Over The Table Rod Decor

Over The Table Rod Decor – As the holidays approach, we’re shifting our focus from outdoor gardens to indoor entertaining areas. There are so many creative, evocative and surprising ways to incorporate nature into our home decor and our new tabletop iron opens up the possibilities even further. Using adjustable brackets that attach to the sides of your dining table for secure positioning when you need it, it’s very easy and durable to use. Our creative photo stylist, Beth Clevenstine, recently created a fall look using fishing rod and we caught up with her to get the details to share with you. Here!

Beth: Of course, I used our Stargazer LED globe lights (doubled to bring the lights closer together), a blue quartz garland, a bunch of dried sponges, a few bunches of preserved plum fern, some dried berries, dried artichokes, kiwi. vine, forged bark, fake porcelain berries and bunches of preserved grapes.

Over The Table Rod Decor

Over The Table Rod Decor

Beth: Getting a lightweight string like floral wire really helps. Once the lights and garland are up, it’s easy to connect the branches and they hold themselves up. Using ropes helps secure heavy logs such as pods and kiwis.

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Beth: As we head into the holiday season, I can’t wait to use this to frame my Thanksgiving table. I’m thinking of using a string of spheres, vines, and oak leaves that have turned yellow (oak leaves retain their shape and color as they dry; now food for cattle and thanksgiving). After Thanksgiving, I’ll add some new goodies like clover, yarrow, and stingray.

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Over The Table Rod Decor

Beth: I like to play this game using fresh pine trees, junipers, velvet ribbons and decorations to create holiday fun.

Beth: Definitely versatility! You can completely update the look by changing the way you hang the lights; For example, holding it close to the bar to form a straight line or letting it swing asymmetrically gives a different feel. The decorating options are endless and can change depending on the season and the moment. I like to add leftovers mixed with preserves and dried to create a colorful, natural look.

Over The Table Rod Decor

An Over The Table Rod For Decorating

You can shop the entire project here, and don’t forget to check out our other decorating alternatives, such as the preserved canopy and living garland installation.

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