Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl

Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl – Our baby shower is one of the most beautiful parties I’ve ever designed. I fell in love with the adorable birds and owl designs so much that I decorated baby Paige’s room with decorations after our baby shower. It was a non-traditional bath and my partner attended the festivities along with our family and friends – both male and female! There were no party games. Just a celebration of our baby girl who will arrive in less than 3 months.

We learned in February that we had a baby girl at our gender reveal party. As soon as we found out his gender, everyone asked what we would call him. I thought it would be a pleasant surprise to announce the name of our precious baby girl in Baby Shore. All the walls in the nursery had posters of acrostic poems using her name – Paige Grace Lynch. But my favorite name announcement of the day was painting my belly into the Birds and Owls party theme and the name of my baby girl. Face Painting by Becc Becc did an amazing job of depicting my vision. The pictures taken that day were a wonderful memento that I will always cherish.

Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl

Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl

Beautiful Birds and Owls Party Theme can be purchased in my store. Almost all decorations are personalized with the name of the mother to be. This is one of my favorite designs and one that I made especially for my baby girl when I was pregnant with her.

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We were lucky that we had a large secret hospitality area where I could set up tables and chairs for the baby shower. For guests there were 3 x tables with chairs; Back table for cake and party food; And a small mop for favors and gifts.

Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl

The theme colors of the party were purple, blue and pink and the tables were designed accordingly. Guest tables were decorated with disposable pink and blue plastic tablecloths. Handy Tip – To prevent the maps from flying off in the wind we used clear packing tape to secure them. Make sure they are taped under the table so they can’t be seen by guests or in photos. The trestle table was dressed in purple satin and secured with table clips and skirted with purple tulle.

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I brought bunches of fake flowers from the $2 store as centerpieces for the table. The fake flowers were placed in a large coffee jar I had collected. Some of the jars were filled with purple decorative stones I got from a $2 store and were decorated with purple satin bows. Other parts of the jar were decorated with tutu skirts. The tutu was given to me by a friend and was made using elastic fabric and sequins. Similar to how you would make a skirt for a doll, using the width of the jar as the waist measurement.

Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl

Print And Cut Owl Baby Shower Decorations

Being budget conscious, I brought a plastic champagne flute for my guests. They looked amazing with some purple curling ribbon. Simply tie curling ribbon around the stem of a champagne flute and curl with a pair of scissors. The final touch on the table was the bottles of roses – because you can never have enough pink at the girls’ shower. Wine bottles were also decorated with matching Birds & Owls wine bottle labels that read: ‘Beau & Katie’s Baby Shower’.

Banners of bird and owl flags stood above the party area and read: ‘Baby’. Scattered below were tissue paper pom poms from eBay. I’ve never been able to make pom poms out of these ornaments, but I think they look amazing with the flower shapes hanging across the room.

Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl

Birds and Owls poster print adorned the area with beautiful acrostic poems using our baby girl’s name — Paige. I’ve included some free printables we used back in the day you could print at home for your party. Just click on the images below.

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For the shower I got these cute baby bottles from Ali Express. They were pretty cheap at around 50 units for $20 and they were already decorated with ribbon and stickers. To match the color scheme I made them pink and blue and filled them with pink and blue jelly beans inside.

Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl

We were lucky to have a friend of ours who is a very talented baker and made our baby cake. Not only was it delicious but it looked amazing and went so well with our birds and owls party theme. The cupcake toppers were part of my personal party store and my Bird & Owl party range. Snow with a purple coating, of course. I tried to match the rest of the food with the theme of the party. Pink watermelon and blue, pink and purple musk sticks. Cookies because when you are pregnant they are so delicious and addictive!

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And the ice biscuits that were so simple and easy and the kids loved it. To make frozen biscuits, I brought milk arrow biscuits and frosted them with a chocolate coating. So I sprinkled pink and white sprinkles on them and that’s it! These are super easy and cheap to make and can be matched with any party color scheme.

Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl

Guide To Hosting The Cutest Baby Shower On The Block

What a wonderful time we all celebrated the imminent arrival of our baby girl with family and friends. She was spoiled with so many beautiful gifts and I have so many wonderful memories of that day. It’s hard to believe that our little princess is 6 months old now!

I hope I have given you some ideas and inspiration if you too are planning a baby shower. If you have any questions feel free to comment or contact me on the link below. Eileen of Topsy Turvy Events is the woman behind all these amazing ideas, scroll down to read what she had to say.

Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl

Hello everyone, my name is Eileen and I am the owner of Topsy Turvy Events. Here’s a shower I did for my good friend. The event was held at the Shady Maples Ballroom. Lily (my friend) and I choose this cute owl theme together. She wanted to mix pink, purple and teal colors. Our inspiration was his baby shower invitation.

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To match the theme, I hand-made 8 mini diaper cake centerpieces using diapers, tying them with ribbon. Above I placed a decorated owl made of cardsock. These were a big hit!

Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl

I found pillow cases and made a “baby owl”. We asked guests to fill them with candy. Each candy jar was decorated with fabric and ribbon with some glitter! What girl doesn’t like glitter!

Below is a 16-inch owl diaper cake that looks like a real owl. I used rubber bands to hold it together, then used a receiving blanket, baby socks, a baby bib and a flower with a touch of bling!

Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl

Baby Shower Themes & Invitations To Match

Amazing cake made by Shady Maples Bakery itself. The wooden letters were hand painted and shapes were added to the felt for a pop of color.

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My favorite piece so far was the mother felt and baby owl in the nest. Each piece is cut to fit the foam ball snugly. Definitely using coordinating colors. As the “nest” I used shredded brown paper. It seemed to work well.

Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl

And finally the bird cage with the owl. I used Gerber Daisy to decorate the top and added shredded pink paper to the bottom. The guest really enjoyed and appreciated all the little details in the event!

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Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl

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See details Gift Wrap by RosiesPoshParties

Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl

Sweet Baby Blue Owl Shower

These centerpieces are fully assembled, decorated and ready to be displayed! They are completely handmade and created with attention to detail. A matching ribbon is attached around the base, and decorated with tissue paper!

You will get pictures from both sides. This option gives you two single images. They are mirror images, held back to back on a wooden dowel!

Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl

Hubs are not a DIY kit! They are fully assembled and decorated as pictured! When you receive your package, all you have to do is remove them from the box and they are ready to display. Saves your time and money. No need to buy additional items to make them look like my picture.

How To Create A Beautiful Floral Birds & Owl Baby Shower

Past customers have used bases to hold party items. Many of them used the space to keep their cutlery, napkins or small wrapped treats (the tissue paper should be removed by you)!

Owl Baby Shower Table Decorations Girl

They look so cute, stand out and make a statement! These items are not in the party

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