Pop Culture Table Decorations

Pop Culture Table Decorations – With summer comes endless opportunities to host family and friends, whether it’s an outdoor get-together or a fun Labor Day celebration. And if you’re a decorator, this is your chance to get creative with your decorating choices, especially summer party decorations.

For inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite summer table decorations. These 25 table setting ideas will inspire you to dare, think outside the box and embrace the beauty of the summer season.

Pop Culture Table Decorations

Pop Culture Table Decorations

If a beach vacation isn’t on your calendar, the next best thing is a nautical-themed dinner party. Darcy Miller recommends bringing in the ocean with seashells. “Use shells for decor, place card holders, and even favors,” says Miller. As well as decorating your table with real shells, consider oyster shells to hold candy and add cards made from paper prints of shells and sea creatures. “And if the party is held at night, put boxes in more glass containers filled with sand to add to the coastal atmosphere,” says Miller.

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While sticking to one style of dinnerware is classic, it’s also fun to mix and match designs. “When I want to have an intimate gathering for a small group, I mix the dessert plates,” says Beth Diana Smith. “One unique plate from each pattern sits on the table and the guests sit next to their favorite pattern. You’ll be surprised how many times people get caught up in talking about the pattern they choose. It’s a fun and unique icebreaker. “

Pop Culture Table Decorations

Summer table decorations are meant to be unique. Instead of traditional vases, experiment with items that can be used for unusual centerpieces. Event planner David Stark recommends everything from cake stands to pails that can create a visually appealing multi-level effect for a summer table. “Although the shapes and scales of the individual containers may vary, if the vessels are in the same general color palette and materials, they will work beautifully as a unified set,” he says.

If you’re looking for a simple way to create an elegant summer table, consider using a gorgeous flower as a backdrop, as Darcy Miller did in this photo. You can use the same flowers for each setting or mix them up for even more visual interest. Choose understated napkins to keep the focus on the flowers.

Pop Culture Table Decorations

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There’s nothing like a statement dish to take a summer dining table to the next level. Designer Ann Heffer especially likes this vibrant design. “Manuel Cnoves gave this traditional work an edge with a wonderful mix of fuchsia/orange colors,” she says.

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Summer is all about fruit. Entertaining expert Darcy Miller likes to incorporate seasonal produce such as cherries, watermelon or citrus slices into her summer table. “In addition to the real thing on hand for snacks and decor, you can top cupcakes with candied fruit, fill bowls with the fresh stuff as a centerpiece, and print paper versions for place cards, menus, or hanging wreaths .” said Miller.

Pop Culture Table Decorations

A core is always a good idea, but who says vegetables won’t work just as well? “Vegetables as centerpieces feel very fresh in the summer,” says designer Beth Diana Smith. “I like to use bunches of cilantro (or anything green and leafy) in bowls of texture, corn (with the husks) on long trays, or bowls filled with pineapple or mango as a centerpiece.”

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Lauren Cox of Heavenly loves the idea of ​​mixing and matching breeds from a local store, along with eye-catching fruit, for a tropical-inspired egg. Add colored glassware for more visual interest.

Pop Culture Table Decorations

Paper cacti are an easy way to add a fun vibe to your summer party table. Darcy Miller suggests using paper cacti as a statement centerpiece, table centerpieces, or strung together for a festive wreath.

Candlesticks make any party feel more special. For a summer party choose a combination of pink and blue with gold holders for a chic touch.

Pop Culture Table Decorations

Pop Culture Painting Pop Culture Decoration Graffiti

If you want to show off your creativity, Darcy Miller likes to make paper napkin rings as part of her party decorations. Try paper roses, daffodils or magnolias, and consider writing each guest’s name on a petal for a special touch.

With the exception of color, go for a fun mudcloth surface to set the base for your table setting. Orange style can work well with trendy goldware and even a DIY folded napkin.

Pop Culture Table Decorations

For a personalized touch, place a bouquet of elegant flowers in a small teapot and top it off with a favorite photo of you and your guest. And at the end of the evening, let your guests take them home to remember the special day.

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You can’t go wrong with this classic color combination, as Tory Burch demonstrated in her latest garden session.

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Pop Culture Table Decorations

Along with a pair of floral arrangements, set your summer table with a floral spread and let your favorite pink flower be the finishing touch to your window hanging.

Focusing on one color can help you optimize your table design. Plus, it looks really fresh. This yellow-and-white decoration embodies the cheerful spirit of summer.

Pop Culture Table Decorations

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Get your #girlsquad ready for last summer’s reunion. A subtle design like this will be the perfect backdrop for all your group selfies.

Flowers in rich colors and moonlight candles set a mood of true love. Maybe make it for dinner for two?

Pop Culture Table Decorations

Mixing neutral tones with some light floral accents is the perfect way to bring timeless elegance to a late summer soiree.

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Pop Culture Table Decorations

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Pop Culture Table Decorations

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Pop Culture Table Decorations

This table setting is inspired by nature, in color and form. Jen Lee Watkins, from Host the Event, was inspired by the organic undulations of the edges of the plate and the scalloped porcelain bowls, which add allure to the tablescape. “It is delicate and light, like the first flowers of spring,” she says.

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Nothing says elegance like lace. A simple yet detailed lace runner is a great addition to your spring table. Chloe Ward likes “crisp white blossom and fresh green foliage for a fresh start.”

Pop Culture Table Decorations

Table designer Susan Zing was inspired by April Cornell’s tablecloths when creating this table setting. “I appreciate using the best china, crystal and silver to bring it out and enjoy it,” she says. Coupled with some roses and a bunch of fresh flowers, nothing beats it.

This must be the perfect centerpiece for any Easter table. “I love mixing old and new and adding hand-picked treasures from many small shops to create a unique blend of farmhouse and classic home aesthetics,” say Tina and Taylor Oddo – proof we don’t need be afraid to dive into the story. closet or storage. You never know what could serve as a great statement piece.

Pop Culture Table Decorations

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This casual yet attractive table setting is sure to make your friends and family the happiest of guests. The Clicc created the look with “gingham napkins, mustard candlesticks, and orange Murano glasses.” This is a nod to the long summer days to come.

Alessandra Branca of Casa Branca created this table using different colors and patterns from their collection. “It feels fresh and dynamic,” she says. “Tablescape is all about creating a great and inviting atmosphere.” Bonus tip: Add a fun touch to your table by using different napkins to elevate the look.

Pop Culture Table Decorations

Kathy Graham used her love of nature and woodland creatures to create this decor, which is part of her Christopher Spitzmiller woodland collection. Fine vegetables, colorful flowers and Peter Rabbit-style servings create a tablescape that is as bright as it is colorful.

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These deep green glassware blend into their orchard-like setting, complementing the table for a casual alfresco moment, especially when the table is in bloom from your backyard. “I always try to use what I have on hand and always use flowers from my garden,” says tablescape artist Maria Paz Rath, who says she enjoys creating table settings

Pop Culture Table Decorations

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