Pinterest Easy Table Decor

Pinterest Easy Table Decor – Easy Fall Table Decoration Ideas with Lots of Texture, Subtle Fall Colors, and a DIY Rustic Fall Centerpiece

I’m so excited to share a sneak peek of my “new” dining room today with a new dining room table for me that’s decorated for fall.

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

This room, which used to be our living room, has been under construction since February, but it’s finally good enough to present. There are a few more projects to complete but it’s almost done.

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However, today is all about setting the autumn table, so the perfect room looks and all the fun details will have to wait until another day.

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

This is an antique farmhouse table that has tons of character and is the perfect size for our small space.

My last 2 dining tables were small and round, only seating 4, so this was a fun change.

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

Viv & Tim

I actually shared a simple fall table using blue and white a few years ago and had so much fun that I wanted to do it in our new space with our new table.

I liked both but the table runner gave us a little more room for our place settings so I went with that one.

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

In place of a table runner, I created my own simple fall centerpiece with my DIY pumpkin trees, potka pods, mini pumpkins and a glass vase with bunny tails.

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Roger and I are not formal and my table settings reflect that, with what we already have in the kitchen.

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

Four linen napkins in burnt orange were placed casually on the plates and a small dry loco topped the place setting.

Adding simple, informal and rustic decor to our dining table gave the whole room a festive feel.

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

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Next is a little tour of the rest of the cottage decorated for fall, including the new living room space. Man! Want to make your table extra special this holiday? Check out these 5 simple, beautiful, and budget-friendly Christmas table decoration DIY ideas!

Christmas is right around the corner and if you’re like me, there are tons of fun things you still want to try and get fit! We are busy in the days leading up to Christmas with family day trips, Christmas treats, hosting family and friends, last minute gift wrapping, and last minute shopping!

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Pinterest Easy Table Decor

Big DIY projects aren’t in the cards for the Christmas break! Goodness knows, simplicity is my understanding in a busy season! If you are planning your Christmas table and looking for some quick and simple things you can do to make this year unique and special, this blog post can help! I’m excited to share some really easy and simple DIY things you can make for Christmas table decoration ideas this year!

Best Diy Christmas Table Decoration Ideas For 2022

I’ve been playing around my house using a few different things, budget-friendly or thrifty, and easy little crafts. I’ll share them here and hope it helps with your Christmas table decoration ideas and planning too!

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

If you have kids who are a little older, this is a fun way to get them involved as well. After all, aren’t most of us moms looking for something to keep the kids busy during the Christmas break?!

So, let’s begin! I’ll keep it short and simple because you probably don’t have time to read a long post at this point in the season! Am I right?!?! More time to create, more time to enjoy, and maybe even a minute to put your feet up and enjoy the magic of the season!

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

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If you follow along with our family, you know that music is a big part of our lives! In fact, we added a cello player and a French horn player to the mix this year. There is always an interesting combination of music and sometimes sounds. Hahaha! However, there is something more memorable about music at Christmas time!

Thrift stores and flea markets are perfect places to find vintage music for your Christmas table decoration ideas. I found a great music book that was actually dropping at a flea market for only $2. I chose a few pages and they make the perfect space!

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

It’s also a great option if you’re entertaining a large group. You can get a lot of music out of a book without spending a lot of money! Who doesn’t want a cute, unique, budget-friendly option for the season?! Vintage music is perfect for Christmas table decoration ideas and many other DIY ideas.

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Using old sheet music is also a great time saver for dinner after Christmas! Do not wash or iron the plasma. You can easily toss in any dusty place and have more thick sheet music!

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Pinterest Easy Table Decor

Sheet music can also make a beautiful and unique table runner! For best results, overlap the sheet music, moving it slightly in different directions between the tables.

For a dramatic look, you can even stack the pieces together and let them cover the end of the table!

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

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There are so many ways you can make a decorative place card holder and it’s a great way to bring in some sort of Christmas theme! I took the simplest and easiest route, carrying a shatterproof jewelry box.

I love these neutral colors because guests can take them home for a small party favor and the neutral colors can go with anyone’s Christmas theme!

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

You can find inexpensive jewelry at any craft store or big box store. If you look around you can probably find it cheaper!

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I am lucky to have a daughter who has spent a lot of time practicing her calligraphy skills! It was a fun way to engage him (and save yourself some time too!).

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

This calligraphy book is where he started learning! This would make a great gift for the creative person on your list!

I had Patton write everyone’s names on ornaments and then put them on each place setting. To add an extra little layer, I took a small sprig of evergreen to place under each ornament.

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

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I picked up some branches at the Christmas tree stand for free! They are usually happy to help you clean up by picking up twigs from the ground. (And that’s another way to help kids!)

I love using a variety of napkin rings, no matter the season. They’re a perfect (and easy!) way to make tablescapes look different from each other, even using the same dishes and napkins!

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

I am often asked where I store all my tablescape items and my answer is simple: I don’t have as much “extra” stuff as you might think! I just meet and meet a lot!

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I have a lot of napkin rings, but they are small and don’t take up a lot of space!

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

For this tablescape, I wanted to create a more eclectic look. I pulled some ornaments from my family tree and used them for napkin rings! Another free decorating idea that still looks beautiful and ties in with my decor!

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Although I mixed and matched jewelry, I only kept white jewelry. This gives the table an overall consistent look, with each place setting having its own unique look!

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

I added a small piece of cotton to each ornament and tied it around my handkerchief! Easy breeze and didn’t spend a dime! A simple ribbon or thread would be beautiful too!

It would also be really fun for a party! You can visit the jewelry aisle and choose jewelry for each special guest! It would add a fun party favor as well as a thoughtful touch to any place setting!

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

You can even make it a game to have guests guess your set based on the ornaments you choose!

Again, so many possibilities just by using inexpensive jewelry! (And keep an eye out for clearance sales after Christmas, too!)

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

While trying to think of simple DIY Christmas table decorations…and especially free decorations…I can’t ignore all the pinecones falling around our house! The kids helped me collect some pinecones and we made little rustic bouquets for each place setting!

I added a cinnamon stick and a sprig of evergreen to each bouquet. It scented the entire dining room and gave off very cozy Christmas vibes! Using a simple piece of cotton, the kids helped me assemble pinecones, cinnamon sticks and evergreen boughs.

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

If you want to add some color, you can use a ribbon that matches your theme! I love this velvet ribbon that comes in different colors!

My only cost for these fragrant bouquets was a cinnamon stick I got from my grocery store. If you’re not making them soon, you can order them here for fast delivery!

Pinterest Easy Table Decor

They are a bit more expensive, but I love the variety of sizes and the packaged look! There are lots of them too, so you can make all kinds of crafts or throw them in your centerpiece to tie them together!

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Pinterest Easy Table Decor

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