Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations – In this post: Tired of the Same Old Christmas Tablescapes? This holiday table uses unique elements to create a beautiful Christmas table.⇒

But when we became empty nesters, we moved into our house and I spent most of the first year organizing, decorating, and starting a few more structural renovations.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

This move gave me the opportunity to correct some of the design issues I wanted to address in my last home, and as a result, I’m starting to enjoy the fruits of my efforts.

Christmas Table Decorations & Place Settings

When it comes to the holidays, I tend to go for a soft touch, decorate with a light hand, and choose items that complement my new decor.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

However, one place I often make an exception is in the dining room for my Christmas dinner table.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a dinner table that I didn’t want to set for a nice occasion.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

Holiday Table Settings: White Roses And Magnolia Leaves

I think it’s the temporality of a tablescape that gives me the freedom to create fantasy, even if it strays from my everyday style.

Of course, I always carry my preference for a casual aesthetic, but with tablet design, I allow myself to use colors and themes that I might not live with on a day-to-day basis.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

I also approach tables in the same way I used to design fashion collections, starting with a concept that is more often than not driven by a color story and more importantly, a mix of patterns .

Simple Can Be Gorgeous When Setting A Holiday Table

In this case, I knew I wanted to use tartan, but I like to challenge myself to use a pattern I’ve used before in new ways.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

I’ve done tartans with florals, interspersed with golds, so I knew I was looking for something completely different here.

I bought black and cream salad plates for a fancy Halloween table and thought it would be fun to reuse them here.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

A Gorgeous Holiday Centerpiece That’s Entirely Edible

Keeping it clean with the red and gold I had done before, I decided to focus on moss green and silver, all under a snowy white.

To ensure a festive atmosphere, I added holiday ornaments, both hidden in the greenery and even in a martini glass.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

The limited use of red makes it stand out even more and the sparkle of the ornaments conveys holiday cheer.

Simple Holiday Table Setting In Pine And Gold

Clustered napkin sets have become somewhat of a signature look for my tables. Add richness as well as the use of color through layered fabrics.

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Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

Here the lime organza napkin is translucent enough to see the claret underneath, and the jewel-like crystal napkins are accentuated by the deep colors gathered in them.

(The same rings were used on my delicate French blue and white table for a completely different look, which shows how easy it is to reuse tablecloths in so many different ways.)

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

Modern Farmhouse Christmas Table

For the centerpiece, I wanted to display my cherub garden sculpture and surround it with holiday greenery. The greens are actually two large doors that I placed on the table runner.

On the sideboard I continued the theme of the wooden pineapple, which was both golden and natural, gathered in a bowl and interspersed with candles and bottle brush trees.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

For fun and interest, I have surrounded these beautiful birds and they look right at home in the winter vegetation.

How To Set A Holiday Table

As a sculptural addition and for another pop of green, I placed fake pears in the center of each stand. They work perfectly with napkins and add some height to the stack of dishes.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

To continue the theme of layered complexity, I chose not to use tablecloths and instead used white linen placemats and a stoneware runner.

I love a lush, full table and the vastness of a white tablecloth can sometimes get in the way of that look.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

Silver And Gold Christmas Tablescape

I’ve written about the origins of my candles before, but for those of you new here, I’ll repeat them.

I love shopping for candles on all my travels, and these are probably my favorite. They are from an antique market in Islington, London, but when I bought them I was told they were originally from Prague.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

I love the whimsical look the sculpture adds to the table, which keeps all the glitter from being too serious.

Gorgeous Christmas Table Setting Ideas For An Unforgettable Holiday

These brass and crystal candles were found on an unusual trip to visit my daughter at school in Indiana.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

The goal was to combine different elements to create a cohesive table that might be a little out of the ordinary. If some things don’t quite match, that’s part of the beauty.

After all, what I really want to focus on during the holidays is filling that empty nest again!

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

Absolutely Gorgeous Christmas Table Decor And Setting Ideas

To check them out, click on the articles below for direct links to the products. When the original items were no longer available, I offered similar options. If an item is out of stock but can be restocked, I leave it on the list.

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Have you visited the store? Click the images below to shop my favorites, my home, and my Amazon store. New articles are added every week. Happy shopping!! An Elizabeth Stuart table design is seen in a Charleston residence. When setting an elegant holiday table, consider using several small, low centerpieces instead of one large one, as seen on this table designed by a South Carolina interior designer. This helps ensure that your table decorations don’t block one guest’s view of another.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

Interior designer Elizabeth Stewart says setting a beautiful holiday table doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Sometimes a simple design with few plants and candles can be more beautiful than an elaborate display.

Luxurious Snowy White, Sparkling Crystal, & Evergreens Combine For A Perfect Holiday Tablescape!

“There are no rules,” says Stewart, “and you can plan a table that looks great from Thanksgiving through the December holidays.”

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

We asked Stuart and two other experts, HGTV’s Vern Yip and interior designer Kyle Schuneman, for tips on centerpieces, color palettes, and decorative touches to easily elevate the dining room table this holiday season.

Yip begins with an important premise: Holiday meals are about the people, not the floral arrangements. So make sure your guests can see each other, without bouquets or tall candles blocking their view.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

Planning A Party: Festive Table Setting Ideas For The Holidays

Stuart suggests several small containers (silver cups intended for mint juleps, for example, can be cheap or real silver) trimmed very short with a few roses, then pine or holly. Add a sprig.

“You spread them under the table and then you put tea lights in the middle,” she says, “and it’s wonderful.”

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

Also, says Yip, don’t put too many chairs around a table. It’s better to add another table than to crowd people. “The experience will be really unpleasant if you don’t give people enough elbow room to pick up drinks or their utensils,” he says.

Easy Holiday Table Decor

They recommend leaving at least 24 inches of space between chairs.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

Schuneman is a fan of natural wood chargers (flat pieces of wood placed under dinner plates) to add simple elegance to the holiday table. “With your plain white crockery, if you put a simple wooden charger under each plate and some fresh vegetables in the middle, you have a festive table that doesn’t cost much,” they say.

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“Shops and boutiques have beautiful things for the holiday table,” says Schoeneman, “but adding a sprig of rosemary to each napkin or a cascade of oranges and pineapples in the center elevates the whole table.”

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

Diy: How To Make A Festive Holiday Table Spread

Consider using live plants as centerpieces instead of cut flowers. Stewart likes small boxwood topiaries with small flowers or colorful herbs. Try arranging three rosemary topiaries on a silver tray, then group some holly or pine cuttings at the bottom, she says.

“Not only will they smell good,” she says, “but they’ll last about a month.”

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

Stuart says don’t worry about tradition. Her design company and retail store are located in South Carolina, which is warm year-round. So while she likes to use holly and pine in her Christmas decorations, she sometimes uses a bunch of palm trees from her yard.

Tips And Tricks For Creating A Festive Christmas Tablescape

It also uses shades of pink and plum, rather than limiting itself to reds and greens. Embrace what makes you happy, she says. Or go very neutral. All three designers say silver and white are the best choices.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

“I love adding a wintry glow. Whites with gold and silver give you a great backdrop,” says Schumann.

Silver and white can brighten dark winter nights, especially if they reflect candlelight. (Candles are key to creating a beautiful table, says Schonman: “Candlelight mixed with glass votives, tall candles, and pillars will make any table sparkle and feel special.)

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

Dollar Store Holiday Table Decor

Yip also encourages creative hubs: “Sometimes I’ll ask people to print out their favorite photo from the past year. It could be a cute photo from a vacation they had, or it could be a photo of themselves. It could be a photo. of the boy going back to school,” he says. “And I will frame these pictures and scatter them in the middle of the table.”

Another creative option: Ask each guest to bring their favorite book.

Pictures Of Holiday Table Decorations

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