Peter Pan Table Decorations

Peter Pan Table Decorations – My sister Scarlett threw a Peter Pan and Tinkerbell party for her 5 year old son Crow. Since the girls were invited, he threw Tinkerbell into the mix.

Using the projector, we cut out these cute silhouettes. Scarlett got the black paper at a thrift store at Gilbert and Southern in Mesa, AZ.

Peter Pan Table Decorations

Peter Pan Table Decorations

For this station, it was a plastic basin filled with sand and treasures. Everything from necklaces, coins and rings. Each child had 10 seconds to collect as many objects as possible.

Kara’s Party Ideas Peter Pan Neverland Party

Pixie Hollow is where all the kids are dressed up. Green wings found at the dollar store and Peter Pan hats found online.

Peter Pan Table Decorations

Mermaid Lagoon was so much fun. We cut mermaid wings from some fabric we had around the house and then fabric glued them to pillowcases. If we had more time, we would have sewn the leaves onto pillowcases. The children had a coat of arms. It was really fun. Probably my favorite station and the kids love it. The bubble machines moved in the spirit of mermaids.

This tipi is my baby! I spent many hours on this task. It was very easy to put together, the hardest part was all the details we wanted on. Karim’s fabric was 5 yards of Muslim fabric. My husband sewed the top of the tipi together so it would hold together. Then we just used a staple gun to staple the fabric to the wood. The important thing was to keep the fabric tight during the stapling.

Peter Pan Table Decorations

How To Plan Your Own Diy Neverland Party • My Nerd Nursery

I hand sewed the red pendants onto the yellow zigzag as well. The rest was glued with fabric glue.

It worked like a charm. If we hadn’t changed our minds a million times, it would have happened sooner.

Peter Pan Table Decorations

Scarlett threw such an amazing party! It was great fun and I was lucky enough to help out and get involved a bit! Consider this your guide to the ultimate Peter Pan party! With my son’s birthday just a few weeks away, it reminded me that I have yet to post his last two birthday parties. I honestly think it was my favorite party I’ve ever thrown. My kids have always loved Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Tinker Bell. Peter Pan is almost always the first ride of the day when we go to Disneyland and is also usually the ride with the longest waiting time among the younger children. But we go through it again and again! PS … the Peter Pan ride is currently closed at Disney and I can’t wait to see what they do with it! Maybe it needs some updating! But anyway, back to the party. A good party always starts with a good invitation. We enjoyed delivering them. I found invitations here and printables here and here. I got the bags from a local party store that also has an online store. I also got big balloons and other fun things.

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Okay, here it comes. Just as you enter the party there is a checkerboard sign with a quote from Peter Pan

Peter Pan Table Decorations

As you walk in, there are silhouettes of Peter Pan characters flying into Neverland! They are created by using a projector and enlarging the images and then marking them on a large roll of black paper. I have to admit that I couldn’t for the life of me put them on the wall, so we put them on the wall.

When the Grass Starts was a large sign that I painted on pieces of wood that I cut at Home Depot, showing what the stations were and the different Peter Pan characters. I found the balloons at Petite Party Studio. What they have now is a fun new balloon bar in their store for all you local Arizonans!

Peter Pan Table Decorations

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Then there was the table. It had fairy wings that I bought at the dollar store. I made the Peter Pan hat from an etsy shop that I can no longer find. They felt and turned out great! My kids actually still have and play with these hats and it’s been 2 years! And then pirate bags and scarves and hats for those who wanted to dress up as a pirate. I had swords and fairies.

The party was completely outside the table was set (I was missing a few things when I took the picture) but I’ll give you a close up of what was on the table.

Peter Pan Table Decorations

Homemade funfetti cupcakes my mom made for the party. The topper and cupcake wrappers in the links above are among the thrift stores I purchased the prints from.

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Each child took home their own personal container of pixie dust. I took sand from the craft store and mixed in colorful glitter and lots of green glitter. And I attached them with printable pixie dust.

Peter Pan Table Decorations

Each child had a bag that was a “thank you” bag where they put their prizes from the stations around the party.

One of these stations was “Pirates Cove” Each child was given a pirate map with a compass and a pirate mask. I had a kiddie pool full of sand and all kinds of treasures. All the kids lined up and we had a timer and they had 10 seconds to dig and collect as many treasures as they could! When all the stations are gone, the kids keep coming back to find a hidden treasure that might have been missed!

Peter Pan Table Decorations

Diy Captain Hook Centerpieces

The next station was “Indian Camp”, the kids made their own Indian headbands and lined up singing “Very Following the Leader Leader the Leader” and marching around the yard in different directions.

The kids also had fun planning in the teepee my sister Savannah made me for the party! This teepee is still in my kid’s playroom and they enjoy playing with it

Peter Pan Table Decorations

The next station was a crack in the water and a board with a thick nail on the wall. The children took turns walking across the wooden plank. I got a wooden board from Home Depot and with white paint I stenciled on the letters. The chunky silhouette was also done in the same way that the group’s Peter Pans fly when the kids enter the party.

Peter Pan Character Silhouettes Childrens Room Vinyl Decor Wall Decals

Next was Muncher Lake. I cut out the fabric to look like meme leaves on the ammo pouches. We had a bubble machine and the kids had races.

Peter Pan Table Decorations

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Peter Pan Table Decorations

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Peter Pan Table Decorations

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Peter Pan / Neverland Birthday Party Ideas

White chocolate popcorn White chocolate popcorn is always fun to make and around holidays when guests come over! I have always loved white chocolate popcorn, or any kind of popcorn for that matter! When I first got married, I worked for my mom making Christmas gift baskets for clients she had. We…can you believe it’s been a whole year since I posted a Disney dinner? The pandemic definitely threw a wrench in my dinner lifestyle but I thought we could all use a little Disney magic so it’s with great pleasure that I bring you Disney Dinner: Peter Pan.

Peter Pan Table Decorations

Peter Pan is my mom’s favorite movie and I’ve been in one

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