Pinterest Hallway Table Decor

Pinterest Hallway Table Decor – Make a great impression with this beautifully stylish entryway table. Here, 6 designers from the South share their styling tips and show you where to show their work.

Designing a beautiful entryway requires consideration of both function and appearance. As the gateway to your home and an introduction to the meaning of design, the entryway is an opportunity to show off your decorating skills. It’s your chance to store your keys in style and in the checked mail without the fuss. The first step in designing the entrance is to choose the right table and decorate it correctly. Regardless of the size or scale of your space, follow these entryway decorating tips from southern designers to design a space that will wow guests as they welcome them into your home. Whether you’re dealing with a grand entryway or a narrow hallway, you can still make a great impression.

Pinterest Hallway Table Decor

Pinterest Hallway Table Decor

Meet the Experts: Ashley Moore is the founder and principal designer of Texas-based Moore House Interiors. Serving clients in Greater Houston and the Texas Hill Country, Moore House Interiors is the authority on making beautiful design affordable.

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Proportion and size are key elements in interior design. Choosing the right furniture requires paying attention to the size and scale of your existing decorations. Ashley recommends open and airy furniture pieces rather than large tables – especially if you’re designing a smaller space. Once the table is selected, start adding accessories. Place a decorative piece on the console, such as a mirror, a piece of art, or a collection of family photos. Add height and dimension by placing a green candle or vase on the table. Use coffee table books, greenery, framed pictures, interesting pieces of decor, pottery or baskets and add textures, colors, materials, sizes and shapes. With designer-approved tips, you can style a beautiful entryway table.

Pinterest Hallway Table Decor

Ashley Moore of Moore House Interiors suggests raised baskets above desk shelves to hide seasonal items like mittens, scarves, and mittens, or even to store extra blankets, pillows, and textiles. Photo: Grace Laird

Meet the Experts: Maureen Stevens splits her time between New Orleans and Austin, Texas, two southern cities full of different styles and personalities. As an interior stylist and designer, Maureen focuses on projects with equal emphasis on functionality and good design choices.

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Pinterest Hallway Table Decor

Best Entry Table Ideas (decorations And Designs) For 2022

It’s important to add personality to any piece of writing. If your design style is unconventional, Maureen suggests choosing unexpected elements to create a bold design that reflects your personality. In the space shown below, a simple nesting table has trays for keys and keys and a playful palm lamp for extra lighting. Mirrors show you the painted murals on the opposite wall that reflect the main colors of the house, and lamps illuminate the long hallway.

Meet the Experts: Cara Cox is a North Carolina-based interior designer who approaches interiors with a fresh, tailored and timeless style, and is inspired by travel, art galleries and museums. Kara Cox Interiors was founded in 2010.

Pinterest Hallway Table Decor

Entryways may not have the layers of texture and materials often found in other rooms in the home. Without drapery and upholstery to soften the design, vintage rugs are a smart choice to add color and style and soften an entryway. “There’s nothing better than coming home to something warm and inviting like a beautiful, vintage rug,” says Cara.

Welcome Entryway Inspiration

An entryway table can serve as extra storage and a modern surface to display lamps, photos and fun decor, but designer Cara Cox reminds you to freshen it up with vintage rugs. Photo: Michael Blevins Photography

Pinterest Hallway Table Decor

Know the Experts: Jessica Stambaugh’s work is featured in homes across the country, including Tennessee, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and North Carolina, but her full-service design firm is based in Nashville. Jessica takes a personal design approach and she shows that she is beautiful, comfortable and attractive in her edited space.

Instead of a large center console, Jessica chose a small antique entryway table for the side wall of this foyer. According to him, thick wallpaper as a background makes a perfect place for mid-century lamps and colorful artworks that reflect the client’s taste. The size of the table makes the hall feel cramped and too busy.

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Pinterest Hallway Table Decor

How To Style Your Entryway Table

Small tables also have useful advantages. “It’s impossible to collect letters and documents in everyday life,” said Jessica.

While your dream entryway might include a grand staircase and high ceilings with eye-catching chandeliers, the truth is that entryways come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to design the space you have, not just your entryway. A dream. Photo: Gieves Anderson Photography

Pinterest Hallway Table Decor

Incorporate colors and patterns in your entryway and transition into the rest of your home design. Photo: Gieves Anderson Photography

Meet the experts: Abbey Fenimore, founder and chief designer of Studio Ten 25, has established herself as an interior designer who embraces bold colors and patterns. The Dallas interior designer has created a brand of playful and vibrant interior design that reflects her clients’ personalities.

Pinterest Hallway Table Decor

According to Ebbe, making a good impression shouldn’t be difficult. Focus on symmetry to achieve a smart design. Abbe suggests keeping a console table or entryway classic and adding a large mirror and matching table lamp to add a little color while creating a consistent look throughout your home. In a narrow space, an acrylic table and a large wall mirror can open up the room and give the illusion of a large entrance. She says, “Many of my clients’ homes don’t have an actual entryway, so we like to get creative and carve out a space to throw keys, mail, and other small items.”

Smart design choices can make your space feel larger and larger. Here, an acrylic table and a large mirror become a small entrance. Photo: Heather Hawkins

Pinterest Hallway Table Decor

Discover the benefits: Designer Cheno James called Columbus, GA home when he opened his interior design business. The designer currently resides in Louisville, KY, where she designs timeless, polished, layered spaces that preserve the past while remaining contemporary and fresh.

Whether it’s an antique or a funky modern piece, an important piece of furniture should be the foundation of your entryway design. For this space, Chenault chose an antique chest as a focal point and added a lamp for symmetry and small ornaments to create different layers. “Mix with objects at different heights and add special details like special lights,” he says. Designers also recommend using mirrors when furniture pieces are in front of glass doors to reflect natural light.

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Pinterest Hallway Table Decor

This entryway combines timeless and modern elements. Antique digital designer Cheno James chose “significant furniture” as the focal point of the design. Photo: Thomas Hart Shelby

Small details go a long way. Here, a custom lamp is a unique design detail. Photo: Thomas Hart Shelby

Pinterest Hallway Table Decor

These tips are all you need to style your entryway table and make a great first impression. Need more tips? Contact these designers for more guidance and advice before tackling your new entryway design challenge.

Alex is a Southern writer known for traveling the world on the hunt and hunger for delicious stories. Her passions and interests are food, travel, interior design and inspiration, and her dream is to eat dozens of oysters a day. First impressions never get second chances, so make it count. The same may apply to your home. When you first enter the house, the tone is set, the atmosphere is decided. Is it time to improve the front of your home? We’ve gathered some inspiration to get you started on getting that ‘wow’ element you’ve been creating.

Pinterest Hallway Table Decor

The key to starting our entryway inspiration is a narrow, well-finished table. The consistent texture and color create a great focal point. Comfort elements such as special blankets and pillows create a welcoming atmosphere.

For example. See how they combine neutral colors with wicker baskets and clean wood materials. Textures and data layers focus on this area for a dynamic look. We are in love!

Pinterest Hallway Table Decor

While an open floor plan is great, it can feel too formal. The best and easiest thing to do: save. he is. Simple. Add seating in one place and a table in another. It is important not to “overdo” as much as possible and to add furniture and accessories.

Proper lighting in the great hall is important for the overall comfort of the space. Because they can have large, unreachable windows, automatic window treatments can be life-changing. They allow you to fully control the light with the push of a button or a voice command with Alexa.

Pinterest Hallway Table Decor

The entrance to your house is right

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