Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor – Coffee table style is one of my favorite topics for the home. Whether I’m planning an upcoming change of season or just have a sudden urge to get creative, this is an easy space to refresh right away. Not to mention that a well-designed coffee table can pay big dividends in cohesive and welcoming your space with very little effort – something we can all agree on!

Whether you’re working with a square glass table like me, a decorative chest, an oval table top, or a circular piece, there are endless ways to style a coffee table centerpiece. Coming up with all the ways to style a coffee table would be next to impossible, so I’m sharing a decorating formula you can try right away at home.

Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

Follow 7 steps to give your coffee table a style that’s both eye-catching and functional. If you find you need to fill a gap while working on the DIY steps below, I’m including at the bottom of the post a list of my favorite coffee table decors under $100 (books, trays, objects , etc.).

My Coffee Table Update + 5 Coffee Table Styling Essentials — Simply Sheena Marie

Choosing a layout for your coffee table decor is the first thing to do. This will help make the table visually interesting, balanced and organized.

Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

For square and rectangular coffee tables, I recommend treating the table as a 3-6 section grid. If it is an oval or round coffee table, you will have three decorations arranged in a triangle.

Once you have your grid in mind, choose a color scheme. You’ll want to keep the coffee table pieces in tune with the color scheme of the room. A burst of color can look gorgeous, but add similar hues elsewhere in your groupings to make it flow with other objects.

Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

Tips For A Perfect Coffee Table Styling

Choose a large piece or two that will stand out. It can be a vase, a jar, a large tray or a sculptural object. You will shape the rest of the coffee table decor around this piece.

The two most important focal points I recommend are large trays and vases. If you choose a vase or pot as your focal point, you have the benefit of regularly filling it with fresh greenery, faux succulents, or fresh flowers (hydrangeas are my favorite). This is my favorite option because it brings a flower arrangement to life!

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Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

Remember that you can have both a beautiful vase and a tray on your table, but only one should be large and eye-catching – it’s the standout piece around which the rest of the table decor is built.

Glass Coffee Tables That Bring Transparency To Your Living Room

Coffee table books are essential because they can be stacked, come in a variety of sizes and heights, and look stylish from every angle. They’re also great conversation starters, fun to use on rainy days, and an easy landing site for remotes, coasters, candle holders, and other decorative items.

Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

A stack of books should be one of your table groupings (for square and rectangular tables) or your triangle grouping (for oval and round tables). Adding books is especially important if you have a round or oval table. This will save you from repeating the round shape, which could detract from the overall aesthetic.

It’s always a good idea to have different heights to add visual interest. That doesn’t mean a flower arrangement in a big, breakable vase that you can barely see. Things like candles, stacked boxes, bowls, and medium-sized sculptural objects are easy ways to play with height.

Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

How To Decorate A Coffee Table: 7 Tips That Work For Every Shape

Decorative boxes are some of my favorite ways to add level, as a good rule of thumb when adding level to the living room or mantel (remotes, coasters, deck of cards, etc.) .) is to make sure you can see someone on the other side of the room while seated.

Incorporating smaller decorative objects of the right size that fill in the gaps will help make the installation look aesthetically pleasing. When choosing accessories, be sure to consider the theme of the table in general. A random unconnected object can watch. For example, I wouldn’t use anything silver because my glass top composition is mostly gold and muted neutrals. Whether your style is bohemian, glamorous, luxury or beachy, keep that vibe.

Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

There’s no black and white formula, so play until your favorite plays are right for you. Some ideas for what to layer include coasters, small plates, heirlooms, and unique items (antique magnifying glass, wooden boxes, bell, gold globes). I

Contemporary Coffee Table

INCLUDES CANDLE, FIRE EXTINGUISHER & BOX OF MATCHES: Lighting a candle will warm up your living room in two seconds.

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Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

Many coffee tables have a transparent undercoating that provides another styling opportunity. This is not a place to throw random items! Pick two big, important things that work well on their own. Large baskets, large wooden bowls, and large boxes are some good places to start.

Finally, step back and go for a walk. If you have an open floor plan, step into the kitchen, dining room, entryway, or whatever is connected to make sure you feel good from every angle. No matter where you are, switch things up until you feel balanced.

Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

Spring Refresh With Decorative Serving Trays

Home decor, decorating ideas and mood board inspiration for our home and I realized that what all beautiful family rooms have in common is that their coffee tables are simple, carefully chosen and layered.

In my search for coffee table design ideas, I always ask myself “Where did they get that?” I find that to be asking, and to be honest, it can take hours to find a unique piece of jewelry, a natural object and/or a book that you absolutely love.

Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

To help you get started, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite coffee table books, focal points (vases, trays, and bowls), candles, and decorative items from Amazon, Etsy, and other accessible outlets. . All parts are under $100 – hope these get you started on your coffee table shaping journey!

Best Coffee Table Decorating Ideas And Designs For 2022

Glass table (similar here, rectangular here), small vase, wooden bowl, large glass vase (household item), 26 Sandalwood candles, small candle tray, golden candle snuffer, brass pocket lighter, blanket basket woven (similar here)

Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

After reading this, if you have any questions on how to decorate the coffee table, don’t forget to leave a comment or send a DM to Instagram! I’m always happy to help.

Inspiration to create with women’s style, beauty, travel and lifestyle content. Subscribe to any or all of Natalie’s newsletters to follow. You probably know that home accessories are one of the most important parts of any interior, especially when it comes to living room decor – because that’s where we spend most of our free time.

Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

Best Coffee Table Ideas And Designs For 2021

I admit – I love hanging out in my living room. It’s my place to host friends over good wine and music, hang out with family, lay down on the weekends (and hopefully do nothing) or just watch the television… and it’s busy. I always “play” with the design of the coffee table just for a change – change the accessories, the plants, change the colors a bit, add a Bazaar Velvet rug underneath to make it stand out more – you’ll be surprised how much it is different can make the room look different.

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Did you know that the two main pieces of furniture that attract the most attention when you enter a living room are the coffee table and the sofa? The coffee table often becomes the center of the whole room due to its central location (especially in small spaces), so it is very important to invest time and effort and decorate it. The home accessories you put on your coffee table can really make the difference between a pale, plain desk and one that’s “straight out of a magazine.”

Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

So if your coffee table has been overrun with newspapers, coffee mugs, or remote controls (does it look familiar?), it’s time to spruce it up! With these awesome living room coffee table decoration ideas, styling hacks and DIY ideas I’ve put together for you, you’ll find that styling your living room coffee table is really easy! After you’ve crafted your coffee table, you need to make sure your coffee-making skills are just as great! Full Moon Cafe has lots of tips to make your cafe game as appealing as your living room!

Coffee Table Decor Ideas To Inspire You

Tip #3: Place a tray to group all the accessories – it’s a great design element.

Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

Tip 2: limit the color palette of the table and accessories to black and white, gray and wood

Tip #3: Add a touch of nature to the table with flowers, succulents or any other green plant – it adds so much life to the room!

Pinterest Glass Coffee Table Decor

Tip #4: A few good stacks of books

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