Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest – Our plans can make the gathering of your friends and acquaintances a real party to remember… pirate style!

We’re sharing pirate party ideas for adults in honor of National Pirate Day on September 19.

Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

Here are five pirate party decoration ideas and pirate party decorations that will help you create the perfect swashbuckling event.

Blush Pink And Pastel Green Ice Cream Birthday Party!

I decided to build the whole thing out of these beautiful metal boat buckets I found at the Pottery Barn last year.

Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

The boat is attached to the water, so it can be the perfect place to serve an iced drink, inside or outside.

However for this occasion, as the centerpiece of the table, I placed different ivory columns to create a real mood.

Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

Pirate Birthday Party

The resulting effect was a light table set on the stage of the theater, pirates the rest of the decorative elements.

If you can’t get your hands on a pirate ship, simply place a large group of ivory columns in the center of your table.

Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

If pirates love treasure, then these DIY pirate party ideas for the table are the perfect tribute to that connection.

A Modern Pirate Party Dessert Table // Hostess With The Mostess®

From giant red cups to various lamps, mercury glass polls, sand dollars, sea urchins, galvanized jewelry, fish nets, and sea urchins, there is plenty of visual interest.

Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

Not only did I make pillar candles with speakers, I also added a perennial, go-to favorite: battery powered fairy lights.

And when you make a small investment, you’ll find yourself using them often.

Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

Pirate’s Bounty Party Ideas

Again, I bought this on vacation last year. But it looks like there are still some deep discounts.

Follow this link to learn a little about the history of this elixir, as well as the best pirate grog recipe we’ve ever used.

Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

We’ve put together some of our favorite pirate phrases to share with our guests (download the card).

Brass Gold Candlestick Hire

The cute, pink stamp on top of each card adds to its beauty and ties it in with the rest of the set! Home » DIY » Holiday DIY » Halloween Ideas

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Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

Guys, can I tell you how much fun I am working with Eastern Business these days? When they emailed him a few months ago saying hi… it was Friday the 13th of September…. let’s bring our bones out of the closet and party, I can’t help but jump. They are showing off a lot of cool, unique skeletons for Halloween (you know how much I love Halloween!!) and I really want to build a female skeleton. Ash is a bit of a geek, so I knew that creating fun pirate party ideas with a girly approach was right. Even if it’s a lot of red! With Halloween right around the corner, I’ve rounded up some fun pirate party ideas that I hope will inspire you all year long. I have said with the phrase “Trick Arrr Treat” for this pirate Halloween version, but if you change the phrase or add all of it, pirate party magic can be used all year round. There are related links in this post.

I wanted this pirate party to have a girly feel so I went with lots of pink and some really cute pirates. Jewelry in the form of rings, candy necklaces and Mardi-gras beads, a beautiful shiny black chandelier (new this year at OTC), pink pirate accessories, and of course the legendary meridian rays. The flowers were the perfect touch for the party table.

Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

Happy Things For Life’s Little Celebrations!

When I think of pirates I think of Pirates of the Caribbean, skeletons that sit proudly atop expensive goods, giant caves, and overhangs. I still think of tattered clothes and expensive maps. I want the pirate party decorations to reflect all of this. For the guest table, I created a fun look by layering a plastic tablecloth. And I took the scissors to them and made ragged ends, and sent the red black pop out of the red light. It only takes about 5 minutes to put the painted tablecloths up and I think they add a lot to the look of the table and it’s a very easy DIY. You don’t need to have a shape, just cut where it fits. The more lines you draw, the better.

I added these precious maps, layered papers in different shades of gold and red… I scattered candies and gold coins around the table.

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Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

This pirate party had to celebrate Halloween, so this cute “Trick or Treat” balloon was a must… and then I changed it up a bit and replaced the “OR” with a few special letters to say “ARRR” instead. being well with the whole pirate theme. I used the same banner a while ago for another party with much smaller letters. I made this mistake by thinking the posters were the same size. When I first blew up the book I thought, WOW! They are big. At first I thought I would put the banner on top of the map, but once I saw them I realized they needed to line the sides of the table. I really like how well it turned out. Funny how that happens sometimes! 🙂

Custom Pirate Birthday Party Table Confetti

This beautiful mermaid tail is so big, I knew I needed to raise the ornament to the floor here so it would have a chance to stretch out and show off that big fin. I tied the beads and also spread gold coins on the floor, to give the look more richness.

Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

I want the dining table to be a fun place. I had a few yards of pink fabric lying around and thought of some, so I picked up a treasure map. This is another very easy DIY pirate ornament. I just cut out the yard or something like that from the fabric, then free hand felt some pieces… islands, palm trees, pirate ship, red “x”, head and some black lines and created the path. When I finished my pieces, I just heat glued them to the fabric. This project literally took me less than an hour and I think it will make such a statement on the wall. If you’re not satisfied with just giving the map parts, do a google image search for things you want to add “pirate ship cartoon” or “pirate head”, print it out and use it as a template.

A pirate hunt is more fun if everyone is dressed as a pirate, so as part of the party decorations, I added these foam hats, some red swords and goggles, a pirate fish, and of course iron chains for each guest. bring and kill the whole party.

Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

Haunted Shipwreck Halloween Pirate Mantel

This painted black cloth made a simple tablecloth, and I scattered gold coins and bones around the table.

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The food for this festival is very simple. Drinks, cakes and many snacks and sweets. That was more than enough for the guests to eat. Pirate Booties are a no-brainer for a quick and easy snack that your guests are sure to love. I put them in cute pink pirate party favor boxes that make them easy to grab and go if the guest wants.

Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

When I saw this beautiful pirate cake stand I knew I needed this table! I love the bit of flair it adds to the overall decor and it’s sturdy and easy to put together. I ordered these sword-shaped party favors to use as cupcakes, and added some pink pearls to the top of each cupcake to make it look like a treasure.

Pirate Classroom Theme Ideas For Elementary Teachers In 2022

A red or orange punch is a premium drink option and fits the theme well. I’ve included some cute crafts and printable pirate flags that I made that you can download for free when you sign up for our newsletter here:

Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

These little black treasure chests are super cute and reminiscent of a great pirate party. I simply added some pink paper cut outs, ring pops, candy necklaces, and gold coins. You can of course make chocolate coins for extra fun. Let your party favors double as party table decorations to get more bang for your buck. Each child can get a treasure chest at the end of the party to take home.

Well, there it is! Pink Pirate Party. What do you think? I may be biased, but I think it’s beautiful. 😉

Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

Pirate Party Ideas Table Decorations

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Pirate Table Decorations Pinterest

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