Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor – Looking for a little inspiration when it comes to coffee table decor? You are in luck! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas to help you get started. From herbs and stems to trays and books, there are many ways to add personality and style to your coffee table. So take a look and get inspired!

I love using beautiful books! I seriously use books everywhere, including my coffee tables. Not only are they a great decoration, but they can also be used. What better thing to have on your coffee table than a beautiful picture book to inspire you and your guests? I also have a book about it that just screams.

Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

Books can be used to create height with smaller objects, or they can be stacked on their own. It also helps to use books of different sizes to create good interest. I usually try to find books that I love and that other people think too. Books with beautiful pictures and colors are always a plus.

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As always, I like to use some type of vegetable or stem in a coffee table setting. These greens or stems can be changed with the season if you wish. Greenery can be as simple or as complex as you like.

Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

Using a beautiful vase with greenery or stems can be a focal point in the middle of the table. On the simpler side of things, you can add a few green leaves or short stems to a small pot or tray.

It is important to mix materials in your table layout. This creates interest and texture. For example, I try to use contrasting materials than the coffee table to create my design.

Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

Coffee Table D├ęcor Ideas To Personalize Your Space, From The Experts

I have a black metal coffee table in my living room, so I use light colored wood, bowls and trays to create a nice contrast against the black metal. I also like to incorporate a variety of materials as well as woven baskets and ceramic bowls.

As I already mentioned, features of different heights are very important to create the look you want. This variation in height gives the arrangement some depth and adds much-needed interest to the center of your living area. Again, this can be done using some simple things, no need to be elaborate. I usually stick to one large focal point for something tall, then add several smaller objects of different sizes, shapes and heights.

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Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

The biggest key to decorating a coffee table is not to overdo it. This means keeping it simple and making sure it’s not cluttered. You really just need to start with one big object and add a few other things to complete it. The goal is to create a simple, well-designed arrangement as the focal point of your living area. Have fun with it and express your style by keeping things in line with the rest of your room. The flat surface of an end table is the main decorative property. But, reaching a final table is not always easy! What items should be on the end table? What will be useful in this area? And how do we make an attractive end table look? Most of us don’t think much about how each end table in our home works with the rest of the room, much less makes it look beautiful. However, I hope I can make decorating every end table in your home easy and functional, and oh, so awesome! Let’s set up a final table!

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Today on our decorating tips and tricks podcast we’re talking about end tables! How to choose them, what to use and how to decorate them! If you are thinking about side tables this is the episode for you!

Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

Check out the “PODCAST” link under my StoneGable heading to listen to any or all of the 55 episodes of DTT or learn how to listen on your smartphone!

Today I present a very simple and easy side table. How a table is shaped depends on how big the horizontal surface is, the amount of things that will go on the table and the end use of the table!

Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

Midcentury Modern Side Table Diy

If your table is large and not used to hold someone’s drinks, you can add larger items and spread them out a bit.

If your table is to be used for occasional drinking, there should be enough open space so that nothing falls over.

Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

Not every feature I share today can fit into every end table. Choose the ones that work for you and your room!

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Coffee Table Decor Ideas: My Fave Tips & Ideas!

I have two identical lamps on the end tables on either side of my sofa. However, my end tables are different in shape. The color and height are the same and I really like that they don’t match perfectly!

Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

Today I am sharing a nice medium sized table with two shelves. End tables with shelves are a great decoration hit! Sometimes they are decorated like this and sometimes they are less stylish when they are filled and used!

Let’s go back to matching games, I love the same lamps around the sofa. It brings out a bit of symmetry which I love! The two end tables are large enough to work with the height of my large bullet shaped lamp. The lantern is simply mobile. The throat of the lamp shows (which is good) but not (thankfully) the socket. I love the little chains that can be there and I want to show them off.

Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

A Guide To Buying Round End Tables

I like tall lamps because I have high ceilings, but a smaller one would work here too! It is good to be aware of the amount of space your lamp takes up on the table.

It is important to strike a balance between the size of the lamp and the size of the table! A lamp is the first consideration when styling an end table!

Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

For me, books not only bring a personal touch and color to the end table, but they also act as risers! Oh, I love book series! If you have room on your end table, consider adding two or three books to the mix. If you use them as a perch for another item, they really don’t need to take up space!

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To work with the coasters on the table I chose book decorations in a shade of blue! BTW… You know how I love Savannah, aka “The Motherhood”! Paula Dean’s

Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

The Lowcountry is decorated at its best! It’s one of my favorite decorating books! You can see the book here.

A desk is a great place to display art or photos! As you can see there is a silhouette of Beau the Wonder Dog on the end table! A small photograph or piece of art can add that warmth and charm to an end table. If the vase I chose for the flowers had been lighter, I would have placed Beau’s likeness next to the flowers in the books!

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Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

Home Decor 101: How To Decorate End Tables

I get a lot of emails asking why I don’t have family picture places around my house. The answer is quite simple. I don’t want them in my photos on my blog. I think my children (now my grandson Anderson and soon to be granddaughter Emma Kate) deserve a little privacy.

So instead of taking them down every time I take pictures, I keep them in my bedroom for fun. Now that I’m finally old enough to share that room I’m not sure what to do!

Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

If your end table is against a wall, a small mirror placed behind other objects on the table will look great! Even consider placing a small empty frame in front of a mirror or a large piece of art.

Chic & Glam Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Not every table in a room needs to have something organic like flowers. But maybe one or two is fine! Bobby picked these snapdragons from our garden today. So, of course, I use them. And I chose to put them in a handmade jug type vase that acts as a piece of art.

Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

Just a few tiny flowers in a small bottle add life and beauty to the side table. Other organic materials like sticks and twigs or even a very convincing fake plant will soften the table!

A nice bowl with willow balls or moss works well! Be creative and work with what you have. I even put flowering weeds in a small vase on an end table. Who knows?

Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas (2023 Guide)

Coasters and bowls might seem like an odd pairing, and they are! I have an adorable coaster in my living room and family room and a great place for them to find a home on the end tables!

I like to display a small bowl or a variety of pretty bowls on the end table, but I probably won’t have coasters and bowls on the same table.

Pictures Of Pretty End Table With Decor

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