Pearl Table Decor

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Are you looking for industrial chic ideas that are long on style without being hard on your bottom line? We have three secrets for creating stunning summer and fall wedding pieces without breaking the wedding budget.

Pearl Table Decor

Pearl Table Decor

Centerpiece mirrors are one of the unsung heroes of frugal wedding decor. Think of them as a universal budget multiplier ~ they double the visual impact of your centerpiece by projecting back into the room.

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The centerpiece above shows how gorgeous and romantic a birdcage, mercury glass votives, and a single rose can be sitting atop a mirror in the middle.

Pearl Table Decor

Likewise, a square center mirror with vases, sprays dipped in vases, water jelly pearls or diamond confetti, and polls create a somehow depressing center on a very limited budget. Featuring mostly decorative ornaments, this type is ideal for many professional decorators to create from their existing stock, and is DIY-friendly even for less crafty brides.

Live flowers are amazing, and if you are able to hire a professional florist to make your dreams come true, well, we’d love to see the pictures.

Pearl Table Decor

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We love everything about live flowers. But when your budget has to be kept under control, you will serve your full purpose by replacing other traditional elements. And you can still have amazing indoor plants ~ with little or no live flowers.

This centerpiece features another beautiful birdhouse, polls, and a personalized section ~ the paper is amazing, and there’s no limit to what you can use, except your imagination. This bride used a moss pad to display some live flowers, and if you have a neighbor with a large yard, you can recreate this look with almost any type of live flowers.

Pearl Table Decor

Another great choice for live flowers ~ and one that adds height and drama to the frame ~ is golden branches. We love this amazing modern take on the natural world industry. It is perfect when the ceiling height is high and the venue is large outside. Combine a large pot with a generous helping of gold coins, and you’ve got some nice real estate companies with lots of money to spare. Put the chalkboard on your desk. number, and your collection is ready to wow your visitors.

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Vintage Wedding Decor. Beautiful Event Venue. Creative Decoration. Blue, White Nacre Color. Table With Blue Plush Tablecloth, Flowers, Pearl, Seashell Stock Photo

Keeping today’s silver trend strong, and still easy on your wedding budget, this cylinder vase filled with gold branches complements the strong lines of the centerpiece while adding a pop of sparkle ~ without breaking your budget. is bursting. The diamond confetti at the base of the pot adds stability and shines brightly. Again, a stylish company on a budget that will make your inner accountant smile.

Pearl Table Decor

No matter what your wedding theme, colors, and venue, these two simple secrets will save you money without looking like you’re spending any money on your centerpiece.

The ultimate secret to a budget-friendly Bride-to-be-on-a-budget look is to budget wisely. When you’re frugal on your single table, add a few wow table! to improve the overall impact of the room without spending money on every flat surface.

Pearl Table Decor

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The cake table, name card table/assignment table, and head table are great places to throw a few extras for maximum impact. They will draw attention to your guests again and again throughout the night, and they paint a picture of the money you spent on these places live for years in pictures.

Wondering how to make the most of the strategic splurge? Check back soon for a post that will show you how to get the most bang for your buck by choosing the highest impact spots for your extra dollar.

Pearl Table Decor

In the meantime, if you’re eager to save money on key pieces, be sure to contact the company’s friendliest customer service people. You can reach our real, live customer service at 928-855-6075, and they can offer everything from ordering help to detailed product advice. We’re ready to do what it takes to make sure you’re getting the best quality for every dollar you spend. Tired of weddings with the theme of, well – white? Weddings are all the rage, and there are some great styles you can think of. One style that is very popular is, as expected, vintage. Do you want to stand out and stay stylish at the same time? Go on a carnival and opt for the perfect pearl themed wedding, starting with bridal proposal gifts that are pearls and matching engagement rings.

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Party Tables All Dressed Up For Special Celebrations

Don’t worry, theme weddings are all the rage, and there are some great styles to consider. One style that is very popular is, as expected, vintage. So many of the features of the culture are further developed to be as unique as possible. Adding pearls to your wedding theme is a great way to show off your unique wedding appeal.

Pearl Table Decor

The beautiful sheen of the diamonds will look delicious. You will have many ways to implement the theme during the wedding event. So let’s look at a few ways you can create this perfect pearl theme for your wedding day:

First, its center can be decorated with precious stones around. You can get cheap plastic pearls in bulk, and they are so subtle that they won’t last, no matter how much you use them. Try placing them in clear vases with flowers, or simply in tall glasses as decorations on the tables.

Pearl Table Decor

Vintage Wedding Decor, Perfume And Pearl Beads, Flower Bouquet Stock Image

At the entrance to the venue, you can place pearl curtains, so that your guests have a taste of the theme from the beginning. You can wrap lamps, cutlery, tablecloths and bottles in pearls to add some glam to the tables. But the gems themselves are not the only way to continue the theme.

When choosing tablecloths, go for pearly white, and the same for chair covers and curtains. Remember that you don’t have to stick to white, because pearls come in all different colors, including the most beautiful black Tahitian pearl.

Pearl Table Decor

It is not always important to announce your theme, but it is important in situations where you want your guests to be part of the theme, dress in a certain way or if you want them to know what to wear.

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You can announce your theme through engagement photos, by giving hints to your friends and family or simply by choosing wedding invitations. Choosing those with a pearly sheen on the border, or putting them in a pearl cover is the best way to subtly announce the theme.

Pearl Table Decor

Or you can have your guests wear pearl bracelets, earrings and earrings on the big day (high-quality faux pearls work too). They will appreciate the gift, and you will know that they will wear a pearl dress because of the pearl wedding invitation.

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One of the easiest ways to add gems is through your clothes. From the satin materials of the dress, tie or dress with jewelry, you can add it in every detail.

Pearl Table Decor

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If you don’t want to go overboard, you can give your bridesmaids some beautiful pearl jewelry with the dresses they wear, and the bridesmaids can make dresses or jewelry.

Regarding the wedding dress, you can choose a dress with pearl details on the straps, belt or bodice, or go with a simple dress and accessorize with a pearl hairpiece to complement your veil. You can even find shoes with diamonds, if you want to choose such a thing.

Pearl Table Decor

If your hair is up and dress with a simple top, then purple pearl earrings are a beautiful, minimalist and elegant choice.

Floral Pearl Table Decoration

Incorporating gems into food is easy icing on the cake. It’s very common to use sugar pearls as decoration, especially if it’s not a pearl themed wedding, so just mention this to your cake decorator to get a great cake. But you can add it to the rest of the menu as well.

Pearl Table Decor

For example, if you serve ice in small places that look like pearls, all the drinks will look like they are full of small pearls – but in that case it is better to use cold drinks instead of water so that the drinks it will not be diluted. For savory dishes, you can serve rice in small balls or stick to the theme and serve some shells.

If you have a theme for your wedding, you’ll always have a default plan when you’re not sure what to choose, and it helps keep everything looking cohesive. In many cases, marriages are a combination of different things that the bride and groom want, without any connection between them.

Pearl Table Decor

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And that’s why a theme is so useful for covering all the different parts

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