Patio Coffee Table Decor

Patio Coffee Table Decor – Here are some ideas for setting up an outdoor coffee table that is both beautiful to look at and functional! These tips will get you running to your porch every time it rains this summer!

Type: Spongeware Pitcher | Galvanized Tray (Actually, it’s better. Big money.)| Gingham Pillow: Fancy / Super Good Deal | Similar But Better Adirondack Chair | coffee table

Patio Coffee Table Decor

Patio Coffee Table Decor

If you’ve taken the time to organize your outdoor living space and if you’ve invested in furniture to create a space that’s both comfortable and functional, you’ll want to refurbish it as well. We added a new front porch to our house last year and finished it at the end of the fall season, so this will be our first spring and summer where we will really enjoy it. We moved a weathered coffee table a few weeks ago to go between the white Adirondack chairs we have there because we needed a little more space to put something down while we were working on our laptop there, or some comfort I thought. say, I’m going to share some ideas today about styling an outdoor coffee table, since it’s on my mind right now as I organize that part of our home for the upcoming warmer months.

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Obviously, I love playing around with decor to try to create a beautiful and welcoming home, but I think you need to draw a line in the sand and make sure your choices are practical and easy to live with. Obviously there are some limitations when working outdoors. I’ve seen many recommendations for using books to style an outdoor coffee table, or indoor linens and washcloths as long as you “remember to bring them in every day when you’re done going out.”

Patio Coffee Table Decor

I want my porch ready to enjoy whether I have guests over (hopefully one day?) or just go outside with my tea for five minutes. I don’t want to drag things in and out of storage every day and I don’t want to have a less beautiful place on those days when I come out for a few minutes. I want something that will work and will work every time, every time. In fact, I hope that the ones I choose will last for several seasons, because as I mentioned before, I’m just tired of the finicky clothes that I was born with and need frequent changes. It’s wasteful, it’s stressful, and I take great satisfaction in knowing that I have things in my home that I can rely on for a long time.

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I’ve been testing this outdoor table setup for the past few weeks and it’s held up pretty well to all kinds of crazy wind and rain. I haven’t actually moved anything yet, which is perfect because when the summer storm comes, I want to worry about bringing my precious plants, not every little thing off the porch, whenever I can avoid it.

Patio Coffee Table Decor

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When we make a coffee table in the house, we always fill the entire surface with beautiful things. Lots of books, flower pots, jewelry, etc. A coffee table can be a kind of display shelf that sits in the center of your room. When it comes to your outdoor coffee table, you probably want it to be more functional. We often don’t have enough flat surface to put things outside so it’s a good idea to keep most of your outdoor coffee table away from drinks, snacks, that book you finally have a chance to read, or in my case. , if you are having your information All your work materials if you have decided to make your order in the home office.

Choosing a tray that does not take up more than 25% of the top of your outdoor coffee table to hold your decorations will help keep things under control and everything you put on your table will look harmonious and organized.

Patio Coffee Table Decor

If you’re not sure what to put on your outdoor coffee table, you can’t go wrong with classic, garden-themed elements, or beach elements if you have a plan. near water like a pond or lake. cord. Stick to things that feel authentic to where you are and it will be much easier to pull the whole thing off.

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I find that items that are more rugged and durable can withstand outdoor weather better and don’t feel overwhelming on the overall decor scheme because they look right at home in a garden setting, even if These items are primarily marketed as outdoor. correct. They don’t Look for items in mixed metals like galvanized finish, antique brass, copper, and rust—all are good garden-y choices. Any heavy duty ceramic ware like this sturdy pitcher and large bowl/pot will work well too, ready to act as an ice bucket when needed.

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Patio Coffee Table Decor

Try to incorporate all these elements into your plan in a small way. Something tall from the garden will add some height to your table top, and a polished metal or sturdy glass candle holder can add some sparkle.

My favorite way to bring texture into the mix on the porch is with an old basket or two. This was one of my side porch runners last year and as you can see it is completely weathered, but still in great shape. I don’t really like outdoor rattan because I find they can’t stand the combination of heat and humidity and they start to look rough very quickly. And not in a good way.

Patio Coffee Table Decor

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An old spongeware pitcher adds a bit of pattern and is great for dealing with the really heavy and crazy weather that we can get here sometimes.

Of course, you must have some kind of plants. Fake plants are perfect if you don’t want to mess with them too much, but try adding something real here and there. I went to the garden center once this spring because it just opened in my area, so I have some faux fern here along with fresh green forsythia branches from the back yard.

Patio Coffee Table Decor

I want to note that there is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping a vase of your favorite flowers in the center of your outdoor coffee table and calling it a day. We see some beautifully detailed arrangements in furniture catalogs that seem like your outdoor decoration would not be complete without $1000 worth of carefully planned decorative items, but nothing shows that you put some thought and care into it. Places will be more beautiful.

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And that’s my blog post about how I put five things on my new coffee table and it made the whole place look and feel ready for summer. Yes! 🙂

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Patio Coffee Table Decor

Type: Spongeware Pitcher | Galvanized Tray (Great Price) | Gingham Pillow: Fancy / Super Good Deal | Similar But Better Adirondack Chair | coffee table

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Patio Coffee Table Decor

Diy Outdoor Table Ideas For Your Deck Or Patio

This summer – well, for the last year really – I’ve been looking for an outdoor coffee table to complement our patio seating. I want something bigger because our seating area is really big. But I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Everything was either too small for the space or not my style at all. So instead, Kevin and I decided to build a DIY outdoor coffee table.

When we decided to build a DIY outdoor coffee table I had two things I wanted to be sure of:

Patio Coffee Table Decor

We made a DIY coffee table out of simple 4x4s and 1x4s. I like nice, clean lines and don’t want to mess with too much space.

Sand & Stable Alyssa Metal 6

To style our DIY coffee table, I started with a beautiful linen, square tablecloth from William Sonoma and they never seem to have it anymore. I found your friend in Flax, which is also a beautiful color. But they have this with this floral pattern and this Italian linen – which is the same material and manufacturer as me.

Patio Coffee Table Decor

Additionally, I added a handmade tray that I bought locally to hold a citronella candle, a basil plant, and some nuts from the garden. you can come

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