Paw Patrol Table Decorated

Paw Patrol Table Decorated – All hands on deck for my son’s third birthday! We are all huge Paw Patrol fans and even have matching outfits for the whole family. A few months in advance, I knew this would be the theme for my youngest birthday party. I’ve seen pet adoption parties like this while browsing the internet, and I knew right away that this would be a great addition to the Paw Patrol theme.

As many times before, I told myself that I would tame it a bit, but – again, I failed! Instead, it turned out to be a super fun party for the little ones. Ready to see more of this chicken-flavored party? Great, let’s go.

Paw Patrol Table Decorated

Paw Patrol Table Decorated

Let’s talk about the decor. As much as I love store decorations, I can’t bring myself to plaster the hanging ones everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I still use some, but in moderation. I decided to go with a black and white print theme and add bold colors like royal blue, red and yellow. All printables are tailored for Ariadny’s party at Once Upon A Party. He was very easy to work with and made all my ideas come true. From the cake table to the printables, the paw print theme worked perfectly!

Set Up A Paw Patrol Dessert Table

The cookie table should be renamed to the sugar table. The background was a printable I found on Etsy and printed on vinyl at my local copy and print shop. I used my new found love in the background at a previous balloon band party. The focal point of the meal was an amazing cake from my favorite place, Halls Takes the Cake. I took that cake home slower than my newborns from the hospital, ha! The tower and details were exactly what I imagined and more. She was very excited about the cake. My talented neighbor and friend at T’s Homemade Cookies made Paw Patrol cookies that were great chicken. Other sweets included spreadable Rice Krispie bone-shaped candies dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, paw print cupcakes, mushroom sticks, Poptique corn, chocolate-dipped pretzels and chocolate paws.

Paw Patrol Table Decorated

This part was right up my alley. I am a true animal lover and work daily in animal health. From the different dog breeds to the veterinary examinations, I have completely thought it through. The newly adopted puppy turned out to be the perfect party to take home and enjoy long after the party. Done, done, save!

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The matching stuffed dogs and saddle boxes used for the house were purchased from Amazon. I surrounded them with a wooden fence purchased from a local home improvement store on an artificial green lawn.

Paw Patrol Table Decorated

The Ultimate Paw Patrol 3rd Birthday Party Supplies And Balloon Decorations

At this station, each child chose a name for their new pet and added it to their tags. The tags were made of wood and were the right size for a small dog. The Poppy Jack Shop on Etsy did a great job customizing the labels for me. Each child then committed to caring for their pet and signed a BEENthinkingArt adoption certificate.

It’s time to clean your new pet at the grooming station. Everything was planned down to the last detail. There were galvanized tubs with blue circle confetti, dog brushes, grooming spray, fleece towels with paw prints, and a Melissa & Doug Wash & Trim dog grooming play set.

Paw Patrol Table Decorated

Every child can decorate their puppy’s new home with foam stickers of different shapes and letters. A wide range of markers were also available to personalize the home.

Paw Patrol Party Ideas For Moms In A Hurry

This is where my many trips to the Dollar Tree paid off. I found collars, leashes, tennis balls and bowls there. The pet food was Reese’s Puffs cereal and the dog treat was a Scooby-Doo snack. Each child received a bone filled with bone-shaped crayons, a Paw Patrol mini Frisbee and a Paw Patrol fabric headband.

Paw Patrol Table Decorated

Last but not least, there was a veterinary examination at the animal hospital. The props came from a Melissa and Doug Examine and Treat pet play set with a plush dog and cat. At the end of the vet visit, a pet exam sheet was placed on a mini clipboard for a physical examination of the ears, eyes, nose, paws, heart and tail, as well as treatments such as vaccinations. They could also play the vet wearing a white doctor’s coat.

Who doesn’t love themed meals? Simply give your child’s favorite snacks funny new names and change the shapes to dog bones or paw prints, then show it off with dog bowls. Voila! The menu included bone witch and baby corn. Paw Berries, Ruff-age, Puppy Chow, Fetch Sticks, Dog Treats, Puperoni Pizza, Paw-tato Chips, Toliet Water and H2O. These adorable food labels are from The Party Printable Place on Etsy.

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Paw Patrol Table Decorated

Buy Paw Patrol Party Supplies And Decorations, Paw Patrol Birthday Party Supplies, Serves 16 Guests, Officially Licensed With Table Cover, Banner Decor, Plates, Napkins & More Online At Lowest Price In Singapore

It was a very hot day, so for extra fun we rented a Marshall House and set up our own water slide.

Some may roll their eyes, but matching dresses, shirts and suits are my jam. For every birthday party, the birthday boy usually has a new t-shirt that matches the theme of the party. This adorable shirt was created by Autumn at The Shirt Traveler. After the party, I will wrap them as souvenirs. I wore it to this party because I already had clothes from a recent museum opening sale. Of course we had to pick them out again because they fit so well and Lois from Made by Ya made a wonderful vest for the kids. For the adult vests, I bought a pink Columbia and a hunter orange one for my husband, then added a Paw Patrol zipper from Etsy. My Paw Skye glasses and patches on their caps were also purchased from an Etsy seller to complete the look. In retrospect, the shields should have been all gray to get it right, but they still turned out great.

Paw Patrol Table Decorated

This Paw Patrol party turned out to be one hell of a party! It was so much fun putting them together and it was even better to see all his friends, including the birthday boy, enjoying it all. I hope you find inspiration for your next party. Using the address provided may cause delivery problems. Please review the title and verify that all information is correct, or see the suggested corrections below.

Paw Patrol Party Decorations

MOM Patrol is at work! Your mission: to provide a fun adventure for the party girls. Get inspired by our PAW Patrol party ideas, full of adorable decorations, favors and dress up ideas!

Paw Patrol Table Decorated

The PAW Patrol hat, t-shirt and prize ribbon are the perfect accessories to make the birthday star stand out. He’ll be ready to go, just like Ryder and the gang – aroooo!

Your mission: make couples chairs more fun! Decorate the backs of the chairs with a roll of PAW Patrol ribbon, a few tassels from a garland and a Marshall or other pup mask – easier than rescuing a cat from a tree!

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Paw Patrol Table Decorated

Paw Patrol Table Top $20

A big Marshall balloon is sure to wag the pups’ tails! Display it alone, with other PAW Patrol balloons, or even atop a DIY balloon pole. (Scroll down to our PAW Patrol Balloon How-To section for step-by-step instructions.) Now you’re on your way!

How cute would this Paw Patrol Balloon Column be at your party? We know balloon poles look tough, but they’re easier than you think. Check out our step-by-step guide to learn how to create your own!

Paw Patrol Table Decorated

Upload a photo of the birthday star with party details when you order a custom PAW Patrol photo invitation. Guests will be wagging their tails excitedly when they see their friend’s face on the invitation! After completing the order, the cards are ready for delivery within five days. Chickens away!

Paw Patrol Decorations Archives

Everyone feels like part of the team in their own PAW Patrol cap and coin. Give it to them as they enter the party center to cheer them on like Marshall!

Paw Patrol Table Decorated

These containers full of goodies are the perfect way to send out your rescue team. Fill the buckets with some colorful pieces of paper and PAW Patrol favorites like whistles, puzzles and colored pencils so the party pups can continue the adventure at home.

What a treat! Fill your cups with shredded paper and wrap with PAW Patrol favors, then slip the cup into a clear bag and tie with a wavy ribbon – simple and super cute!

Paw Patrol Table Decorated

Host Your Child’s Birthday With Us — Princesses & Princes

Get the fun started in half the time with the PAW Patrol Favor Pack, full of great toys and more adventures to come. Pack the treats in matching PAW Patrol bags for the perfect party bags.

Get the party girls excited with a fun invitation! Send out all invitations with a PAW Patrol tattoo and a sprinkle of confetti. Tell the kids

Paw Patrol Table Decorated

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