Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

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Ottomans are generally thought of as seats, not tables. Why can’t they both work? The perfect place to rest your feet, eat breakfast, work on your computer or rest your back, these gorgeous ottoman tables save space in your lounge with multiple functions. Buy a flower-shaped ottoman that seats five. Install your ottoman with your bed to act as a footstool, hiding spare throws and magazines in storage underneath. Satisfy your children’s creative side with double-stitched elephant, cow and bull ottomans. Check out our list of the best ottomans to get two-for-one deals on your tables and chairs – no haggling.

Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Rectangular Ottoman coffee table with slides: you get a hard and soft surface in one. Made in America, this 100% polyester squab works with a removable wooden table for your guests and coffee cups. Roller wheels on wood allow you to change its texture according to your needs.

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Square Ottoman Coffee Table: Ditch the traditional coffee table where you can rest your breakfast. This polyester blended conjugated fiber piece attaches to the bed cushion, leaving room for tired feet.

Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Gray Coffee Table in Modern Style: Make sure your ottoman matches perfectly. This gray check number combines a 100% polyester C-shaped bed.

White Rectangular Ottoman Coffee Table with Gold Base: Do you want your ottoman to give your table a hard surface? This gold and cream inlet supports a vase filled with flowers and metal ornaments. Place its wood, nickel and polyurethane frame next to a cream sofa to create a lounge fit for a Greek goddess.

Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Tufted And Upholstered Coffee Tables For The Cozy Living Room

Modern style Ottoman coffee table with storage: this solid wood creation is more table than seat. Lacquered with a clear protective coat, the top of the padded cushion rises to reveal a cavity for storage and magazines. Sit by the hallway to find a place to take off your feet and put on your shoes.

Modern multifunctional coffee table with serving tray: combining the comfort of a thickly padded ottoman with the comfort of a liftable coffee table, this handy tray includes a tray so you can access the internal storage without disturbing the items placed on the surface. The piece is available in black or white, and the sturdy wood frame holds up to 265 pounds.

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Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Tufted Green Ottoman Coffee Table: Want to add more color to your living room? This pea green ottoman’s blanket rests on beech wood legs.

Walker Edison 30

Contemporary Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table With Acrylic Sides: Get tufted with a shelf underneath. This white linen button tufted dream comforts your feet and provides a showcase for your jewelry. Its gorgeous acrylic frame will add sparkle to your lounge or serve as the perfect dressing table in your bedroom, with ample storage space for stilettos underneath.

Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Modern sofa-style coffee table: Shop ottomans directly from the magazine. This faux leather beauty is perfectly mounted on straight chrome legs. Make a couple to brag about with a matching lounge suite.

Beige Tufted Cocktail Ottoman: Made from linen and foam, this modern ottoman is the perfect place to serve trays and quirky books. Display a vase of fresh flowers on her form as you enjoy your vino before the sun sets.

Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Ottoman Coffee Table, Brown

Rectangular Gray Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table with Storage: Available in eight colors, this rectangular ottoman offers luxury with storage. To store board games, controllers and old magazines, flip down this linen-style tassel lid. Table legs mean you can vacuum underneath.

Rectangular Faux Leather Ottoman with Storage: Add a little fun to this ottoman with a studded edge. This faux leather version offers the same legs, storage and quilting, but brightens up any lounge with a rock star wiggle.

Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Storage Ottoman Coffee Table with Reversible Tray Plates: No room for a large piece? The gray upholstery of this ottoman reveals two trays that hold food or flowers. Keep extra sofa cushions or trinkets underneath to keep the living room organized.

Large Chunky Crochet Pouf Ottoman Pearl Round Coffee Table

Square Black Faux Leather Ottoman Coffee Table: Having more guests for dinner? This faux leather invention, available in six colors, hides four more seats to support your accommodation. Handcrafted from both solid and faux wood, its beautiful stitching and four serving trays are sure to come in handy in a busy household.

Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Round Black Faux Leather Ottoman Coffee Table: Hide your storage in an ottoman, so enticing that guests will never know. Finished in bonded leather and wood, this chocolate and dark espresso seat is the ultimate in smart living.

Darrow Tan Leather Ottoman with Geometric Metal Legs: Inspired by 1940s libraries, this rectangular ottoman facilitates conversation with its flat iron legs and top leather upholstery. Place it in a mid-century modern home for a piece that speaks of both comfort and sophistication.

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Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Most Inspiring Coffee Table Book Styling Ideas For Coastal Homes

Distressed Leather Tufting Ottoman Coffee Table: Want both a small ottoman and a footstool? This deep studded design makes a splash of dark leather with a chestnut finish on the legs. Use it as extra seating in your workshop or around the lounge.

Successful Faux Leather Square Brown Ottoman Coffee Table: Prefer your ottoman to look more square? This faux leather invention uses plywood, metal, foam, polyester fiber batting and tape for diamond clusters. Its metal U-shaped legs ensure that your coffee – and the back – won’t tip over.

Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Animal Print Ottoman: Feeling animalistic? This diamond tufted ottoman is handcrafted in the USA and complies with BHFTI fire regulations. Its spotted form can weigh up to 250 pounds on your choice of food, books, or people. Inspired Home Decor, Llc: Ottomans

Animal Footstool Ottoman: Get an ottoman that kids will fight over. This cute animal-shaped invention is perfect for resting your feet or entertaining the kids during your favorite event. Double zipped with built-in storage, padded seat and durable cover mean they only need to be cleaned once.

Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Chocolate Ottoman Coffee Table with Storage: Match your ottoman to your sofa. This chocolate colored suede piece completes your suite with ample storage underneath.

Mid-Century Square Ottoman Coffee Table: Looking for something understated but mid-century modern? Available in beige, red, dark grey, blue, pea green or light grey, this 100% polyester ottoman is easy to find. Its low height means it’s perfect for footrest; It has birch wood legs, durability for years.

Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Don’t Require A Home Stylist

Round Blue Pouf/Ottoman Coffee Table: Round ottomans are perfect for a library. This powder blue gem is made of solid wood and plywood, padded with polyester. Its corded stripes and central button tuft create a classic design that has been passed down through the generations.

Round Tiled Pouf Ottoman: Looking for glamour? This turquoise pearl is also interwoven in the middle – but with a velvety fabric that just looks luxurious. Place it in your bedroom or living room so you can rest before going out for the night.

Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Round Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table: Available in ten stunning colors, this velvet ottoman is perfect for the diva in your life – even if that’s you! Tousled all around and raised almost to the height of the bed, it finds the perfect place to curl up in front of the vanity mirror.

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Ottoman Coffee Table Handmade Grey Coffee Table Decorative

Floral Cocktail Ottoman Coffee Table: Feeling floral? This five-piece ottoman extends its petals to seat unexpected guests. Its colorful form looks a treat in a children’s room or lounge.

Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Round Rattan Ottoman Coffee Table: Create a more rustic feel with a rattan ottoman. Ideal for a conservatory or living room, available in natural (pictured), white or brown.

Rustic Round Ottoman Coffee Table: Do you prefer it a little lower and with legs? This hardwood framed ottoman offers both and is handcrafted. Use it as a side table or footstool in your sacred resting place.

Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Pine Planked Storage Ottoman Coffee Table

Round rattan and woven banana leaf ottoman coffee table: Raise the level of luxury with this extra-large ottoman. Made in the USA, rattan wrapped in polyester, banana leaf and leather looks great in a beach house or Asian-inspired home. Serve your breakfast on it or chat on its extra seat.

Versailles Fabric Cocktail Ottoman: Does Your Ottoman Speak French? It could be a cannabis-like version. Raised on four wooden legs and covered in French lettering, the wide surface ensures that you can serve breakfast or seat next week’s guests. Supported by our readers. If you make a purchase through links on our site, we may earn a commission. More information.

Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Both ottomans and coffee tables are extremely versatile and useful on their own, but what if you combine the two? Well, you get new furniture that is more functional and can be used in at least two different ways.

Coffee Table Décor

An ottoman coffee table is nice and very easy to work with, especially if you like everyday decor, because no matter how hard you try, you can never make a room completely formal without an ottoman coffee table in the middle.

Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

That’s actually one of the things we love most about these hybrid pieces. No matter how you put it, they have an inherent casualness and comfort. We’ll show you how to make the most of it.

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Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

Tips For A Perfect Coffee Table Styling

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