Pintric Theme Table Decorations

Pintric Theme Table Decorations – Outdoor Spring Table Settings Pinterest With Simple Shop Flowers, White Plates, and Homemade Cake Stands. Easily find inspiration and replicate similar things at home or outside!

I hope this photo post tells the story and inspires you to decorate your spring table! It’s not a boring way to celebrate the season of spring, and my favorite thing is to set the tone with flowers. These are grocery store flowers and I usually buy them at my local grocery store, but these little carnations are so cute and they are from Trader Joes.

Pintric Theme Table Decorations

Pintric Theme Table Decorations

The table sits in a cobblestone patio we like to call Cafe Mendocino, named after our favorite French restaurant when we were dating. Some people call their house, we call our yard … LOL. I used some of my French dishes so let’s call it the French table.

Christmas Dinner Table Decorations In Blues And Gold Following A Beach Theme With Seashells And Starfish Stock Photo

This is the shady part of our garden and the lights come on in the evening. It is very pleasant to sway in the breeze under the palm trees. We had our daughter’s wedding here and will be back this year! In case you missed this post… “A Beautiful Inexpensive Wedding Reception at Home” You can have a lot of fun on a budget when you start with flowers. Yes, even flowers from a flower shop. A table with flowers is a happy table, any flowers look sad.

Pintric Theme Table Decorations

Once everything was laid out, I started setting up my Pinterest spring table and runner. When shopping for a table runner, look for something that hangs down from the edge of the table. Then I put the flower in an old white metal pot so that the flower will be the star and not compete. We often come here in the sea breeze, so I place the bottle on the table to secure the runner. We love the sea breeze, but it’s really hard to get it down.

My dish here is real estate research and the weather is warming up where many people live, so now is the time to buy! In fact, apart from the wine glasses (acrylic, no longer available) on this table, everything you see is vintage. Using antiques in your home and on your table will definitely give you a unique look and feel.

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Pintric Theme Table Decorations

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And let’s talk about cake. It was store bought (I never returned a birthday cake), and I cut off most of the frosting. Then fresh fruit and some flowers were added. For more cake decorating ideas, check out How to Make a Blah Cake Simple and Beautiful.

And here are some images that I hope will inspire you to create a PINTEREST WORTHY CAKE STAND ADVERTISING spring shop!

Pintric Theme Table Decorations

Today I’m joining good friends in sharing a beautiful spring table hosted by the talented Bre Dowsett of Rooms for Rent .

Restaurant Dining Table Images

The contents of this website may not be copied, reused or exploited in any way without written permission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from verified purchases. I recently decorated a candle holder with watercolor seashells. It inspired this week’s table setting.

Pintric Theme Table Decorations

We had the best spring in Georgia. Sunny days with occasional rain. Was it nice where you lived? I wish it was like this every spring.

Cool and soft water is perfect for the spring and summer table. (Press Ctrl + several times to enlarge all images in this article. Press Ctrl 0 (zero) to return to normal size.)

Pintric Theme Table Decorations

Easter Garden Tablescape • Oh So Kel

I saw the wine glasses at Pier 1 a few months ago and I love the color of the summer table.

Water reminds me of the summer sky and waves. The Chinese came from Coles four years ago.

Pintric Theme Table Decorations

Zoom in a little and look at this fold. It should be one of the simple folds.

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Can you tell me what this is? Yes…a starfish! My diapers weren’t that tight…maybe a starched towel would work better. I am going to prepare a tutorial for creating this very easy fold. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for spring/summer tablecloths, check out the Tablecloths section at the top of the blog. You’ll find a napkin fold, and there’s a nice boat fold attached.

Pintric Theme Table Decorations

Oh, and forgot to take a picture of the starfish salad plate. If you want to see more, check out the latest beach related table settings. I used it in that chart too.

I had lots of shells left over to decorate this vase. (You’ll find instructions on how to attach the candle shell in this article: Decorate the lamp with shells.

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Pintric Theme Table Decorations

Best Dining Room Decorating Ideas

I used the leftover snips to fix the wine glass stem. I drilled a small hole in the top of each shell like I did for the beach/ocean table decorations. Then I just run the grommet wire through the hole and attach it to the glass stem. So that it looks decorated with three shells.

And to decorate the glass, it looks like this with one shell. Changed three shells and one shell to look around on the table.

Pintric Theme Table Decorations

The ice water bottle in this table was only $1 at Dollar Tree last summer. It is covered in the most comfortable Adirondack chairs. Can you see now? Adirondack chairs painted in bright summer colors sit on the beach. I chose yellow to live in… what color did you choose? As the waves lap at our toes and the salty wind kisses our faces, we sip our cold drinks and feel truly relaxed. Refresh your drink. One or two mistakes? 🙂

Decorating The Reception For A Birch Wedding Theme

I was taking a picture of this table when I heard a loud noise. I know that voice! I looked behind him and there he was…a cute little bird, circling under the fence looking for his feeder that he hangs in the light outside every spring. It’s amazing how they remember where the feeder was years ago and come back to feed. I stopped taking pictures and ran in to mix the nectar. You can see the feeder hanging in the background. I’m not sure if he came back. I hope he did. I like to see them from the kitchen window and from the balcony. (Pssst: I filmed a hummingbird feeding at that feeder in August 2010. Just click the link above the paragraph to watch the video.)

Pintric Theme Table Decorations

Now that I’m using my camera manually, I like to focus on one part of the table and blur another part, and play around with the space. The image below was taken with my D7000, AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1.8G lens, set to ISO 100, f1.8 aperture and 1/60 second exposure. I really like the 35mm lens for tabletop photography. It really makes a lot of sense!

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Pintric Theme Table Decorations

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Pintric Theme Table Decorations

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A Sweet And Southern(ish) Chinoiserie Table Setting

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Pintric Theme Table Decorations

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Pintric Theme Table Decorations

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Pintric Theme Table Decorations

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