Pizza Table Decorations

Pizza Table Decorations – Father’s Day is just around the corner and I have some “cheesy” pizza ideas to help you celebrate your favorite dad or grandpa.

And some clever words are thrown in to make dad laugh. (This post contains affiliate links to help you find products.)

Pizza Table Decorations

Pizza Table Decorations

The whole family will have a great time celebrating dad with this pizza theme, so stick on those fake mustaches and start working on your Italian. It will be “grid”!

Valentine’s Day Pizza And Movie Night

Red gingham plastic disposable tablecloths work well on tables and walls as backdrops.

Pizza Table Decorations

Red and white paper lanterns and red ribbon wrap complete the pizza theme. 7″ pizza boxes can be ordered here.

Pizza boxes also make great gift boxes. Father’s Day t-shirts and gift cards make great gifts for dad that go with the theme. Gotta love it!

Pizza Table Decorations

Unique Wedding Reception Venues

Decorate each place with small vases and white flowers. (Baby food cans work well.) Use red ribbon to tie the vases. I stuck name tags on black coffee stirrers and stuck them in the cans.

Washi tape with binder clips and tags is a great way to mark a personalized mirror. (Click here for instructions.)

Pizza Table Decorations

Food should be part of the party activities. Each guest can make their own mini pizza as they like. Make your own or buy pizza dough and see how Dad can “hand roll” his own pizza crust.

Cheap And Easy Party Decorations You Already Have At Home

Add plenty of pizza sauce, cheese and toppings per person to customize your pizza. Bake pizzas on cookie sheets in the oven or on the grill.

Pizza Table Decorations

Toppings can be plain food or “seasoned” with some interesting meat, pepper, seeds or fruit.

Dessert can also be in the form of pizza! Spread the chocolate chip cookie dough evenly on a large, greased pizza pan.

Pizza Table Decorations

Big Dot Of Happiness Pizza Party Time

Make a fruit pizza with a sugar cookie crust, cream cheese frosting and chopped fruit. Keep chilled until ready to serve.

Get a cookie cutter available at craft stores and make your own cookies. Once cooled, dip the entire cookie in the chocolate. Decorate the plate with red licorice vines, not only because they are loved by Dad, but because they go perfectly with the color theme. Some red candy would work too.

Pizza Table Decorations

Use round sugar cookies and list these “pizza” toppings: “Sauce” – Raspberry Pie Cheese Filling” – Ground White Chocolate “Herbs & Spices” – Green Sugar Sprinkles “Pepperoni” – Cinnamon Red Candies or Red M&M’s.

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Party Supplies Paper & Party Supplies Love Grazing Board Table Kit Wedding Decorations Tableware

We hung a red and white shower curtain in the background, you can also use wrapping paper.

Pizza Table Decorations

Add a bench to sit on and lots of accessories like chef hats, pizza word signs, mustache masks…and cookies?!

Play some “pizza themed” games with dad. – Race your dad to see how many pizza boxes you can put together in one minute. – Create an obstacle course and balance the pizza pan in one hand while completing the course. Don’t throw it away or you’ll have to start over! – Try to “throw” dad with pizza dough. Bonus points for Italian-style travel!

Pizza Table Decorations

Italian Themed Party Ideas

Celebrations always look better with “signs”. Create your own pizza themed signs and word marks or print some of the signs I’ve created. Here are some fun puns to decorate your pizza boxes with: “Thanks for being the ‘PIZ ZA’ of our lives. “Thanks for bringing the ‘dough’. Dad.” “You’re nothing but cheese!” You “melt” our hearts.” “You’re the ‘piece’ of the party. “Nice to meet you dad.”

The opinion of my sweet, pun loving father-in-law. We love you and miss you, Dad! (This was our last Father’s Day we celebrated with you!) Who says pizza parties are just for kids? Today, you’re in for a treat because this backyard party is full of inspiration for your next big event! Join me in this Create Your Own Senior Pizza Party! The perfect theme for a birthday or a special celebration dinner with friends. I know you will love this pizza party as much as I do! Keep up the good news…

Pizza Table Decorations

If you’re planning a party for a loved one who loves pizza (and who doesn’t, right?!), then look no further than the perfect party theme! You. is he. he found. so that! I never dreamed there were so many cool ways to bring this party theme, but Erin from Pini and Petals really brought her game to life for this party! Let’s get into that and I know you’d love to have your name on the guest list!

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Plus, if you’re planning an upcoming event, be sure to click below and use our Party Planning Checklist—full of helpful lists, tips, and timelines to make your party go without a hitch!

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Pizza Table Decorations

It’s hard for me to decide where to start because there are so many beautiful decorations in this party that I want you to see! But let’s start with the cocktail bar for the party and the reception sign, because it’s a real place to look and a perfect photo spot!

First, let’s talk about the amazing Fancy Fabric and Props pizzeria background! It’s the perfect way to easily transform your space and set the stage for a holiday theme! Add a bar cart, a custom sign, and a string of floating balloons in shades of green, red, and gold, and you’re on your way to something special!

Pizza Table Decorations

Monochrome Party Food Labels Kids Party Food Labels

Moving to the main dining table, the traditional colors of the “pizzeria” are carried with red cloth, gold silver, black glass and a pizza name card corresponding to each location.

The centerpiece was detailed with kraft paper, large black candles, white flowers, and an amazing assortment of food, making for one big party! Get creative ideas and remember to always vary the height of serving pieces – place some dishes on plates, others on tiered trays… height adds visual interest and allows the eye to travel down the length of the table.

Pizza Table Decorations

One of the decorations we loved about this party were the dance signs found throughout the decorations… Funny words, bright lights and Vanilla Ice references are always appreciated!

How To Throw A Pizza Party {with Ideas For Sides And Decorations}

If you’re hosting a build-your-own-pizza party, this is sure to be the highlight of your event! So don’t hesitate – do as they did here! A whole table dedicated entirely to the pizza making process will undoubtedly surprise and delight your guests! At each station, guests got their own apron, pizza tray, rolling pin, rolling pin, and of course, pizza dough!

Pizza Table Decorations

With a red and white tablecloth and a kraft paper table runner, the Create Your Own Pizza bar toppers are perfectly displayed in the middle of the table. I love using kraft paper for table runners because you can write letters right on it – a great addition to your design and cute sayings like “Let’s Get Saucy” also make everyone smile!

After the guests rolled out the dough and placed the pizzas, they returned them to the pizza oven to bake before eating dinner together.

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Pizza Table Decorations

Christmas Pizza Wooden Table Close Stock Photo By ©strelok 200415476

I know we talked about a good first drink, but if you’re wondering what drink to serve at a pizza party, you can’t go wrong with sangria! I also really like the sprinkled pomegranate seeds in the glasses so it’s easy for guests to pour and go!

Finally, what’s a party without favors?! And of course, the perfect favor box for a pizza party is an actual pizza box! Wrapped nicely in foil and a custom thank you note (this same custom thank you note from Lilacs & Charcoal would be perfect). And no, they weren’t just leftover pizza, each box was filled with goodies like cracker jacks, candy, and custom pizza shaped cookies!

Pizza Table Decorations

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to have my own grown up pizza party in the backyard! Doesn’t that sound fun?! I hope you were able to get a lot of inspiration for your next celebration from this party! Be sure to pin this post to your party planning board so you can come back and check it all out.

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Pizza Table Decorations

Ashley Acker, owner and editor of Party 365, loves coming up with new party ideas, coming up with excuses to host friends and family, and trying new seasonal drinks, cocktails, and treats! She shares her favorites here at Party 365 so you’ll have plenty of inspiration for your next celebration!

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Pizza Table Decorations

Pizza Party Table Decoration Kit

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Pizza Table Decorations

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