Pics Of Decor On Bedroom Dressers Or Tables

Pics Of Decor On Bedroom Dressers Or Tables – As someone who has basically always lived in a small apartment, I understand the importance of maximizing storage space. Over the years I’ve had to rely on some creative ways to get into that extra storage space. One of my favorite ways is to use dressers throughout the house. That is correct. The classic three-drawer chest is by no means just for the bedroom. There are so many ways to style a cute dresser and make it shine in your living space. Below are some of my top styling tips for making a dresser work in your living room.

No formal entry? No problem. When you walk into my apartment in New York, you basically walk right into my kitchen. While this isn’t a big deal, I like a place to throw my keys and check my reflection before heading out. To destroy a hall, I put a wooden chest of drawers in the corner of the living room closest to the front door. I built it as a stylish “entrance table”. I found a vintage mirror to lean against the piece, which I also made with a lamp, a candle and a stack of books from the coffee table.

Pics Of Decor On Bedroom Dressers Or Tables

Pics Of Decor On Bedroom Dressers Or Tables

The best part is that the drawers can fit all the necessary things. For example, one drawer holds all my reusable bags so they’re easy to grab when I’m out and about. Another hides small decorative pieces that need a home when they are not visible. It’s a win-win!

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Can’t find a media console you like? I was there. Or maybe you’re running out of space and a traditional large console doesn’t quite fit under your TV. Why not opt ​​for a chest of drawers with three drawers? I did this in my previous apartment in Washington D.C. and it worked without any problems. The dresser hid the cables from my Samsung Frame TV and cable box. And again it served as a valuable warehouse. I’ve used it to store living room essentials like beds and entertainment bins like magazines, papers and the like.

Pics Of Decor On Bedroom Dressers Or Tables

The key is to choose a piece that complements the rest of your living room and doesn’t look too much like a bedroom. The dresser above is actually a piece I picked up on Facebook Marketplace. I already had a marble top which went perfectly with the top which really enhanced the look.

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Don’t get me wrong – I will never tire of the traditional rolling bar cart. But I think setting up a bar with a wooden box can also look super sophisticated. The dresser I used in this apartment had two small drawers that were perfect for storing bartending essentials like napkins, bottle openers and more. The larger bottom drawer contained various decorative items. (I’m a hoarder, but I can’t stand clutter!)

Pics Of Decor On Bedroom Dressers Or Tables

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas For When Your Bed Takes Up The Whole Damn Room

Over the years I have seen more and more bar cabinets. It’s fun to style them with a bowl or two, a vase or decorative sculpture like a bust, and eye-catching drink bottles. I have always gotten compliments on this setup and would 100% do it again if I have the space.

Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and get exclusive content delivered right to your inbox – including must-have articles from Trader Joe’s! Are you thinking of buying a dressing table that you like? Adding this practical piece of furniture to your home is a great way to cement a consistent morning dressing routine. Being able to have all your hair and makeup accessories in one convenient place will speed up your processes and save you a lot of time. We have researched a number of bedroom interior design ideas to determine where you should place your dressing table in this room of your home.

Pics Of Decor On Bedroom Dressers Or Tables

Dressing tables are smaller pieces of furniture and are not designed to organize the room around them. If you have an open space against a wall or in a corner, this would be an ideal location. If you have​​​​a master bathroom next to the bedroom, the location closest to this door would be even better because you will have the laundry nearby.

Where To Put A Dresser In The Bedroom [6 Practical Placements]

Now that you have a better idea of ​​where to place a dressing table in your bedroom, let’s move on to some examples of how others have achieved it. You may also wonder how best to keep the dressing tables clean or whether you should use a dressing table as a desk. To see what our findings revealed, read this post ahead.

Pics Of Decor On Bedroom Dressers Or Tables

This homeowner decided to place his dressing table against the wall, near the window. This will help natural light in the morning routine.

The resident of this bedroom has chosen to place his dressing table against the wall, closest to the chest of drawers. Notice how this placement keeps the user of the dressing table out of their partner’s reach, making the room flow much easier.

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Pics Of Decor On Bedroom Dressers Or Tables

Janvier Storage Bed Frame

If you have a smaller bedroom or are short on space for other reasons, you can emulate this homeowner idea. As you can see, they used a smaller stylish dressing table and placed it so that it would not interfere in the corner of the bedroom.

Another option, for those with limited space, choose to do what this woman did and place the dressing table at the foot of the bed. This eliminates the need for a chair and takes up a minimum of space.

Pics Of Decor On Bedroom Dressers Or Tables

As you can see in the background, this woman chose to place her dressing table near her master bathroom.

Stylish Dressing Tables To Suit Every Interior

Dressing tables are used for a variety of things. Many people sit with it in the morning when they get ready for the working day, which makes this piece of furniture an integral part of the daily routine. The dressing table is a place for combing, curling and styling hair. It is also a place to apply or remove makeup.

Pics Of Decor On Bedroom Dressers Or Tables

Many dressing table designs are equipped with many drawers and enough space on the table top. The drawers are ideal for storing all the items you consider essential for your personal beauty routine. Make-up, brushes, curling irons and many other items and products are easily stored in the dressing table, so you have everything you need within easy reach.

With more and more people working full or part time from home, you may want to consider your options when it comes to making your dressing table double as a desk. Is it possible to treat? Yes, with a few caveats.

Pics Of Decor On Bedroom Dressers Or Tables

Makeup Vanity Sets And Dressers To Complete Your Dream Bedroom

The size of the dressing table plays a big role here. To comfortably use a dressing table as a desk, you want one that is at least 20 inches deep. This allows you to have enough space for a desktop monitor and still have enough space for a keyboard and mouse.

If you use the dressing table as a desk, it is much easier if you have a laptop. This type of computer can be quickly folded to have all the space back for the needs of the dressing table.

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Pics Of Decor On Bedroom Dressers Or Tables

The design of the dressing table is another factor to consider. If you need a desk with storage, you want a dressing table with plenty of drawer space. Having enough drawers for beauty supplies as well as home office needs is possible, but it will require the right design.

Our Bedroom Dresser

If you​​​​​​are planning to sit at your makeshift desk for hours, you want to be comfortable. Make sure that the chair you have does not kill your back or legs and is adapted to your body during the working day. Many of the seats that come with dressing tables are not ideal for longer seats, so you may want to consider buying another one.

Pics Of Decor On Bedroom Dressers Or Tables

Finally, consider lighting. If you have a lighted mirror with light bulbs sticking out of it, this can limit the available desk space. Additionally, you may quickly find that dressing table lighting is not ideal lighting for office work underneath.

The key is to be very selective about which design you buy. If you want your dressing table to double as a desk during work hours, choose a dressing table that has the right depth, comfortable seating, ample storage space and better lighting options.

Pics Of Decor On Bedroom Dressers Or Tables

How To Effortlessly Decorate Your Bedroom Dresser

If you use the dressing table once or twice a day, it can be something that fills up quickly. What’s the best way to keep your dressing table organized? Fortunately, there are many ways to store makeup, jewelry, and hair accessories that might otherwise be scattered across your desk. We have selected some of the most popular and list them below:

A good jewelry organizer will not only keep your pieces in one place, but will also help tidy up your dressing table. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, but you’ll find many that fit on top of your dressing table or fit comfortably in one of their drawers.

Pics Of Decor On Bedroom Dressers Or Tables

A makeup tray will help you keep your dressing table clean and clutter-free. This practical storage device has normal loads

Bedroom Dresser Top Decor

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