Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor – The annual festive treat for Christmas is almost here! Your family always gets together to celebrate this special day, and you can’t help but feel excited and anxious at the same time. As you prepare for dinner, you realize that you don’t have any Christmas table decorations to spice up your prep.

But don’t worry, because we’re here to help! In this article you will find some basic guidelines on how to keep your table looking nice and inviting for the holidays.

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

To do this, you need to decide what type of decor you like best. So, we’ve done some research and compiled a comprehensive list of Christmas table decorations that we think are worth your attention this year. Plus, you don’t have to decide on one decoration, because nothing stops you from using multiple ideas to create a delicious and cozy Christmas dinner.

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Here are the top Christmas table decorations that you should definitely try this year. Be sure to explore each option before deciding which option you like best!

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

String art is a unique way of putting colors and patterns into shapes to create a picture. It can be difficult for children, but they enjoy the process even more when they can create their own masterpiece.

If you need the Christmas table decorations, this project will brighten their faces with joy. You don’t need to wear an art hat because it’s easy for your child to do it themselves.

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

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If you keep your kids busy making rope trees from different materials around the house, you can also save yourself from the clutter in the living room or bedroom!

This simple craft uses a paper plate as the base and paper tape as the main material needed, etc. Have your child cut a small to medium paper plate into a tree shape. Then turn the board so that the flat surface is facing down on the work area. Use washi tape to decorate these kirigami trees for string art designs.

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

You can choose plain green trees for a distinct look or bright trees with a variety of patterns and designs. You can also choose one based on an item in your home, which can help stimulate your child’s creativity.

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For example, if you have leftover yarn lying around, have them make the most of it by wrapping it around the tree until they are completely full! When finished, let this masterpiece dry before placing it on the dining table.

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

If you want to make a 3D string art tree out of yarn, check out our easy tutorial! It includes hot glue, plastic file holder and pearl beads.

Christmas decorations are one of the most exciting things this holiday season! For example, you can temporarily create a modern cone tree to instantly transform your home into a winter wonderland. It also looks stylish so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with other decorations in your home.

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

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For this project, you will need different materials, depending on what you want to make. You can choose a 7.5 cm or 15 cm cone for medium-sized table decoration, or use a 45 cm cone instead. For the 3D shape you will need a taller cone made from an empty paper towel roll, and the smaller base cone will need a paper towel roll cut in half lengthwise.

These items are easy to find around the house, making them great for crafting. If you want to make your own cones, you will need corrugated cardboard and paper paste.

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

Start by painting all parts of the cone in two layers with silver paint or metallic spray paint. When done, glue the larger half of the tube to the middle of each full tube in half lengthwise.

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Make sure you don’t miss anything in between for a seamless look. To add even more charm, use colored yarn or twine around the tree, which also doubles as an ornament when small round paper-paste clay balls are added to the tip.

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

Use this idea to get your kids started on their holiday decorating projects and let them make their own modern cone tree! It is easy for them not to worry about bending the structure.

Read our tutorial for another version where you can make a modern cone tree from acetate paper!

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

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If you​​​​are looking for a quick Christmas table centerpiece project to make over the weekend, you can make an easy table top centerpiece out of wine corks. It’s an eco-friendly idea that just about anyone can do at home, especially if you have an impressive collection of wine corks and no plans to use them.

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You will need wooden skewers, a hot glue gun, and colorful ribbons to make this craft. Using acrylic paint or spray paint is also a good idea, depending on how you want your finished project to look.

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

Starting at one end, use a hot glue gun to glue all the wine corks to the wooden skewers until they are completely covered. Make sure not to over-saturate each cork with glue so it doesn’t loosen. Posh Pollen Diego Living Room Furniture Mid Century Coffee Table, Walnut

When you’re done, tie a ribbon of your favorite color around the trunk of the cork tree. You can also add more layers and even make it into a Christmas wreath by adding some small branches and leaves.

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

For something more delicate, you can stack the corks and cut them in half with wire scissors. Alternatively, you can stack wine corks vertically and glue them to the tops of cylindrical empty cans for added texture.

Just remember to at least cut each cork in half so they sit securely on the base and won’t slip in the event of an accidental bump.

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

Christmas Table Decorations To Center Your Holiday Family Dinners

If you​​​​are looking for a Christmas coffee table decoration project with your kids, why not try making a decorative basket out of string? You can then fill the basket with paper flowers, branches, ornaments, or other types of party decorations.

To make a twine wrapped tin basket, you will need a 2 inch diameter metal tin and a hot glue gun. It’s also a good idea to buy about 70 feet of 1/4 inch sisal rope from any home improvement store.

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

Cut the rope into eight sections, each about 30 inches long. Then, wrap each piece tightly around the tin, covering it completely with a layer of string. Make sure you don’t leave any gaps between the two by adjusting the wrap pattern until you’re happy with how it looks.

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Do the same thing again, but this time cover the first wrapped can in parallel with a different color or design for added detail. This will make a basket out of your can in minutes.

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Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

You can even add a handle to the top of the tin can basket. Just pull a length of string from the package and attach it to the bottom of the pot lid. You can then use hot glue to attach a piece of wood to make the handle, making it easy to carry.

For more inspiration, check out our guide on making a tin can basket wrapped in string! For example, you can decorate it with wooden flower decoration or gold thread.

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

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If you​​​​are looking for creative Christmas table decoration ideas, consider making a napkin holder out of wine corks. You can use it as a centerpiece or decoration on top of plates and cutlery for your dining table.

To make a Christmas wine cork napkin holder, you will need two wooden boards of the same diameter, some fabric that matches your holiday theme and color scheme, and naturally colored cotton thread. You will need about 40 to 50 wine corks, depending on their size and thickness. You will also need a metal screw hook for each cork you use.

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

Cut the fabric into circles 2 inches wider in diameter than the wooden board. Fold them in half and add long stitches on three sides, leaving one side free to make the pockets. Now slide your wooden discs into the pockets and attach screw hooks to each disc.

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To enhance the look, you can add colored buttons or other types of trim to the finished wine cork napkin holder. It can even be decorated in a circle with twine, glitter tape, or another form of holiday wrapping paper for extra color.

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

According to experts, flowers are the most popular Christmas table decoration. That’s why you should try to make your own flower arrangement with a smart vase.

To make a vase for your holiday table, you’ll need a regular glass with a 2″ opening at the narrowest point. You’ll also need several faux evergreen garlands, each 1 foot long, strung together

Plastic Clear Tall Pointed Art Coffee Table Decor

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