Decorations

Orange Table Party Decorations – How do you create a fun, fun, and playful atmosphere for a 1st birthday party (which adults will enjoy as much as kids)? Turn to the magic of flowers in your interior! At this 1st Birthday Celebration for a pretty girl, we want to improve the home experience for everyone who attends as the holidays are just around the corner.

Using a sweet color palette that focused on bright yellows, pinks, blues and greens, we filled the outdoor patio with floral arrangements at every level. Floral arrangements lined the dining tables, flowers and balloons hung from the ceiling like a natural chandelier, and accent arrangements adorned the dessert trolley and other items in the home. Looking at the space as a whole and making sure there is something pleasing to the eye at every level is something I always consider when planning!

Orange Table Party Decorations

Orange Table Party Decorations

In the middle of the long dining table, I placed columns of different heights in flexible and lightweight white ceramic containers. Arrangements include keeping amaranthus, yellow tree peonies, light blue delphinium, pink astilbe, buttercream yellow roses (or candle roses), spray roses and lisianthus. For the scrub treatment at each location, a light blue linen shirt is tied in a loose knot. around a delicate base of flowers and a handwritten place card for each guest. Not to be outdone, the kids had their own fun at a small picnic table set with colorful plates, bamboo ornaments and polka dot hats. I like the new and playful feel of the whole event!

Little Cutie Letter Sign

My exclusive step-by-step process for building my luxury event design business. You’ll find helpful business models, insights into my work and creative process, and tutorials on the basics of event design. Accompany me! Our neighbor has a beautiful orange tree that fell in the yard, with his permission we picked oranges from the side of the yard, because in my house everything became a holiday, I decided to do it. Orange Drinking Party!

Orange Table Party Decorations

I actually asked my neighbor if I could style this in his garden, mind you I hardly know the guy but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap photos of his beautiful tree. He happily agreed to let me spend the night at his compound.

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For this party, I want to make it easy (and cheap!) because let’s face it, not everyone has hundreds of dollars to celebrate, and unless there’s a specific reason, nobody wants to spend a lot of money. The whole thing is only $25, I used a lot of things I had on hand and a lot of oranges from the tree.

Orange Table Party Decorations

Birthday Party Decorations Including Balloons And Table Arrangements Stock Photo

To start I used our outdoor quilt which has a lot of orange to bring more color to the ground, it’s from the world market (it’s from last year but I’ve included the same one below). I found these amazing orange napkins that I wanted to use in a fun way, so I opened them up and used them as placemats. The best way to do this is to open the napkin and press it down on the table in such a way that it doesn’t rise. Distance.

I put everything together with orange plates and wooden cutting boards. I always like to add cutlery in different ways instead of putting it next to the plate, so this time I used a small white envelope and added the “Let’s take it” sign (printable below) to tie into the theme.

Orange Table Party Decorations

To bring the orange to the top, I added this beautiful orange bunting from Jolit and Co and cut one of these out to add to the bar cart. I also opted for a simple but beautiful floral arrangement using oranges from the tree and Trader Joe’s flowers, that’s only $4 per arrangement!

Pcs/lot Construction Party Birthday Balloons Garland Kit Orange Black Yellow Balloons Birthday Decor Party Decorations

For the bar cart I used a flower clip and filled a candy cane with oranges and placed it on top of the cake stand to give it height. For dinner I got some cranberry oranges from Whole Foods and some sweet oranges from Trader Joe’s (that was $1.99, you can’t beat that!). For more orange, I added one of the garland pieces to the top of the tray.

Orange Table Party Decorations

I hope I’ve inspired you to celebrate the little things in life and to realize that beautiful celebrations don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Today is my son’s 2nd birthday! We celebrated with family and friends with a small backyard party last weekend. I didn’t make any new recipes for his party but thought I’d share the party details with you all.

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I’ve never been a huge fan of licensed parties, but my little man hasn’t really found his favorite thing yet (he does now…monster trucks), so I decided on a color theme. I found a cute picture of an orange/blue Easter table on another site and fell in love with it. So everything at our party was orange and blue… right down to the fruit (oranges and blueberries).

Orange Table Party Decorations

Graduation Party Decorations 4pcs Class Of 2022 Plastic Centerpieces For Tables Congrats Grad Party Photo Props Supplies Ornaments Favors Decor Sign Orange

I went to the local candy store and had good luck with blue and orange balls, M&Ms, rock candy and lollipops. The craft store has the best flowers for spring. They look good on the table. The goody bags were filled with an assortment of orange and blue items (bubbles, mini frisbie, whistle, glow sticks, blue candy bars, etc.). It’s just plain chocolate with a matching colored icing. EASY!

And finally the cute dress I made for my little man, I just pinned everything together. I used my silo shack to cut out the fabric I scraped onto a double-sided sheet (can’t remember what it’s called). After ironing the fabric on, I used blue paint to outline the orange fabric. Super sweet!

Orange Table Party Decorations

I hope you are inspired to think outside the box and create your own birthday theme! Trust me… it’s worth it!

Unique Birthday Party Themes For Kids — Birthday Party Ideas

Thanks to my friend Kristyn over at Lil’ Luna – all the great stuff for helping me out with the mug charm and gift bag! . She is a professional party planner and organizer and was kind enough to let me show off her latest creation.

Orange Table Party Decorations

Graduation Backdrop – The focal point of this beautiful dessert table is a custom background with the graduate’s name on it. If you’re lucky enough to live near Bloomington/Normal, Illinois, you can commission her to design not just a backdrop, but an entire table. If not, there are many creative ideas that you can use when designing your table setting.

College or High School – Orange and Black happen to be school colors and are featured in all decorations from signs and candy to table banners. The background really makes the whole table pop and you can create one that is just in the background. (When my sister got married I had a poster made by my sister and her boyfriend at a local printer and just printed it on the wall.) One of the things Paula is good at is that the length of her jewelry varies. It really makes their shows more inviting and interesting.

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Orange Table Party Decorations

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Adogara – Long black bucket with natural grass house circular orange white and black wave circle. The same decorations are placed at different heights on the back wall.

Graduation Cake – The centerpiece is the 2014 Graduation Cake, which is placed on a clear glass plate with a foot. I like that the plate is see-through as rich color with interesting decoration can be the star of the show. Speaking of stars, the silver ones coming out of the cake show a new rising star. (Or maybe they’re just fun and cute cake decorations.)

Orange Table Party Decorations

Sweet Treats – What would a dessert table be without treats. Here’s a picture of some of them up close.

Pcs Hawaiian Decorative Set Pool Dinner Table Party Decor

Small cupcakes with large graduation motifs adorn the desserts, as do the orange and white labels identifying the different desserts. Paula has an Etsy shop with many prints which you can find at the top of her website.

Orange Table Party Decorations

Almost all ingredients used are placed in transparent containers with orange and/or black markings. The dried bread is placed in a light room filled with orange sixlets. This is a very important and effective way to keep candy on a stick. These candies also provide a colorful base for the mini cupcakes. You can use any type of small round candy that is colored or flavored.

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