Pinterest Western Table Decorations

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If you are a couple who loves spending time outdoors, driving country cars, listening to country music, or if you grew up in the West, there is a good chance that a Western wedding is right for you. Western weddings are a bit rich, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be brought down with beautiful details like any other wedding theme.

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

Whether you say “I do” on a ranch, in a beautiful barn, or in a backyard, a western wedding will be completely glamorous. And whether you go all in or simply include a few nods to the theme, you can include it in any capacity that suits the Western world.

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If you are looking for western wedding ideas then look no further. Read on for 27 favorite ideas.

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

Let your guests know the theme immediately. Decorate your invitations with clever illustrations and look to old western style characters to provide important details.

Give your guests a proper welcome! Especially if you’re planning a destination wedding, welcome bags are a great touch. Design the bag to match your theme and fill it with western inspiration for everyone to enjoy.

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

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Of course, you can choose a more rustic bouquet, with wild flowers. To take it a step further? A leather cloth to hold your flowers in place makes such an attractive touch.

Simulate the feeling of driving to the ranch entrance with a friendly gesture. We love the way this tall wooden sign is dressed in extra green and blooms to match the theme.

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

Don’t I need a stable or a farm for you? Throw them a rodeo instead! Check out local rodeo grounds as potential event locations. The Pendleton Round Up has been running for over 100 years and is one of the largest rodeos in the world.

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Hosting your ceremony outside? Check out these simple nature altar ideas. We love the organic look of this wooden altar, which frames the beautiful mountain views in the background. Of course, dress up with dry green plants and flowers and complete the look with a cow rug.

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Pinterest Western Table Decorations

It wouldn’t be a western wedding without some country music. Bring a live band that specializes in old western music or contemporary country music. Either way, you’ll have fun kicking your boots off!

Gather everyone around the watering hole and make a statement while you’re at it! An old Chevy truck can be turned into a bar with a few kegs and the right tools. Dress up with beautiful flowers.

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

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Do you really want to promote your love for the country? Take it with you! Commission personalized champagne glasses with beautiful cow prints to use on your wedding day and keep as special memories for years to come.

If you’re a bar, don’t be afraid to be creative. A real couple chose to dress up their wedding bar to look like an old saloon. It displays old whiskey bottles and lots of wood for a nice setting.

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

Encourage your guests to enjoy a casual and fun celebration. Use your reception area to create a living room complete with a warm fire, hay bales and plenty of warm blankets.

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One of the easiest ways to make your Western wedding more rustic is to bring wood into the mix. Include clever details like raw wood stock cards to help guests find their seats. We like to stack it like you’re stacking wood for a fire.

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

A western wedding certainly does not mean a brown color palette. Bring things to life by playing with color and texture. This setting features leather chargers and tattered yellow napkins for a gorgeous reception table.

Dress up your dinner table with western style. We love the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčincorporating antique lanterns to transport your guests to the Wild West.

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

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It’s all in the details, right? If you want to incorporate light knots into a western theme, leather is a great addition. For an elegant look, wrap a simple leather cord around the napkins on your reception table.

Many whiskey bottles can be recycled and used for other things. A real couple serve as water vessels on a beautiful reception table.

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

Incorporate wood into the look of your table to instantly give it a slightly rustic feel. This setup included thin-cut wood chargers for each seat, as well as the center stands complete with kerosene lanterns.

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If there’s one textile company that just screams Western, it’s Pendleton. The Pendleton Woolen Mills opened in Oregon in the early 1900s and became a symbol of western exploration. Include Pendleton blankets to cool your reception tables or give to guests to keep them warm at an outdoor ceremony.

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

An easy way to change a table to match a western look? Choose to use a bandana as a napkin instead of linen. Instantly add a pop of color and western design to your setup.

Spread the desert around your reception table using unique fabrics like a table runner. From there, consider including a cushion of tuna cactus (thornless, of course!) to make a statement in any setting.

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

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Terracotta is prevalent in the Southwest, and it’s a great way to bring a Western feel and warmth to your table. Consider using broken terracotta pots as unique table centerpieces.

Do you want to give a special gift at the wedding party? Check out the custom files complete with custom leather branding on each for a western nod. Bonus points if full of whiskey!

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

Channel the Southwest with a desert-themed cake. With hand-painted cacti, real flowers and thistles, this dessert is sure to make a statement.

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Sometimes, it’s all about good home cooking, and what’s better than a timeless treat? Serve a classic combo, but serve the milk in a mason jar with twine for a rustic look.

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

The combination of whiskey and cigars definitely understands the western theme. Hold a special display of various whiskeys for your guests.

Why not run to the southwest and the desert announce? Decorate the saguaro cactus cookies with a touch of gold glitter to elevate their look.

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

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Think you can’t incorporate western textile design into your wedding day, darlings? Think again. This cake is hand painted to resemble a western design, making it the perfect addition to a ranch wedding. Every year our church holds a special banquet for our widows and wives. Each of us deacons is like someone who cares and is cared for, and this is always a special night when everyone gathers to celebrate. The program, menu and decor change each year, with themes ranging from formal to lighthearted. Last year we were not able to do this event, so we were looking forward to it especially this year. In general I do not have a helper at this event, but one of my friends did this year and asked me to help join and decorate. We quickly settled on a random theme and today we’re sharing what we did for our “Oklahoma”/western themed party centerpiece and table decorations.

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Pinterest Western Table Decorations

If you are a new reader, I often help with events at our church, and when I started doing this years ago when I was working with a tight budget, it was difficult to find good ideas online for decorations for big events. So, over the years, I’ve been sharing table and table decoration ideas as we have events or parties. We usually have a tight budget, which means the team has to be creative! And that’s often when things turn out well, right? Almost every event I help decorate starts like this… I can drag everything from my house (or my mom’s house) and use it!

Western Party Decorations

Upon arrival, the first stop was this registration desk with name tags on either side. My friend had old chaps and joined us with little cowboy boots, an OK cutting board made by my son, a hat, lanterns and a cute bucket for door prize tickets.

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

Several years ago I bought quite a number of black and white gingham tablecloths for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party. Soon our church also bought a lot of them for different events… they are a nice change from the usual solid black or white tablecloths and can be used for many different occasions as you keep them faithfully. . So between the church and mine, we have a lot of gingham tablecloths for larger events.

We used to.

Pinterest Western Table Decorations

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