Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations – Maureen and Adria never cease to amaze me! I was blown away by this cute party. So many incredible details! You two are so talented!

Here’s what Maureen had to say about party planning: “I’m so excited to share my son’s recent Little Chef Pizza birthday party! I transformed our breakfast room and family room into a modern Italian pizzeria where the kids can be Little chefs and make your own pizza. This party is filled with DIY crafts with dramatic decorations that will make a big impact. Pizza themed games and activities are perfect to keep the kids busy while baking pizza!

Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

Pearson begs for pizza parties all year long. Growing up, I always loved my friends throwing pizza parties, but they were never visually appealing. I knew I could put on a fresh take on a favorite classic pizza party theme. Once we decided on a pizza theme, I knew I had to create something that looked like Piersons Pizzeria (in your truest Italian chef accent). From the classic red and white plaid decor to the pizza chef’s mustache (perfect for the mustache trend), this party has everything a pizza party needs. The dessert station also has sweets and desserts that look like pizza toppings, as well as Italian antipasti. Read on to learn the details.

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Kids dress up like real pizza chefs to enter Piersons Pizzeria and follow the directions to get into pizza making mode! Each child received a custom t-shirt from Great Stitch featuring our range of rolling pin graphics on the front and back. Each child received a custom chef’s hat and apron from Sookie Designs, which are adorable! Boys are white with straight pockets and girls are white with ruffles and cute curved pockets.

Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

My breakfast room became a pizzeria. With a lot of space, I need lots of fantastic DIY ideas and areas to decorate that can make a big difference to the look of the room. Here are some DIY ideas for key areas and decor.

I knew I wanted to make my own dramatic and whimsical chandelier to hang over the pizza making table in the main breakfast room. It’s easy and cheap and looks professional!

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Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

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I hot glued wooden bowls around wooden embroidery hoops from the Sucre store. I then tied them to the tires with fishing line. The chandelier in the middle has 3 tiers and the chandelier on the other side has 2 tiers. I hung them from the ceiling with fishing line and wrapped them around a recessed light box in the ceiling.

My mom sewed classic gingham cafe curtains in red and white and we hung them on every window using small tension rods in the kitchen area and family room. I sewed a cover for the back of the folding chair. Folding chairs are ugly, but at least they coordinate when you add these simple slip covers.

Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

I made a paper chef hat out of construction paper and white paper towels. I punched a small hole on each side, threaded fishing line through the hat, and taped it to hang from the ceiling. We share how to easily make these paper chef hats in our weekly draft. These are cheap, lightweight (great for snacking), and impress at dessert tables, chef games, and mustaches pinned to the dinner table.

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We wanted to add a splash of color to the room, so we made the simplest gingham knot bunting. We cut the remaining red and white gingham into strips and knotted them every 5 inches with natural twine. We hung it on the wall throughout the room to complement the color of the ceiling.

Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

Adria made the pizzas we displayed on the cake stand in the middle of the table. The cake stand sits on a wooden cutting board and looks just like the classic pizza crust you’d see in a pizzeria! Great for decoration!

I wanted the dessert table to be the focal point and make you feel like you are in the kitchen of a pizzeria. Look closely and you’ll see guests being tricked by candies that look like real pizza toppings! To match the wood color of the whole party, I displayed the desserts on wooden IKEA kitchen trolleys.

Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

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Cakes are displayed on a metal cake stand (feels like a pizza stand!) by Mandi of Got What It Cakes. She tied on the party gingham and took a framed print from the front of the cake that said her age was 5 years old.

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Metal containers are placed on either side of the cake and tied together in wood, metal, red and green. I also showed the Parmesan container, but instead of the real thing, I put white apple candy in it! Adorable Chef Hat Cake Pops (from Pop-A-Razzi) are skewered in Parmesan containers (perfect for serving them!).

Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

I use glass and metal spice containers to display the red hot candies on the dessert table. It’s labeled red pepper flakes.

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My favorite counterfeit treat is the DIY Candy Italian Caprese. I made this with marshmallows (big marshmallows I cut with a sharp knife) and topped with green sour cream (I cut them with kitchen shears to look like basil leaves). I topped it with a toothpick and a printable party flag from our store’s pizza printables collection.

Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

We show off the incredible pizza cookies (from Firefly Confections) and the pizza chef cookies she makes that look like our graphics. These were served on what looked like a lasagna white plate and we added red sprinkles on the bottom to help the cookies.

Adorable checkered Chocolate Covered Oreos (Kim’s Candy) are perfect for display from the drawer of a wooden kitchen cart. We also display the adorable Chocolate Chef Mustache Lollipop (Nicholas Treats) in the drawer.

Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

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The shelves of a wooden kitchen cart are filled with glass jars with candy pizza toppings and custom labels. All candies are from Green olives are actually green M&Ms, fresh mozzarella is actually white gum, pepperoni is actually licorice wheels, mushrooms are candy mushrooms, sauce is brown sugar, green pepper rings are actually cold apple rings!

In addition, we designed printable pizza box labels that we custom made and affixed to blank white pizza boxes at our local restaurant store! The kids packed cookies in pizza boxes and took them home. The perfect pizza takeout box, if you ask me!

Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

Planning a pizza party is easy, but adding games and activities outside of the pizza-making part can be difficult. I work hard to come up with popular games and activities that are fun, relevant, and affordable. Below is a list of games and activities to help make the party a success!

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Kids’ dinnerware includes Aluminum Pizza Pans from Dollar Tree and Pizza Sets for Every Kid! The children’s names are placed in their place setting and a printable label is attached to the wooden rolling pin. Every kid’s pizza maker kit is filled with everything you need to make your own pizza.

Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

Pizza Kit Kraft Market Tray from Nashville Wraps Personalize with printable labels from our Pizza Printables collection, including:

1) We decorated our pizza dough bags with Anders Rough Custom Printable Dough Labels (cotton bags from Nashville Wraps). (We used Opaque Iron On on transfer paper that can be printed on cotton bags). We filled it with Trader Joes yum pizza dough!

Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

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2) Contains pizza chef mustaches to make kids really look like pizza chefs. We decorate bags with our printable Pizza Chef Mustache Bag Topper.

3) Clear containers (Nashville Wraps) filled with personalized Anders Rough printable party tags with mozzarella, tomato sauce and pepperoni.

Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

4) A red pizza knife is also included in the kit. (This party is for 5 year olds so we make sure they have adult supervision!)

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Tableware also includes glass drink bottles (Shop Sweet Lulu) decorated with printable drink wrappers and red polka dot paper straws (Hey Yo Yo). They even have a small stack of Italian salads with a printable sign on them. (Yes, they actually ate salads!)

Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

If you’re a fan of Corn Hole, this game is perfect for throwing a pizza party. I designed a 20×30 printable pizza hole game to make the kids go crazy, adapting it to a pizza theme! I sewed round bean bags (red and green, like many pizza toppings) for the kids to throw through the pepperoni holes in the pizza.

Building this game is easy. I printed the Anders Rough 20 × 30 Pizza Hole Game Poster Printable and installed it

Pinterest Elegant 90th Birthday Table Decorations

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