Pink Table Decoration Ideas

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Few color combinations make me happier than light green and pastel pink. It just puts you in a happy mood. I’ve been looking for a pastel Easter tablecloth for weeks and finally found this light green seersucker gem! It comes in a few other colors, but I just had to buy the green one for this year’s Easter table setting. Of course, matching seersucker napkins were also a must.

Pink Table Decoration Ideas

Pink Table Decoration Ideas

Anyway, read on for details on this year’s pink and green Easter table settings. I’ll also be sharing a pink ranunculus centerpiece tutorial in the coming days!

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I love Easter, but I don’t have many Easter table decorations. I like to mix and match pastel colors and then add little festive touches (like these totally adorable bunny ear napkin rings!). To be clear, we don’t have a very large table, so cute bunny figurines and fresh grass centerpieces won’t fit without losing functionality.

Pink Table Decoration Ideas

That being said, here is everything I used to design this year’s pink and green Easter table setting –

If you still need some Easter table decoration inspiration, here are some of my favorite Easter table pictures from the past few years:

Pink Table Decoration Ideas

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Anyway, that’s all I got for today! As always, please let me know if you have any questions about this year’s Easter table plans or others. I love hearing from you and am happy to help. Thanks so much for reading! How to decorate the Easter table so that guests notice not only delicious food, but also unusual decorations? We have selected the most beautiful pink and white Easter table decoration ideas that will help you create a special atmosphere at the table on this bright holiday.

Easter table setting is a great joy for every hostess, and we show you how you can make your table special with a few well-chosen pieces. The shade of pink belongs to the pastel palette, which is delicate and often associated with spring. Fresh and beautiful mint, lavender, blue and green pastel colors are so soft and feminine that they naturally lend themselves to holiday decor.

Pink Table Decoration Ideas

It is not difficult to create an attractive and elegant Easter table without much effort. The combination of white and pink is an ideal base for a variety of compositions and a beautiful backdrop for bright spring flowers and herbs, handmade Easter decorations and centerpieces.

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Brunch Table Decorations: 15 Simple Setting Ideas

In recent years, the main trend of Easter decoration is naturalness, naivety and simplicity. The overall decor has a nostalgic touch, a certain vintage feel associated with shabby chic and Provencal decor. Pastel shades are widely used in these styles, so it is not surprising that they become the main colors of spring decoration.

Pink Table Decoration Ideas

One of the most memorable Easter moments is when the whole family gathers around the table. Festive table settings help to emphasize the importance of the holiday, fill it with positive energy and get even more pleasure from food. When it comes to Easter table settings, the good news is that nature offers plenty of materials to use – blooming tree branches, moss, blooming flowers, etc. You can combine these with homemade felt cards, napkin rings, small baskets or others. Decoration

The first warm rays of the spring sun, the first flowers – all processes occurring in nature indicate that the greatest holiday is approaching. Easter is a symbol of rebirth, new life and everyone is waiting for the celebration of hope, the victory of spring, sunshine and warmth and starts preparing for it, trying to decorate their home as much as possible to inspire their family and friends. Easter decoration ideas. There is no more joyful reason to decorate your home than the beginning of spring, when nature awakens to new life and presents us with warm sunlight, energy, softness and beautiful colors.

Pink Table Decoration Ideas

Valentine’s Day Table Decor Ideas

Designers offer interesting ideas for the Easter table every year. On the festive table we see pots painted with flowers, handmade cloth napkins, colorful glasses and fragrant hyacinths. As mentioned above, the trend is naturalness, so it is better to avoid elaborate and lavish decorations that will cost a lot of money and effort. Focus on combining different elements that create a festive atmosphere.

A white linen or cotton tablecloth is the perfect base for a festive Easter table setting. A pink table runner completes the theme. Create a centerpiece with porcelain figurines of white rabbits and pink eggs. Complete your Easter table decorations with small nests, small eggs and pink flowers.

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Pink Table Decoration Ideas

For each person, the number of plates should correspond to the number of dishes served. Place cutlery on both sides of the plate, don’t forget the salt and pepper shakers. Each plate comes with glasses and napkins. The light reflected in the crystal clear glass illuminates the room and makes the table even more festive.

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Place candles and fresh spring flowers on the table. The pink and white theme allows you to combine different shades of pink, as well as different patterns – dots and stripes look beautiful against a solid color background. The gold decoration makes the tablecloth more elegant and sophisticated. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your pink and white table top. The green looks fresh and complements the delicate pink color. Yellow is also suitable and gives a feeling of sunshine. Check out the stunning pink and white Easter table decoration ideas in photos and get inspired for the upcoming holiday! Easter will be completely different this year, there will be no big family gatherings, no Easter egg hunts with family and friends, and no mass at our church.

Pink Table Decoration Ideas

But even if it’s just the four of us, the table will be decorated and the Easter Bunny will still make an appearance. It’s important to me that things stay as normal as possible for girls. So here are some Easter table decoration ideas to inspire you and hopefully give you some inspiration for this year’s celebration.

I’ve always wanted to make a flower chandelier, why not?! 😆 This chandelier is a great addition to any spring tablescape. I got these beautiful fake flowers from Afloral so I started with cherry blossoms on top of my chandelier. I added some of my favorite peonies on top. I glued the peony until I was satisfied. It turned out really well, didn’t it?

Pink Table Decoration Ideas

Easter Ideas: Using Blush Pink In Your Easter Table Decor

As a centerpiece, I used this basket from Pier 1 with lots of artificial flowers. Two cute bunnies seem to come out of a basket.

I always like to have a dish or two on the table. These mini chocolate eggs are so delicious.

Pink Table Decoration Ideas

The girls loved the rabbit and bunny plates around the table. I’m planning an Easter egg hunt for Saturday and the Easter Bunny will visit on Sunday! I always make bunny footprints with flour for the girls and they get so excited about it. If you want to know how to do that, this post has a template. Check out this post Simple and Easy Easter Tablescapes for Years Past.

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Wedding Table Decor Ideas

I hope you have a great Easter with your loved ones. We are praying for the speedy recovery of all of us. Are you setting the table for Easter brunch? If you’re looking for beautiful Easter table decoration ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Check out my Easter tablescape below…

Pink Table Decoration Ideas

Easter is my favorite holiday to share table decorations with you! There are Easter recipes and Easter table decoration ideas in the archives, but this Easter table may be my favorite!

For Easter brunch, I love setting a beautiful table with fresh flowers, pastel shades, and lots of Easter bunnies!

Pink Table Decoration Ideas

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What I love about this Easter table setting is that it appeals to all ages. It’s whimsical for kids and adorable enough to enjoy for Easter brunch.

For a little fun (for kids and adults alike), add a treat to each place setting. It can be as simple as a chocolate bunny (I did this on a rustic chic Easter tablescape) or a mini bag of pastel jelly beans like I did this Easter!

Pink Table Decoration Ideas

You can have brightly colored plates and plain white salad plates. No problem! Mix it up and ‘glitz’ an item or two and add a pop of color or pattern to any Easter table!

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I like to put ceramic bunnies on the Easter table whenever I can. Spring flowers look charming when placed in vases.

Pink Table Decoration Ideas

Add pops of greenery (I use clippings from my own garden) to center under the ceramic bunnies.

Place decorative Easter eggs in the open holes between your bunnies and flowers. Add candles or a small votive and you have a beautiful Easter ornament!

Pink Table Decoration Ideas

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At Easter time

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