Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

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We love a wedding cake with elaborate buttercream details or covered in romantic flowers. But what if that aesthetic doesn’t match your style? If you’re a couple who enjoy spending time outdoors, maybe you’re planning a more rustic or outdoor-inspired party. If you enjoy hiking, backpacking, or camping, a mountain-inspired wedding could be in the books. Avoid skiers or snowboarders? Maybe your sorority is celebrating the winter wonderland

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

With a shared love of the outdoors, your wedding cake must match. Luckily, there are many designs that go beyond the typical white wedding cake to fit the bill. From hand-painted mountains and meadows to cakes decorated with greenery, wildflowers and pinecones rest assured there is a confection to suit your whims and your spirit of adventure.

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If you’re a couple that can’t wait to hit the slopes every season, embrace it! Celebrate your love of powder snow with a stunning layered cake embellished with white buttercream mountains and trees. We love the addition of cool greenery to complete the look!

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

An outdoors-inspired cake doesn’t have to go overboard Adopt a simple design with a two-tier half-baked cake decorated with pine boughs for a subtle statement.

Is there anything more romantic than moonlit mountains? This cake looks perfect with silver toned mountains and a beautiful glowing moon for an outdoor inspired wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Beautiful Wedding Cake Ideas To Inspire You

Incorporating chocolate is a great way to achieve an outdoor vibe, and this three-tiered confection blends multiple colors well. With a chocolate layer on top and a pale pink layer on the bottom, it creates the perfect color palette to highlight the incredible hand-painted middle layer featuring the Grand Tetons.

Planning to tie the knot at your favorite outdoor spot? Take a photo of the place to your baker and ask them to make a replica on your cake This mountain-inspired stunner includes the ideal colors to celebrate a beautiful Fall Festival scene.

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

For some couples, a trip through the hills in search of wildflowers is the highlight of the season. Bring this beauty to your nuptials with a tiered cake topped with pressed, edible flowers for a pop of color.

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Use the same flowers as your bridal bouquet and ceremony and reception decorations for a coordinated design.

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Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Birch is one of the most beautiful and romantic trees. Capture the natural beauty of these trees by showing the same external pattern on your cake. We love this single layer cake as a small but beautiful statement piece displayed on a tree trunk.

Do you love running through the grass holding hands? Or maybe you’re busy picking wildflowers along the roadside? Celebrate with dainty flowers to add a touch of romance to an adventure-inspired soiree.

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Stunning Floral Cake Tables For Your Wedding Reception

Being an outdoor couple isn’t just about brisk walking, rock climbing, and mountain biking, it can also mean that you enjoy spending time outdoors munching on wild mushrooms or beautiful fruits. Celebrate your love of the activity with a textured cake made with covered with fresh, wild blackberries.

Trekking through pine forests can be high on your activity list every weekend. Highlight the pine cones by featuring a birch-inspired cake with a few pine cones and branches to complete the natural look.

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Can’t get enough of exploring the desert? From hiking red rocks to discovering new plants and cacti, the desert is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Delight in desert coral and sage green with a beautifully handcrafted dessert

Wedding Cake On Table Outdoors · Free Stock Photo

This look is the perfect solution for outdoor couples who want to keep things subtle while celebrating their love for the mountains. To make another white cake pop, ask your baker to add some simple fondant details that highlight the mountains.

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

There’s something romantic about gold embellishments, and this design takes it even further by showcasing mountains and pine trees. We love that this three tier cake is presented on a tree topper and surrounded by pine boughs for a natural look.

There is definitely something romantic about embracing nature, and the famous painter Monet knew it. This design captures Monet’s approach to landscape painting while illuminating a beautiful mountain monastery.

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

What You Should Know About Planning An Outdoor Wedding

This three-tiered confection blends beautifully with the outdoor setting, and while it’s perfect for an outdoor couple, it can serve as inspiration for any wedding. Packed with fresh figs, veggies and a stunning sky blue color, it’s as attractive as it gets

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If you’re a big outdoor fan, you’ll love the color green Adorned with lush ferns and other textured greenery, this three-tiered cake strikes the perfect balance between wild organic and romantic.

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Spatula art is the best way to achieve a mountain view on a cake and this confection beautifully demonstrates the technique. This incredible mountain view dish is drizzled with multiply tinted purple buttercream and finished with the famous glitter dust.

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Snowy mountains really do give off such a cozy vibe and this cake captures it perfectly. Opt for a tiered cake that showcases the incredible texture and mood of snowy mountains as a beautiful addition to your outdoor celebration.

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Exploring remote coastal areas might be more your thing than mountain trails This stunning dessert is a beautiful water feature with beautiful turquoise colors and golden details The natural shell on top finishes it all off to create a rustic and sophisticated design.

Looking to keep it simple while embracing a love of the great outdoors? Opt for a simple white wedding cake and add real fern leaves for a nice touch of green

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Dessert Tables We’re Drooling Over

When the moon is low it can create the most beautiful landscapes over the mountaintops. Celebrate nature in style with a cake in bold colors with lots of textured detail and touches of natural foliage.

Mountains? Check tree? Check natural wood and pine bark? Listen! This two story stunner has all the jungle elements that the outdoorsy couple loves

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Use nature as a work of art to get inspiration for your wedding cake This two tier cake has lots of textured layers with a beautiful mountain view, gold flake details and a few green sprigs taking it to the next level

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Do you love to put on a cozy sweater and walk around? It could just be your and your partner’s favorite outdoor activity! Celebrate all the cozy vibes for the love of nature with a stunning cake. The textured detailing on this cake is incredible at mimicking a classic winter sweater.

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

This cake was perfectly presented against a rustic wooden backdrop to make it pop It depicts an outdoor paradise with bright bold white, hand-painted gray mountains and green trees Small hand-made stones make it more realistic Our editors from diverse backgrounds are experts in of the world of weddings We take great pride in our work and very proud to be a part of this journey

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There are few things we appreciate more than a bad wedding cake, both in taste and style Dessert trends come and go, but nothing replaces a delicious cake that satisfies more than one of your senses. Our favorite type of wedding cake is the kind that makes a statement by complementing your wedding decor

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Rustic Meets Style By Winifred Kristé Cake

Pastry chef Emily Leil Amiller personally loves the marriage of a sophisticated aesthetic with a relaxed design. “Whether the cake is naturally glazed, decorated with fresh fruit, decorated with intricate sugarwork, or fresh, edible flowers, I strive to create a dessert that tells a story,” she says.

Emily Leil Amiller is a pastry chef with over a decade of experience creating custom cakes with bespoke ingredients to meet a variety of dietary needs. Amyler is the owner and writer of Lollipop Cakes in Brooklyn

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

For the bohemian, we love delicate floral bouquets, organically grown leafy vines, or anything with an earthy feel. If your style is more contemporary, a light, sleek finish and geometric detailing will always do the trick. If you’re a more classy bride, traditional white isn’t your only option; Hand-painted flowers, watercolors and delicate ruffles add a timeless touch. If your reception is outdoors, consider taking inspiration from your surroundings

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“It’s your wedding, your cake, your day,” says Amiller. “Focus on the dream cake you want for your occasion. Let your baker determine which design is safest based on outside conditions.”

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Plus, we’ve rounded up 55 Gorgeous Wedding Cake Ideas That Promise Just That Whatever your taste (literally and figuratively), we’ve got a cake for every style of wedding. Which is your favorite?

Can cake be too good to eat? These stunning floral prints are frame worthy but will make a huge statement at any romantic celebration or garden party themed affair.

Outdoor Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Inspiring Chic Wedding Food & Dessert Table Display Ideas

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