Park Table Decorations

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When it comes time to choose a venue for your party, indoors may seem like the obvious choice. However, don’t forget to move your meeting outside – your patio is probably more spacious than your living room and gives guests a chance to enjoy some fresh air.

Park Table Decorations

Park Table Decorations

Decorating for an outdoor party can seem like a whole other ball game. But we’ve rounded up some of our favorite outdoor party decorations, and there’s sure to be one you can pull off. Read on to find your favorite.

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To make your outdoor party pop, consider coordinating the tablecloth with other pieces of your outdoor decor, like your umbrella or patio furniture cover. Different patterns can also give your space a different feel: blue stripes create a nautical atmosphere, while green palm trees give a tropical feel.

Park Table Decorations

For an intimate outdoor gathering among friends, the decor can be quite discreet. But discreet does not mean boring. Use an outdoor lamp or two, add some cushions and break out the fancy dinnerware for a chic and simple outdoor gathering.

Just because your party is outdoors doesn’t mean decorating guidelines are thrown out the window. Details matter, even outside. Add the perfect accessories for a cozy outdoor feel, like candles, bowls of fresh fruit and comfortable seating. Small details like these can bring a space together.

Park Table Decorations

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Do you want to organize the season’s outdoor evening? Unless you live in a temperate, rain-free wonderland, a tent is probably a must. Tents protect against bad weather and heat, and are also fun to decorate. Use string lights, garlands and greenery to give your outdoor space a festive atmosphere.

Your fence is more than a boundary between property lines; it’s also an unexpected place to add some personal touches. Think of your fence more like a blank wall to accessorize, and you’ll find it’s a great space to add decor, whether it’s for a themed 30th birthday party or everyday outdoor living.

Park Table Decorations

Do you have a hot tub or pool? Make it the focal point of your outdoor party. A hot tub is the perfect centerpiece for a small gathering of friends, while a swimming pool is ideal for larger gatherings. Add close seating for easier conversation and some lights to set the mood and you have the perfect summer party spot.

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The Dining Room At Attingham Park, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, With The Dining Table Laid For A Formal Dinner And With Table Decorations And Candelabra Stock Photo

An outdoor space can feel practically magical with a few small additions: soft, warm lighting, plants with small flowers and lots of cozy seating. Put these pieces together and you have a wonderful, fairytale-inspired outdoor gathering.

Park Table Decorations

Of course, you don’t have to put in the effort to organize your outdoor party. You can also stick to the basics. Use some comfortable, stylish pieces and a string of lights for a cozy, classic vibe that’s easy to pull together.

If you’re in an area that heats up quickly, it’s crucial to plan your outdoor party with whatever shade you can get. This century-old oak will not only provide a beautiful aesthetic, but will also keep party guests cool and in the shade.

Park Table Decorations

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No natural shade? No problem. Use a large umbrella over your table or seating area to cool off the summer heat. If you don’t already have one, consider getting one that can be moved (rather than one that sticks to a table) so it can provide shade wherever it’s needed during the day.

Another sun relief option for your outdoor party? A Pergola Although not as portable as an umbrella, pergolas are a great architectural feature to add to your backyard and can help better define an open green space.

Park Table Decorations

For an outdoor party fit for an A-lister, create a luxurious setting for the night. Use a lush, wavy fabric to wrap around a pergola or gazebo and add some lights to set the mood. Complete with patio furniture in bold and elegant designs for a space that screams luxury.

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If your outdoor party is of the multi-course variety, consider creating different areas for different parts of the meal. A small, informal seating area becomes a home for appetizers, while a longer, more formal dining table is the space for the main course.

Park Table Decorations

For a unique seating experience, try placing cushions on an outdoor rug and pairing them with a low table. It’s a great way to shake things up for your party guests, and with coordinating pillows it can look pretty cool too.

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Another little folk idea: a picnic. For an outdoor gathering that’s just for a few, break out the picnic blankets. But this is not your childhood picnic: use light, elegant service and plush cushions for a luxurious atmosphere.

Park Table Decorations

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Creating space for conversation at large parties can be complicated. When you want conversations to unfold in more than giant circles, create small, separate seating areas that are the perfect place for casual chats.

Neon lighting has come a long way since the classic “open” sign. Now you can use it almost anywhere, including your backyard. This bright light will not only look much better outside than inside, but it will also add a great party atmosphere to any outdoor space.

Park Table Decorations

If you grow flowers or other vegetables in your backyard, incorporate them into your party decorations. Place small flowers in envelopes or create a wreath with extra green clippings.

Cathedral Park Portland Or, Surprise Proposal Picnic

Another way to take your outdoor party style from 0 to 100 is to bring in lots of texture. Combine rattan with fabric or wood with a thick fabric for a visually interesting and stylish interior.

Park Table Decorations

If you’re hosting an outdoor party and families are attending, make sure there are spaces for the kids too. A small tent, playset, swing or outdoor playset can work well. You’ve probably noticed our latest love affair with picnics! Ideas for planning a Father’s Day picnic, a summer get-together with fish fry, even a summer picnic proposal! Well, here we are again with a more generic take on how to decorate a summer picnic party, maybe for a birthday or just because the weather outside is so inviting. As our examples show, a picnic can be designed in many ways, depending on your location and accessories. Get ready for some really fun inspiration and product selection!

From woodland to country, whimsical or vintage to an intimate picnic for two, these examples show the different looks you can create for your outdoor gathering. And we point out the features and tips we love!

Park Table Decorations

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Talk about creative! This picnic look was put together for a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon honoring 100 years of the National Park Service in 2016. Although the parents and hosts recreated it indoors, you can really do something similar outdoors with all the great touches of the woods. Think grass runners, camping lanterns, tree stumps and log candlesticks. You can see all the details in the full post on Taste with your eyes.

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Having a captivating view as a backdrop to your picnic is definitely a plus. It could be a pond in a park, a beautiful wooded forest, or a landmark like New York’s Hudson River, as in this citrus-themed picnic setting designed by Dreamers Joy Events & Design, featured in Celebrations at man See how a fruity color scheme can create such a fresh and inviting summer feeling. I love it!

Park Table Decorations

Red checkered tablecloths and sunflowers are picnic classics. But add bright, colorful balloons, like in this installation at LA’s Griffith Park Crystal Springs, through team play events, and you’ve got yourself a festive party! (Note: It is best to choose balloons with sticks, rather than strings, to keep them more stable.)

Little Llama Birthday Picnic Party — Mint Event Design

There is something about having a picnic under a shady tree by a lake that gives a sense of rest to a picnic. So even if the table and menu options are simple, as shown here in Scene Through My Eyes, you can still enjoy the cool breeze and watch the lakeside activities.

Park Table Decorations

If you have a nearby facility like this picnic shelter in Si View Park, it’s a practical option to consider. Get some welcome shade from the sun (and protection from an unexpected downpour). Also, if it contains dirt, this can be a friendlier surface than bare ground or grass for older and very young picnickers.

That Table 21 is skillfully arranged in a unique “corridor” that leads directly to the picnic treats! In addition, there are more charming touches such as the watermelon plates, the basket full of fruits and flowers, and more fresh berries, grapes and oranges that also serve as colorful decorations.

Park Table Decorations

Rustic Outdoor Dining Space Reveal

Want to take a break from the usual relaxed picnic look? Go for a charming, refined vintage feel by trying this outdoor tablescape from Daley Decor, featured in the Lowell Sun. Notice the dainty table linens (actually a polka dot chenille sheet!), engraved wine glasses mixed with farmhouse milk bottles, depression glass plates and bowls for picnic food along with little jars for condiments Very pretty!

Now, if you are planning a picnic for a little one’s birthday,

Park Table Decorations

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