Picnic Table Decorations

Picnic Table Decorations – Nature puts on a beautiful show for us every fall, so why not get outside this season and experience all that fall has to offer with a fall picnic? It’s a great way to relax, unwind and spend quality time in nature with our loved ones.

I recently made a fall picnic for our family that I’m excited to share with you. I have tons of easy fall picnic ideas and inspiration to create a fall picnic party you’ll be proud of!

Picnic Table Decorations

Picnic Table Decorations

You want to spend your picnic in a beautiful place. Your local park, a picnic table in the woods or a beautiful view in the mountains are great places to relax.

Luxury Kids Picnic β€” Slumber Party

If children will be attending your picnic, make sure your location is safe and they can see your children from a distance if they decide to go exploring.

Picnic Table Decorations

Provide enough chairs for all picnics. If there’s no table nearby, get creative!

Blankets, even tree stumps or large pieces of wood make great chairs and tables for your picnic.

Picnic Table Decorations

Adding A Centerpiece To A Patio Table With Umbrella

Stacked pieces create multiple tables of varying heights, lots of delicious picnic food and fall decorations for our fall picnics.

Speaking of food, our outdoor picnics have a variety of food that everyone can’t get enough of.

Picnic Table Decorations

I try to use simple and comfort foods that are high quality and delicious, but with little or no preparation. I have 5 children and I want to spend more time than cooking and baking. πŸ˜‰

Christmas Decorations On A Picnic Table In The Countryside After A Family Snack Stock Photo

Our other picnic foods include organic colored carrots, fresh apples and pomegranates from the tree, apple juice, cinnamon rolls and mini pumpkin, pecan, apple, cherry and blueberry pie.

Picnic Table Decorations

Individually sized mini pies are perfect for picnics because they’re easy to pick up and eat. No messy cutting or maintenance!

There are many great options for decorating your fall picnic table. Most of these things you already have or may have for free!

Picnic Table Decorations

Inspired Picnic Table Setting Ideas With Vintage And Thrift Store Finds

I started looking around my house for anything made of wood or fancy looking. Wooden boxes, wooden vases, cinnamon sticks and wooden candles are perfect for our fall picnics!

Lanterns and candles really add a nice atmosphere to a picnic. My husband and I make candles out of wood. I will share a tutorial for them soon!

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Picnic Table Decorations

Surrounded by beautiful autumn wreaths made from wooden candles and mini fir trees, seeds, seeds, bark and more. Another tutorial for this is coming soon.

Summer Table Settings

I collect the pumpkins and squashes we grow in our garden, as well as the pumpkins we buy for Halloween.

Picnic Table Decorations

Cinnamon sticks are sprinkled throughout the fall picnic table decorations, adding a wonderful fall aroma to the air. This is a must buy for me every fall because I can’t stand their pungent smell!

I picked up a large autumn bouquet in deep, rich colors at the grocery store. I was able to make two bouquets from one large bouquet and love the color and femininity the flowers add to my fall picnic table!

Picnic Table Decorations

Thanksgiving Table Thanksgiving Table Decor Picnic Table

Cinnamon sticks provide a nice filling around the cinnamon rolls. The rolls were smaller than the box I put them in, so I added some cinnamon sticks to fill the space.

I hope you enjoyed our fall picnic and got some great fall picnic ideas for your next outdoor trip this season!

Picnic Table Decorations

Hi! I’m Laura, owner and creator of Make Life Lovely, a blog filled with creative craft tutorials, DIY projects, party ideas, holiday ideas, home decor and more! Life Lovely is designed to make everyday life more enjoyable. I hope to inspire you and show you how! Outdoor friend parties can be a great way to celebrate fall and Thanksgiving with your loved ones, especially this year. Read on for more ideas to decorate your friend’s holiday!

Picnic Tables You Have To See To Believe! β€” The Family Handyman

How is autumn? Thanksgiving is almost here and most of us haven’t seen our parents or grandparents since February. What an interesting year.

Picnic Table Decorations

More than ever, I think we all need some time to bond with the people who are special to us… And what better way than to celebrate Friends outdoors?

You can create a beautiful Thanksgiving table from a simple picnic table with a few well-placed pumpkins.

Picnic Table Decorations

Amazon.com: Irish Green Clovers Buffalo Plaid Table Runners Dresser Scarves, Non Slip Rectangular Tabletop Runner St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Dining Tables Dress Scarf For Kitchen Decor 13x70in

I prefer real pumpkins from the grocery store (Trader Joe’s has the best selection in my area). But if you want something you can use year after year, there are some fakes out there.

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Speaking of pumpkins, I used my floral pumpkin chair again this year (best DIY project!) in the center of the table.

Picnic Table Decorations

I used different flowers from the grocery store for the arrangement this time. I looked for colors that complemented the pumpkins I found, as well as dark purples (which may or may not match the wine beautifully πŸ˜‰ ).

Summer Tablescape Ideas For An Outdoor Party

Like pumpkins, I like real flowers… but if you need them to last longer, you can get a similar look with fake flowers.

Picnic Table Decorations

In my opinion, no outdoor table is complete without candles. It instantly creates atmosphere and elegance. Or day…

I like using cones because they add height to the table without blocking sight lines like a large centerpiece.

Picnic Table Decorations

Mini Wooden Folding Picnic Table Decor, Furniture & Home Living, Home Decor, Other Home Decor On Carousell

Oh, and the food. πŸ˜‰ When eating out, prepare snacks such as snack trays. They make outdoor celebrations easier.

In addition, they look beautiful on the table. I know it might sound extreme, but it’s easy to choose foods like blue goat cheese and dried apricots that complement the color of the table.

Picnic Table Decorations

Plus, I think fancy food allows for a simpler Thanksgiving table setting, especially for dining out.

Table Decor Picnic Photos

Of course, if you’ve been around for a while, you know I’m a string light sucker. There’s nothing quite as magical as flashing lights.

Picnic Table Decorations

We are very happy with these lights, and I have a full tutorial if you want to hang some lights of your own.

The best part is that they keep the party going as long as possible… This is especially useful on autumn evenings when the sun goes down early.

Picnic Table Decorations

Picnic Table With Decor On Grass With Macaroon, Strawberry And Cup Cake Stock Photo

But if your yard doesn’t have constant lighting, grab some strings of Christmas lights and string them up. Anything to create a little magic.

I hope you enjoy this sweet Friends table. It was so much fun creating this picnic area last spring, and even better using it with special friends this fall.

Picnic Table Decorations

For a special Friendsgiving outdoor gathering, check out backyard games like corn hole or our newest favorite, the new lawn contest.

The Best Outdoor Table Decor Ideas For Easy Summer Parties

Feel free to bring out the furniture too. A few more chairs and a side table can instantly turn an open living room into a cozy and comfortable night.

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Picnic Table Decorations

Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy connecting with the loved ones in your life in new and special ways this year!

For more fun, check out the other Friend Giving Ideas shared today! Special thanks to Bre at Rooms for Rent for hosting today. Learn how we used string lights and a picnic table to transform an oak forest in the Texas hills into a beautiful, peaceful, elegant and beautiful outdoor kitchen!

Picnic Table Decorations

Fabulous Diy Ideas To Host A Summer Garden Party

OK, “country kitchen” might sound a bit overwhelming for a leafy yard used to house chicken coops and dog farms…

Like much of Texas, Little Pax Ranch’s terrain consists primarily of small oaks and firs. This small park near the house and the road immediately caught our attention because of the abundance of oak trees growing in two adjacent areas.

Picnic Table Decorations

We dream of using the larger area as living room – for corn pits, horseshoes and other outdoor games, and the smaller area for picnic tables and

Cheap And Fun Party Decorating Ideas

Good food and drink. But first, two things had to happen: we had to clean out the abandoned chicken coop and doghouse left by the previous owner, and we had to clear out some small juniper trees that grew right in the middle of the square. .

Picnic Table Decorations

Once that was done, we needed to work on two main materials for our outdoor kitchen: the farmhouse dining table (aka the big picnic tableπŸ˜‰) and string lights. We mastered both (tutorial coming soon!), and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. We’re still considering putting crushed granite or something under the counter, but that’s it for now

To celebrate the new space, I gathered a collection of vases, lamps and candlesticks from my home to decorate the dining table. I filled the center with some oak and juniper branches that I cut from the tree. I also put together a little video showing how I did it.

Picnic Table Decorations

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