Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas – 4th of July Decorating Ideas. I am a patriotic soul who loves my country very much. I love the melting pot that it is. We are definitely NOT a perfect nation. Although we are a nation of imperfect people, many of us live quite remarkable lives on the foundation of freedom and equality that our founding fathers wanted. Although it took many more years for OBAMA to come to fruition and we are still working on perfecting it.

But getting older has increased my appreciation for the beauty of simplicity and let go of the never-ending pursuit of perfection. {

Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

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If your table is beautiful and works in the setting, a natural table is great. If you are looking for a more formal setting, a cloth table cover is best. BUT if you’re going to have lots of kids at a more casual event, a plastic table cover is a great way to go!

Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

Speaking of plastic, I personally prefer the thicker table covers from my local party store to the thinner dollar store versions that tend to tear.

When you start your table design, you’ll want to choose some type of runner. It could be a roll of gift wrap, a piece of barn wood, or even a strip of artificial grass!

Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

A Patriotic Garden Table

The runner is the foundation of the design and is my choice of table decoration. I love this particular burlap runner to add a little Americana.

Flag pattern paper lanterns topped with a curly gift bow are the EASIEST 4th of July decorations ever! If you’ve ever simply stressed {

Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

Then complement the lanterns with clusters of decorative fireworks. I seriously thought about making these guys, but in the end they were easier to buy. I have the best intentions, but I often run out of time. I’m sure it only happens to me.

Last Minute Easy Patriotic Centerpiece Ideas For Memorial Day

Place settings are another great way to add themed touches. Printed paper accessories, colored cutlery and layered textures add interest to the table. Adding something unexpected like star-shaped plates and bagged crockery creates a playful atmosphere.

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Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

Completing your layouts with a printable design is fireworks at the top! The whole thing was inspired by my friend Carolina from Mint Event Design who decorated the cutlery bags last year. These adorable printables were straw flags and drink labels, but I love how creative she was and she had to do the same.

The decoration doesn’t have to end with the table either. What you serve and HOW you serve it makes all the difference. Color coordinated foods are my jam. Simple, often healthy foods that can be displayed in a fun way or given a great label are the best types of party food!

Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

Th Of July Party Ideas: 25 Tips For Hosting & Celebrating

Another party trick is to display your favors as decoration. This firework bar was popular with the kids. After lunch, they could come grab the spatula, collect the sparkly bulbs and add the slippers to their bag.

Anything displayed in an apothecary jar automatically looks fancy. And as you can see, it doesn’t even have to be full. Although this photo is AFTER the jar was already searched! Add some stars and fans to dress it up and celebrate!

Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

I LOVE this set of fans and use them all the time. When shopping for holiday decorations, think about how they can double for a birthday theme, like Superheroes or Nautical.

Glitzhome 42 In. H Metal Patriotic Flag Yard Stake With Solar Lights Or Wall Decor (kd, 2 Function) 2004000010

The last place I like to bring in 4th of July decorations is my fireplace. I use a few staple pieces every year but change them up a bit. You can see my patriotic decoration from last year here. My latest acquisition is “The Old Man Wept”. Moving image of Benjamin Franklin wiping a tear as he signs the Constitution.

Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

I also made a vintage Declaration of Independence flag using a tutorial from another friend, Holly on the Legally Crafty blog. When I saw it, I recognized the perfect way to display my copy of the Declaration that I have had for years. Thank heavens for friends with great 4th of July decorating ideas!

I have always enjoyed patriotic decorations, but having my youngest join us for our nation’s birthday made the occasion even more beautiful. You might notice the number balloons floating around our patriotic decoration!

Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

Ways To Bring Red, White, And Blue To Your July 4th Table

We can celebrate two birthdays with fireworks and a barbecue, but I’m also organizing a theme party with friends in June! His Play-Doh Party and Panda Party are the highlights of his young life.

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Anyone else obsessed with Hamilton the musical? It seemed appropriate to add some text to my favorite letter board.

Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

And to tie it all up with a nice little bow, you can’t help but love the vintage graphics used in this Retro Americana flag. I love those cute little faces and the fun vintage style artwork. You can find out how to make your own version here.

Memorial Day Decorations 2022

Now that your main focal points are covered, you don’t really need anything else. But if you have an extra basket and flag, you can make any part of the house feel really patriotic!

Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

I hope you enjoyed some of the 4th of July decorating ideas I used in my home. Do you want to add some GOOD to your holiday? Why not try some of these activities for any of our patriotic celebrations: Memorial Weekend, July 4th, Labor Day (P.S. Did you know May is Military Appreciation Month?)

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Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

Patriotic Diy Veterans Day Decoration Ideas

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Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this website, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. Ok Fourth of July is my favorite holiday besides Christmas. I love decorating in red, white and blue and celebrating with friends and family. I’m sharing my Fourth of July Tablet Party ideas and all the details on how to set it up.

Fourth Of July Tablescape Ideas

I set up and photographed two different versions of this table because I was asked to be on a local TV station to share my recipe for Cupcakes and Honey Butter and a patriotic landscape. We filmed the show three weeks early so I had to do it twice! I’m sharing all the pictures of both setups so you can see a few different variations here.

Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

I am very patriotic and my country means a lot to me. I have always had that love for my country and I think it only got stronger as the years went by and after I was a military family. I am proud to be an American and will always respect my flag and my country. I am grateful to those who sacrificed their lives for my freedom. I take it to heart. I am also grateful for those men, women and families who now serve our country.

The first version of this table I set up for a TV segment on Fox 13 The Place in SLC, Utah.

Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

Patriotic Tiered Tray

I will link the sources at the bottom of the post. The organization of the Fourth of July or patriotic rally

When I throw a Fourth of July party, I like to set up a landscape that has a few fun decorations in addition to all the delicious food I’ll be serving. Since this was a backyard party, I set up the table with all the food and drinks inside since we don’t have any shaded areas in our backyard.

Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

Another version of this table and all the food I prepared for our 4th of July celebration.

Red White And Blue 4th Of July Party

A barbecue is a 4th of July tradition at our house and my husband and sons all love to use the grill and

Patriotic Military Table Decoration Ideas

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