Paris Theme Table Decor

Paris Theme Table Decor – In this post: Looking for Paris themed party ideas? These DIY centerpieces and French-style table decorations are just the thing to inspire you for a spring event.⇒

I’m lucky to be so blessed with so little, so when my friend Cathy asked me to help her style and set up the decor for an event she was hosting, I jumped at the chance.

Paris Theme Table Decor

Paris Theme Table Decor

To be clear, the idea and designs are all yours, but it’s a pleasure to give my input and energy to create a ballroom full of April in the center of Paris.

A Fête To Remember: Your Paris Theme Wedding

The event is a business conference, but the decor is still fun. Given the season of the year, Cathysettled on an April in Paris theme and each of the tables is dressed in a different concept, all related to the themes we’ve chosen and all put together by our small DIY team.

Paris Theme Table Decor

Since there are so many images covered in this post, I’ll be brief in my descriptions, but feel free to ask any questions in the comments below if you’d like more information on how any of the centerpieces work. create.

One of our favorite ideas revolves around whimsical French dresses presented on model forms. The French maid above is festive and edgy, sporting pearls and feathers and accessorizing with a parasol and lace mask.

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Most of the tables are peppered with artificial petals and pink polls, some are topped with pearls and feather fans. French boxes are everywhere, used for height or to decorate the edges.

Some tables are originally decorated with flowers, but each of them has its own unique idea. The champagne bucket above serves as a vase and is placed on a circular wine bowl, surrounded by other decorations.

Paris Theme Table Decor

No Paris theme is complete without the Eiffel Tower (we have plenty) and the wine rack above displays wine bottles with French labels applied.

School Theme: Paris, France Bulletin Board

In addition to the puppets we thought of, we also used wire ones, where we dressed up in a ballet theme, with wet tulle and ballet slippers.

Paris Theme Table Decor

The same event last year revolved around a Mardi Gras theme. If you saw that post, you might remember the feather spray. That idea is brought back in a more Parisian tone, with letters that spell out “April in Paris” around the base.

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The lace gloves are opened from the boxes and the portraits are straightened and placed nearby. (You can see last year’s decorations at the Mardi Gras Centerpieces.)

Paris Theme Table Decor

Parisian Party Feature

Another feature that channels both Paris and the spring season is the floral wire umbrella stand, with a ruffled parasol, votives and petals.

Many people choose the table above as their favorite collection, with a beautiful pink flower heart and a selection of pink candies offered in beautiful glass holders. Square glass vase with pink French kisses, all presented on a flower tray.

Paris Theme Table Decor

I’m a big fan of the cage table, with the candlestick lights and the flowers in the cages. Stacked industrial furniture boxes provide a beautiful vision for the upcoming spring season.

Paris Ooh La La Paris Themed Centerpiece & Table

Flowers are also used to decorate the tree, including roses, hydrangea, hyacinth and more, all kept in a French planter.

Paris Theme Table Decor

The feather theme is carried over to the other side of the room, in something very tall with the branches inside. Parasols and flowers complete the package.

There are also several central institutions that excel in philosophy, French art and literature, and music. The paintings are labeled as museum pieces and people enjoy walking around the table to see everything there is.

Paris Theme Table Decor

Parisian Theme Archives

An additional mannequin is dressed as a le-can dancer, with winged fans in stilettos and pearls in the sky.

There were several tables decorated with Eiffel Tower string lights with flowers at the base and French ornaments around the centerpiece.

Paris Theme Table Decor

A second ballerina with leg warmers with pointe shoes and a flower garden bucket adorns the table.

Chic Parisian Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

To view them, click on the items below for direct product links. Where items are no longer available, I have provided similar options. If an item is out of stock but can be returned, I leave it on the list.

Paris Theme Table Decor

Have you visited the store? Click the images below to shop my favorites, my home, and my Amazon store. New items are added every week. Happy shopping!! France offers plenty of inspiration for a French theme throw. Draw inspiration from these theme ideas for a birthday, special occasion or simply as an excuse to throw in some French flair.

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If you’re ready to celebrate the start of the French Revolution with the storming of the Bastille in 1789, then a Bastille Day theme might be right for you.

Paris Theme Table Decor

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State your reason and set the tone for the theme with your invitations. Dickens’s novel,

, is a great organizer of Bastille Day events and the way things are during the season. Use the book cover as the background for a single panel card stock invitation. You can go the fancier route and purchase a copy of the novel for each guest. Place the printed information in a box or envelope that can be mailed or hand delivered to guests.

Paris Theme Table Decor

Red, white and blue colors are the best way to go with your Bastille Day themed decorations. The great part about this is that you can use some of your decorations that you may have (or have access to) for your Fourth of July celebrations.

Steps To Set A Beautiful Dinner Table Like The French

Serve a batch of ratatouille as a main course. Followed by creme brulee for dessert. Have the wine flowing from the bar and have servers visit guests at tables and those standing around the room to offer wine glasses or refills. Have plenty of red and white wines on hand so guests can sample regular bottles of wine to quench their thirst.

Paris Theme Table Decor

Set up pétanque games around your room. Pétanque is a game played during Bastille Day and is similar to Italian bocce or English lawn football. Visitors can learn the rules and soak up the competitive spirit as the matches unfold.

Send your guests home with a French flag key chain or Paris souvenir. Eiffel Tower key chains are another option after the storming of the Bastille in Paris.

Paris Theme Table Decor

Parisian Party Archives

Think of all the things you see as you wander the streets of Paris. A Parisian street theme can be a fun way to decorate and celebrate.

One common thing you see on the streets of Paris are bicycles. Look for an invitation that looks like a wheel or an invitation that has a wheel as a background or border. A typical Parisian street scene features open-air markets and carts selling goods such as cheese and bread. Incorporate one or more of these elements into your invitation design.

Paris Theme Table Decor

Create a street in Paris from your room. Use a stone path and process the rest of the decorations around the path.

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Paris, Ooh La La

As you walk the streets of Paris, you will see carts selling bread and cheese or shops dedicated to the pleasure of every person. You can also find many cafes. Keep your menu simple, like what we offer at these places, and organize using car rentals from your local rental place to create “vendors” that will be food service stations for items such as brie, loaves of French bread, and other food and drinks. Set up carts to serve fresh loaves of French bread and croissants. Another bag can serve a variety of hard and soft cheeses, such as Brie, Roquefort and Camembert. Add another to the coffee.

Paris Theme Table Decor

The streets of Paris are full of artists painting and drawing their works of art. Hire a cartoonist to capture the faces of each of your guests. Visitors can walk through the “outside” of it and sit down for the artist to create his masterpiece.

Give visitors plastic tubes or frames to safely transport their artwork home or display in their home or office. You can also create small favor boxes with some hard cheese inside. Tie it with raffia and attach a small cheese knife to the box. Visitors can take a little piece of the streets of Paris with them when they leave.

Paris Theme Table Decor

Eiffel Tower Centerpiece,paris Theme Party Decoration,paris Centerpiec

One of the most popular cities in France to travel to is Paris. You can set the stage for a Parisian theme in honor of the city’s rich history and culture – two reasons why many tourists choose to visit the City of Lights.

Look for invitations that feature the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe as a background, border or invitation design. If you want to create three-dimensional invitations, look for small copies of popular graphic designs. Use red, white and blue ribbon to attach cards detailing the Eiffel Tower or arch.

Paris Theme Table Decor

Send personalized invitations to invited guests using a large or small envelope

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