Paper Lantern Table Decor

Paper Lantern Table Decor – We wanted to use paper lanterns for the wedding but didn’t want the strings hanging from the ceiling. Instead, we decided to create paper lantern centerpieces for each table. They have a heavy concrete base to prevent the lamp from tipping over, a PVC pipe pole, wire to hang the lights and a tulle base.

This paper lantern decoration was a way to stay within the $2000 budget for our daughters wedding reception.

Paper Lantern Table Decor

Paper Lantern Table Decor

To give the base a little more depth, I cut a 2 inch long piece of cardboard to go around the cake pan. I taped it to keep it from falling apart.

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Mix the concrete in a small bowl. I used a large salad bowl to mix the concrete. That seemed to be enough for the base.

Paper Lantern Table Decor

Smooth the surface. It won’t be visible, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Let the cement sit for a few hours until the cement is ready. Once the cement is ready, you can remove the cardboard plate and cake pan.

Paper Lantern Table Decor

Simple Table Decoration Ideas You Can Easily Copy

Don’t worry about the holes in the cement, you will cover it. I spray painted the bases white to hide any color through the fabric. Cut a circle of felt the same size as the base, then glue it to the bottom of the base to protect the table surface or tablecloth it will be draped over.

Bend the wire like a shepherd bends. I wrapped the bottom around a one gallon can to get the pattern.

Paper Lantern Table Decor

With pliers, bend the hook at the end of the curve. This is where you will hang the globes.

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Place the PVC cap on the nut and drill three holes in it using a drill bit the same size or slightly larger than the wire.

Paper Lantern Table Decor

Insert the three wires into the PVC cap, bottom first. Place the cap on the PVC pipe and insert the pipe

Cement base. How much wire goes through the caps depends on how far you want the globes to be from the base. Once you have it the way you want it, you’ll use hot glue to hold it in place.

Paper Lantern Table Decor

How The Japanese Paper Lantern Became A Modern Design Staple

Wrap tulle or other fabric around the base to hide it. We used white, but other colors can easily be substituted. White can be replaced with paper lanterns of other colors.

We used LED candles inside the headlights to light them so you don’t have to pay to pre-light them. Simply attach the candles to the wire inside the lantern.

Paper Lantern Table Decor

3D PRINT A STEAM TRAIN 🚂 Using a live camera and Wi-Fi controls, DIY 3D printing. Hanging round paper lanterns can tie all the elements of your theme together to create a design that will wow your guests.

Rusr Nordic Paper Lantern Table Lamp Living Room Bedroom Led Decor Light (long)

With the hanging line of clear lanterns, you can create the illusion of lanterns floating above your reception area.

Paper Lantern Table Decor

The line can be connected to individual lights or used to create a cage on which to hang the lights. Or attach the lanterns directly to poles, trees, beams or tent poles to create magical decor for guests to admire.

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In the photo (right), about 40 lanterns in sizes 16″, 20″ and 24″ in white, lemon and robin’s egg colors create a focal point around the center of the tent. The largest lanterns are placed in the middle of the tent, and the lanterns smaller ones.sailing romantically towards the shores.

Paper Lantern Table Decor

Tissue Paper Pom Poms Honeycomb Ball Lantern Wedding Party Home Table Decor Cheap

This is one of the tricks that will save you time and allow you to hang lanterns anywhere in the tent without creating a net or using poles and beams.

Connect the clear headlight hanging line to the clear hanging headlight clips and to the headlight; and grab onto the tent lining. It leaves no marks and because it is made of clear plastic, it disappears in the light. It will have your guests wondering how you hung lanterns with nothing but air!

Paper Lantern Table Decor

And since you can cut them wherever you want, there’s no limit to the design you want to create. They can hold lanterns of any size from 8 inches to giant 24 inch globes. And if you want to reposition the lights during the hanging phase, it only takes a few seconds!

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By grouping lamps in complementary color groups, as shown above, you get a unique and modern design. Use lights of different sizes to add interest.

Paper Lantern Table Decor

For quick and easy setup, group them with the hanging line of clear lanterns before attaching them to the tent poles or beams. Place them randomly around your bed or hang above tables with our clear hanging lantern clips.

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Mix lanterns in turquoise, Egyptian blue, yellow and lemon to evoke images of sunflowers and summer skies and create a real contrast to the sheer white silk of the canopy.

Paper Lantern Table Decor

The Simple But Sensational Art Of Making And Decorating With Paper Lanterns

The lanterns look great on their own, but are also beautiful with a nice cotton shade. Wear a multi-colored rainbow clutch from the top of your brand to give the event a heady feel. Then add coordinating lights to complete the look.

This large square used a colorful 10x10m bunch and 30 16″ lanterns for a bright, bold yet stylish look.”

Paper Lantern Table Decor

With so many cotton bunches and lantern colors to choose from, you can recreate this design to match your unique theme.

Chinese Style Diy Paper Lanterns Make Perfect Party Decorations

Draw the path to your bed with outdoor nylon string lights. They can be lit by individual LED lights or attached to tall chandeliers to add a romantic atmosphere to your outdoor space.

Paper Lantern Table Decor

Guests will be mesmerized by these floating orbs of light that guide them to your reception venue. Classic, simple and extremely elegant, the pure white nylon lanterns have a natural sheen that adds texture and luxury to your decor.

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