Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables – Let’s take a look at 12 ways to style a traditional wardrobe and discuss styling tips to achieve that grandmillennial chic look!

Don’t you like the cabinet? Certainly, because chests of drawers are form, function and display in one piece of furniture!

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

The pieces provide wonderful storage space for your china and tableware collections, as well as buffets and serving stations when hosting dinner parties and celebrations.

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Dressing the top of a piece of furniture is the perfect opportunity to play with the presentation of its treasures and curiosities. There are a wide variety of dresser decors you can arrange and display on this flat top, and you really can be as imaginative or traditional as you want. It’s also a great place to mix up and down – more on that here.

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

In today’s post, I share 12 ways to style a traditional cabinet, using the elegant Federal Flame Mahogany plank in my living room. These 12 dresser style ideas could work just as well in a dining room, all showcasing a range of decors, but with a traditional Grand Millennial twist.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves and then share some tips and tricks at the end!

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

Elegant Decorative Grandfather Clock European Style Modern Mantel Clock For Shelf Table Desk Buffet Countertop Retro Antique Home Decor Brown No Battery

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I have a love affair with history, antiques and the chinoiserie style that dates back to my days working in art museums and the auction industry. Now, I hope to bring you affordable decoration and style through my blog and shop.

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

P&P provides advice and DIY, plus a specially curated selection of vintage and antique curiosities to help you achieve a charming and classic home! 5 handy tips to help you decorate a buffet without the guesswork + Wayfair’s “Save Big, Give Back” sale to donate to Feeding America.

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Do you remember Betty White? No, not the actual person (although she’s basically who I want to be when I grow up), but the sideboard we made and lovingly named “Betty White” a month ago?

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

It was completely empty until this morning because I was completely confused as to how to style the top to avoid obscuring the large shrunken antique mirror behind it.

But since we’re home for oh… eternity… I finally thought about this thing long enough and styled this beauty!

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Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

Seven Ways To Make Your Traditional Dining Room Less Boring

I scrolled through Wayfair for probably hours trying to shake off the strain until I found the perfect traditional, rustic blue and white print vase to pair with the other blue tones in our dining room.

Wayfair is currently running a “Save Big, Give Back” sale, in which they will donate 10% of proceeds to Feeding America to help fight COVID-19. So I grabbed a few discounted items from the sale to weave.

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

In my case, a beautiful blue and white vase. I often prefer to put the tallest element at the end rather than in the middle.

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When looking at a group of decorative objects, they should look like a triangle. Do you see that? It is the most pleasing to the eye. (But hey, go crazy breaking the rules once you learn that. It’s just a good “safe” zone.)

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

When looking at the buffet table, arrange the items in groups of three. So, for example, a vase and a small black bowl at one end form a group. A pair of jugs and beads at the other end is a band. And the wooden bowl on the stack of books in the middle is the band.

It could be a bouquet of flowers, a potted plant, vase stems or potted moss, but it doesn’t matter, a little foliage livens up the space.

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

Connie And Charles

Try incorporating 3-4 different types of materials: glass, stone, wood, metal, paper, basketwork, etc. In this case I incorporated ceramic (vases), wood (beads and bowl), paper (books) and granite (black bowl) to add texture. I stuck to neutral colors to give it an earthy feel, but filled it in a bit more with a blue print to make it more focused.

That’s it! Maybe that helps? It’s been too long since I’ve posted an article on decorating made simple, but I hope you find it useful for small spaces around your home when you’re feeling stuck and need a few handy rules. on which to rely.

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

If you’re looking to shop Wayfair’s “Save Big, Give Back” sale, you can save up to 80% on almost everything around the house here. When you shop through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Here’s how it works.

Art Leon Home Sideboard Buffet Cabinet Rattan Decoration Wood Finish Brown

Cabinet decorating ideas can really elevate your entertainment space. As well as providing useful storage space, a dresser is the perfect place to display treasures and knick-knacks, and creates a focal point for artwork and lighting.

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Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

If you’re gathering ideas for your dining room, don’t just focus on the table – the chest of drawers also plays a role in your room layout.

“Think about how you’ll bring your unique personality to the dining room to help decide the style of cabinetry,” says Ally Dowsing-Reynolds, co-CEO of home decor brand Dowsing & Reynolds (opens in a new tab ).

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

Hari Raya Decoration On The Buffet Table Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 24480222

“Books, art, photographs, vases, trinkets, colors and details give you the chance to make a statement and be great talking points at dinner parties.”

You can have fun dressing up your cabinet, and interior design experts always appreciate their work.

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

“Buffets are some of our favorite style moments,” says Studio Ashby (opens in a new tab). “Art, lighting, ceramics, fine books and trinkets are chic choices.”

Decorating Sideboards And Buffets Or Any Flat Surface

Your cabinet is the perfect place to style decorative items, but don’t forget that it can also be used as additional storage. Glass cabinets can be great ideas for small dining rooms – the space will be less cluttered than with massive furniture, and the glass allows you to show off what you’re storing – albeit in a chic way.

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

Louise Wicksteed, design director at Sims Hilditch (opens in a new tab), says, “We love using dressers in dining rooms because it’s a great way to use space. They are perfect for storing crockery, napkins and cutlery for more festive occasions.’

If you’re working on dining room lighting, make room on the cabinet for lamps. This will not only allow you to create soft pools of dim light – so welcome to the dining room – but also illuminate your cabinet decorating ideas.

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

Rich Decorated Buffet Food Table With Different Plates Stock Photo

Helen Pett, Design Ambassador at Arteriors London (opens in a new tab), adds: “Of course when you entertain, the extra space at the table can be used for floral arrangements, beautiful china and glassware and serving plates while sitting pretty as part of your decor.’

If you’re thinking of dining room wall ideas that create drama, then an antique, richly framed glass mirror is the best find for traditional dining rooms. Plus, decorating with mirrors will double the impact of any cabinet decorating ideas you display, especially in smaller or dark spaces. It’s a victory.

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Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

Art, centrally hung above the sideboard, placed centrally behind the dining table, can create a focal point that frames the entire space.

Antique Sideboard Buffet Turned Into Double Sink Vanity

Whether hanging on the wall or leaning against your cabinet, a good rule to follow when designing a cabinet is to keep the artwork about two-thirds its width. This gives a visually pleasing proportion and at the same time works to enhance the space.

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

To keep your cabinet decorating ideas neat, don’t be afraid of your items and anchors “overlapping.”

Place a lamp slightly in front of your artwork or let leaves, twigs or flowers scatter across the centerpiece; this will allow the finished layout to appear cohesive and interactive rather than static and flat.

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

How To Decorate A Dinner Table Like A Professional

One of the most important elements of styling your cabinets is making sure your display includes items of different heights to add interest to the look.

“Playing with heights and layers is key,” says Jane Rockett of Rockett St George (opens in a new tab). “However, this does not necessarily mean placing the tallest items in the center of the sideboard. An asymmetrical display is especially great when designing a chest of drawers and allows you to create height and a focal point at just one end.

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

Ally of Dowsing Reynolds adds, “Create an uneven assortment of smaller pieces with tall or oversized pieces to create height and layers. Stacks of books that reflect your interests alongside meaningful sculptures make great focal points.

Modern Buffets And Cabinets For Your Home Decor

If you choose cabinet decorating ideas that match your dining table decorating ideas, you will also create a neat and coordinated look.

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

To make sure your cabinet decorating ideas don’t look tacky, try grouping your items in threes for a neat, eye-pleasing finish.

The rule of three is a great interior design tip that you can apply to many aspects of your decor, and it’s definitely the magic number when it comes to styling for new curb appeal.

Photos Of Traditional Decorated Buffet Tables

Gorgeous Easter Table Decorating Ideas

“Like your coffee table or shelves, styling your closet decorating ideas is an opportunity to be playful and reveal more of your personality.

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