Outdoor Table Vase Resin Flower Decor

Outdoor Table Vase Resin Flower Decor – Learn how to combine natural materials, pattern, texture and color to create a beautiful and elegant boho outdoor table perfect for your next meal!

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Outdoor Table Vase Resin Flower Decor

Outdoor Table Vase Resin Flower Decor

Ever since I saw it in E.T., I loved it. I mean, we grew up together! So when I heard about Walmart.com’s Home Flower Launch in collaboration with Drew Barrymore, I couldn’t help but see all the decorations in my home! As you’d expect from Drew, the line is beautiful, fun, boho-chic, and affordable. I knew the collection would be perfect for my boho brunch!

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If you’re a regular reader of mine, you know I’m a fan of shopping for home decor at Walmart. I buy most of my Walmart items from Walmart.com, and I love that they offer stylish, affordable, and durable fabrics that allow me to change my look often. If you haven’t shopped at Walmart.com before, I think you’ll be impressed! Walmart.com offers a wonderful selection of home decor items, many of which come with free two-day shipping on orders over $35, no membership fee required. I can also shop online and get the things I want quickly. I highly recommend giving Walmart.com a try!

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Outdoor Table Vase Resin Flower Decor

Beautiful Chic Boho Outdoor Table Setting Ideas Table Setting Tip 1: Skip the Plain Table and Use Pallets!

I buy a lot of things online and these pallets came with some furniture I ordered from Walmart.com last year! We’ve kept them behind our barn/shed all year, so this year I can use them as an outdoor table. If you don’t have your own pallets, you can sometimes find them for free on Craigslist, construction sites, or at nursery and home improvement stores. Of course, always ask before you buy! Not all pallets you see are free, or portable. It is also important to note that some pallets are treated with pesticides. Use a pressure washer to clean the pallets before use and allow plenty of time for the pallets to dry and air out.

Outdoor Table Vase Resin Flower Decor

Diy Faux Flowers In Resin

This boho-glam picnic needed comfy seating and Drew Barrymore’s Home Flower line had some great options! I used a Rainbow Pom Decorative Throw blanket as the base and topped it off with upholstered pillows in the Watercolor Geo Euro Sham Set. The gray stripes and highlighted look provide a soft neutral that allows the fun colors of the sorbet to pop!

Speaking of color, I love the beautiful shades of the Palm Springs Pink Vintage Marble 16-Piece Dinnerware Set. I like to start each table design with something to inspire and these fun and dynamic plates were the perfect inspiration to move from.

Outdoor Table Vase Resin Flower Decor

The dressing bowl is made of 100% solid stone and contains four plates, four salad bowls, four large plates and four small bowls. I am already finding so many uses for these beautiful dishes!

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One of my husband’s co-workers finished dinner and wanted to see all the tables next to me and find out. I explained my vision for this boho tablescape and when I told her that the trash can would be the vase and the balloons would be the table decor she was so confused.😂 Don’t be afraid to put things back together and try something new! Thinking outside the box with your table decorations will impress your guests and add appeal to your table setting. Here, I reused a glass resin trash can as my centerpiece and filled it with lots of inexpensive floral arrangements from Walmart.

Outdoor Table Vase Resin Flower Decor

Keeping with my floral boho theme, I used two world map flower balloons to cover the table and really love the look and feel of them!

Instead of showing you the usual map features, the world shows you where to find the best flowers in the world.

Outdoor Table Vase Resin Flower Decor

Plow & Hearth

Another way to think outside the box when setting the table is to use fabric scraps for napkins! I used some fabric scraps from Walmart left over from my DIY Teepee creation and the flowers play well with the other items I purchased from the Flower Home line.

Cut branches, pines, acorns, wildflowers, leaves and fruit into beautiful things that look amazing on the table and are often FREE. Another technique I often use at my desks is what I call the “straight runner trick.” Instead of fabric, I cut branches from trees, or use eucalyptus branches to make a table runner.

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Outdoor Table Vase Resin Flower Decor

It’s a simple way to add some movement, color and texture to your table and the best part is that it usually doesn’t cost you anything!

Tabletop Water Fountain Waterfall Flower Vase Craft For Garden Decorations

String lights are also a fun addition to the mix! Attach lights to natural objects such as trees, sticks or topiaries to create a beautiful ambiance that won’t distract from your table.

Outdoor Table Vase Resin Flower Decor

I hope you feel inspired to create your own beautiful boho-chic table. You can buy the Whole Flower House opening with Drew Barrymore at Walmart.com!

To shop the products I used in this post, click on the images below and click on the product photos to take you to the items you’re interested in!

Outdoor Table Vase Resin Flower Decor

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