Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations – Wedding decorations play an important role in the look of your day and are one of the most important things to consider when you start thinking about wedding decoration ideas. Your guests will likely spend a lot of time at your reception sitting at the tables, eating, and listening to the speeches, and it’s the table decorations that they’ll focus on the most.

As you would expect, in the center of the table, your centerpieces really draw the eye. The good news is that wedding jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, so no matter what your wedding style is, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you. Plus, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve if you decide to give DIY weddings a try.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

To include flowers. You can get creative with everything from lamps and candles to old books and rustic boxes. You can save money in your budget by using things you already have at home.

Purple Wedding Ideas

To inspire you, here are 50 amazing wedding ideas for fabulous and unusual reception tables – and the best part is that you can make or put together each of them yourself.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

It’s up to you how you style your tables – or if you want to style them at all! – However, the following decor elements must be taken into account:

You can definitely make your own wedding decorations – in fact, if you’re crafty, it can even be a fun part of the wedding process! After choosing a design, we recommend practicing beforehand, so matching them becomes second nature; This is especially true if you have several tables to decorate. While there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious, stick to simple basics if you’re new to the creative process – there’s no need to add to the wedding stress, and there are some great, easy-to-use ideas out there.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

Purple Wedding Decorations

Absolutely not! Mismatched wedding jewelry can look very elegant, whether you’re mixing colors or heights. It’s a good idea to include a small common element in each centerpiece, if possible, to give the mismatched look a little pop and tie everything together. This can be as simple as having the same candles on each centerpiece or using the same vases but different flowers.

It depends on the look you want to achieve. We love wood shavings, moss and burlap for rustic wedding decorations. Want a glamorous effect? Metal trays and mirrors work well, or you can incorporate a glitter runner into your tablescape and place centerpieces on it. Think about the types of fabrics or materials that relate to the look of the table you choose and figure out how they can be under center.

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Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

If you want to create your own DIY ornaments using flowers and/or plants and leaves, think about when you can put them together – and how much your family and friends can help you! Fresh flowers should be purchased as close to the wedding as possible and arranged the night before the wedding or the morning of the wedding. You can buy flowers at markets or farms, but we’ve heard of couples (and their parents) growing flowers in their garden or balcony to save money and make things feel more personal. To avoid the dreaded fall, you can rent or buy silk or dried wedding flowers, which you can have well in advance of the wedding instead of fresh flowers. To keep costs down, choose strong pots, as this way you will need fewer flowers.

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This is such a simple but effective DIY main win. In preparation for the wedding, collect the bottles, soak the labels and paint them with gold paint – it will take several coats to achieve the same effect. You are left with beautiful vases that you can fill with flowers and leaves and group in the center of each table.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

Fill wicker baskets with flowers or, if you have inexpensive ones, attach flowers and foliage to the edges with florist’s wire – fake or dried flowers work well here, as these flowers are not in water and will tend to rot. take a bow As with all wedding decorations, think carefully about whether you really want to purchase all the baskets – can you rent or borrow them to make your day more sustainable?

Boxes are a chic alternative to rustic vases for your wedding decor and can do double duty as table name or number holders.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces To Inspire Your Design

Orchids are used to create spectacular flower arrangements. But their value quickly adds up, and the truth is that orchids look great as part of a minimalist aesthetic – for a less expensive but perfectly elegant wedding decoration, use potted orchids that the wedding party can take home. End of the night if you just want to keep them!

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Be bold with your flowers and choose colored glass – the brighter the color, the less arrangement you need to impress.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

Fill metal mini pails with large, inexpensive flowers such as chrysanthemums, daisies or wax flowers as baby smell (not just white).

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Potted plants create a wonderfully fresh, natural look – and your guests can use them as centerpieces for your home.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

Succulents can also look great on your wedding table. Try to keep several varieties in a large or medium-sized planter.

What better Christmas wedding decoration than mini Christmas trees? Either decorate them yourself, or as a fun ice breaker game, leave decorations and instructions on the tables for guests.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

Diy Wedding Centrepieces

Take out all the vases and create a centerpiece display for your wedding table with bright greenery and candles to make them sparkle.

Follow our easy tutorial to make a DIY greenery table garland that will add the perfect outdoor feel to your wedding reception.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

Lavender is relatively inexpensive and has a beautiful scent. Place a row of vases in the center of a rectangular table or group them in the center of a round table.

Lilac, Lavender, Light & Dusty Purple Wedding Ideas, Decor & Inspiration

Are you trying to stick to a serious budget? Then try our most budget-friendly wedding centerpiece ideas. The trick is to use something you already have or will have for the wedding, such as a drink or a used jam jar, or to use less obvious items and materials.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

Add color, texture and scent to your wedding decorations with cut fruit like these wonderfully fragrant grapefruits.

You’ll still be serving drinks at your wedding reception, so let them do double duty as your centerpiece. Ask your venue if they offer ice buckets that you can customize with tape or other fabric.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

For a simple yet stylish look, add brightly colored fruit to glass vases – lemons like here are great, but you can also use limes or oranges. For extra style points, add fresh leaves to the base.

If you have a lot of Christmas decorations, use them to create festive wedding decorations. A cake stand is perfect or you can fill clear vases.

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Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

If you already have lanterns or can easily borrow them, they look very sophisticated with just a candle and a leaf base. Don’t worry about them matching—a mismatched look is carefree and boho.

Oh, group inexpensive wildflowers in jam jars to create beautiful wedding centerpieces. You can add more personality by tying twine, lace or ribbon around the jar.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

Do you like the idea of ​​DIY, but don’t want to spend a lot of time? You’ll appreciate our favorite simple and easy DIY wedding ideas.

Fairy lights are very versatile at weddings. Add crystals or glitter to the vases and place fairy lights on top to make the table decoration sparkle.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

This centerpiece may look complicated, but it’s actually very easy to decorate with free-standing bows – look for tutorials online.

Ask your family if you can use their wedding photos as centerpieces for a personal touch. You can easily display them on a mini easel.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

Fill with trendy dried herbs like the ever-popular pampas grass for an instant look.

If the flower arrangement seems too small, you can still decorate with a floral wedding decoration. Choose only one type of flower – it’s silly and looks very sophisticated.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

Hurricane lanterns are easy to find and their warm metallic finish means they look great with tea lights – just make sure you have a candle lighter, regular lighters or matches will burn your fingers!

There are some really fun ways to use food as a wedding centerpiece, whether it’s grouping wedding food in the center of the table or a wedding breakfast.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

Sweetie jars make a wonderful wedding takeaway and can be placed together on each table as an alternative to traditional centrepieces. Personalized labels are a great added touch.

Place cake stands in the center of the table and use them to make beautiful cupcake dishes, or if you’re serving an afternoon tea wedding breakfast, have plenty of delicious sandwiches and cakes for guests to help themselves to.

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

Instead of appetizers, place a plate of your favorite cheese and/or pastries in the center of each table.

As another starter alternative, put out

Pinterest Lavender Wedding Table Decorations

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