Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations – Any style of decorating can be good at Christmas, but there’s something more special about country Christmas decorations, don’t you think? Maybe it’s the contrast of rustic elements with the twinkling of Christmas lights…or the comfort of rustic decor like a split log or cedar trunk in a vintage vase.

Whether you’re rocking Christmas decorations for your living room or looking for cute table ideas for the perfect Christmas Eve dinner with your family, you’ll find plenty of creative decorating ideas below.

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

I’ve spent hours and hours (weeks and weeks) scouring Instagram to share beautiful spaces decorated for Christmas!!♥️ Some of the most talented interior designers and designers are featured in this roundup and I hope their beautiful work inspires new ones. Ideas and inspiration for you to create the coziest Christmas ever!!

Ideas For Setting The Perfect Christmas Table

So grab some hot cocoa and some Christmas pajamas so we can enjoy looking at these beautiful Christmas decorations and get inspired.

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

Note: All the decorators or designers here have Instagram accounts, which I’ve linked below the related photo. If you like what you see, feel free to follow me on Instagram. Some also have blogs, which I linked in the paragraph above the photos. A centerpiece for your Christmas table

If you’re looking for some new winter inspiration for your holiday table, we’ve taken inspiration from this Christmas centerpiece idea from Melissa at Humms & Homes – it’s the perfect mix of rustic, cozy and elegant.

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

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The wooden fireplace combined with wintergreen and bottlebrush trees gives a cozy and cozy cottage feel, while the antique brass chandeliers, ambient lighting and wall mirror bring an elegant feel to the space, together creating what I call a rustic and romantic Christmas. !

Isn’t it a beautiful and fun idea to place a winter wreath on each plate?!

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

I love how she hung the winter wreath in the dining room window and covered each area with wreaths, so fun! Do you have a great window in Garland?

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Aren’t the wreaths hanging on the window an expensive idea?! I love what Melissa did with this table and place setting to make it so cozy and inviting for Christmas dinner.

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Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

Here’s another swan-worthy candlelit Christmas dinner centerpiece idea from the genius authority, Rachel of OurDevineHome. Unlike many centers, this idea does not block the view of the dining table, so it is not only beautiful, but also practical. I can’t decide what I love more, the festive greenery with candles on the wooden box or the ornaments that fill the bowl to finish off the place?! Save a lot! Now that’s a win-win!

If you love the charms that come with country Christmas decorations (like I do), I know you’ll love the next few houses with their charming cottages that look like they’ve been decorated for Christmas.

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas You Can Keep Up All Season Long

All the beauty of Tracy’s cottage-like Christmas living room stopped me in my tracks. Tracy, of Hydrangea Farmhouse, dressed her living room mantel with an antique ironstone collection with treasures nestled in winter greenery. Genius, right?!

It’s a smart idea that you can try! (It’s a great way to save money and incorporate things you already own.) Do you have a collection that you could add some beautiful winter greenery to?!

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

And that chipped, distressed color coffee table with a nice cast iron bowl full of pinecones still amazes me! Some other ideas from Tracy are cute stockings hanging over the fireplace, pink bottle brush trees, and vintage style ornaments on the Christmas tree. What are your favorite lists?! Let me know in the comments section below!

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Tracy enhanced the beautiful vintage ironstone set on her mantel with a small tree, winter greenery and a beautiful wreath with rose ribbon.

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

Janet decorated her old salvaged cottage by tying a wreath on each door with red velvet ribbon. Vintage wooden drawers filled with old recipe cards add vintage charm that lasts year-round.

Janet hangs two wreaths on the doors of her old cabin. Isn’t this a beautiful Christmas look, especially with the red bow?

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

Homemade Coffee Table From Wedding Centerpieces!

Are you torn about how you want to decorate for Christmas (or any season for that matter)? On the one hand, they love that county Christmas feel, but on the other hand, they love a little charm! But mixing the two styles can be challenging.

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Check out this beautiful inspiration from interior designer Jenny of Blue Interior Designs! Grab a pen and paper because you want to take notes (or pin this on Pinterest).

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

Under the Christmas tree, she included warm and cozy fabrics like a knitted tree skirt – talk about cozy and comfortable. To add texture and a cottage feel, she used a wicker-covered basket as a coffee table and designed the weathered wooden trees you see here in front of her fireplace. She then placed ornate gold mirrors, metal trees and mercury glass ornaments on the mantel for a romantic touch. *** Fatigue*

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Other ideas we can borrow from Jenny: a wrapped gift basket, a glass cloche filled with ornaments, and a lush floral wreath hanging from the wheel.

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

When we talk about Rustic Glam, I often refer to it in my own style. And for the entry table Christmas decor, I subbed the table with reclaimed wood from the table for rustic elements. The lighted mercury glass and (fake) Christmas decorations give it a romantic air.

Even if your personal style is different from mine, you can still use this simple formula for a beautifully styled entryway table. Use a large, beautiful flower arrangement on one side and a chandelier on the other. Then add a small decorative detail in the middle. For example, you can add a small vintage Santa Claus statue.

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

Gorgeous Christmas Home Decor And Inspiration From Bloggers

An arrangement of red and white roses with artificial hydrangeas mixed with winter greenery creates a romantic and fun atmosphere. Brass “knuckle”.

Vintage gilt glass and mercury glass candles add romance while chandeliers add a rustic touch.

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

Tip: For a Christmas look, arrange white and/or red roses with real or faux cedar trunks.♥️

Of The Best Flocked Christmas Trees

Christmas has come to mean many things to different people over time, but to me the heart of Christmas is Immanuel. A wonderful way to celebrate Emmanuel is with a beautiful “God with us” nativity scene. However, sometimes it can be hard to find a cute nativity scene, but I absolutely love this nativity scene and the perfect style at Tammy’s house from Denmark Cottage.

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

I love the beautiful patty in this birthday scene! It was made in the last twenty years, but with that patina, at first I thought it was a real antique! Do you have a favorite nativity scene?

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This dreamy nativity scene is decorated on top of a vintage sewing machine, isn’t that a unique idea?!

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

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Where do we begin with the beautiful scene? Before Stephanie returns, Grace goes a step further by decorating her country’s Christmas tree. The woven basket tree necklace looks like a wine basket you’d find in an old mall, don’t you think? It really evokes that cozy, vintage charm.

Oversized white snowflakes and metallic glass ornaments add a dose of beauty! And red fruit crops with red and white decorations give a festive feeling. All in all, these elements create the perfect mix for a rustic yet beautiful Christmas tree.

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

Heather, a talented stylist at TheMorningHouse, created a stunning Christmas display above and around her mantel. Mounted stag taxidermy gives it a rustic, yet cool feel, and multi-piece layers give it a time-honored feel. If you can make the room’s decor feel like it’s been put together over time, you’ll have a truly inviting and comforting space.

Tuesday Turn About #179 Christmas Goodies

Zoom in, and you’ll see lots of beautiful pieces. Notice the white painted stool holding the wine glasses, the table legs repurposed as candle holders, or the rustic covered basket? Character packed into every square inch!

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

But even if your collection is very small, you can create the same feeling by including some of the same elements: pieces of wood, candlesticks, wooden beads, winter greenery and most of all, cozy blankets.

The more you look at this photo, the more details you’ll love! From the brass bells to the ambient lighting to the cozy blankets and the cottage-style wicker basket, I love every detail. What is your favorite list?

Pinterest Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

My Top Tips For Decorating Your Christmas Living Room

I know sometimes when you see these beautifully styled places

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