Pottery Barn End Table Decor

Pottery Barn End Table Decor – First project of the year – our newly updated living room, including built-ins. When we built the fireplace a few months ago, I wasn’t fully committed to the idea. I’m glad we waited until it was done, but now that it’s done, we need a new coffee table design for the room. I’ve been drooling over this Pottery Barn coffee table for months and knew it would look perfect with our DIY console table.

We took the same approach as our DIY console table with 2x4s. Using only 11 2x4x12 boards, we created this beautiful and sturdy coffee table.

Pottery Barn End Table Decor

Pottery Barn End Table Decor

Our measurements are: 38″L x 19¾”W x 18″H, but you can easily adjust to your specific measurements.

Our Pottery Barn Decor

Cut 13 2×4 boards to desired length and 13 boards to desired width – accurately measure the 45 degree corners on each end – 3 inches on each end or 6 inches total. Repeat the second set for the width and length – a total of 2 side-width pieces with 13 boards each. Also a total of 2 long pieces, each with 13 boards.

Pottery Barn End Table Decor

Drill two minus pieces into each end using 3-inch screws. Use wood glue for them. Glue with wood glue and secure both end pieces to avoid exposed screws.

For a smooth, seamless finish on each board piece, remove each side and length and router by 1/8-1/4″.

Pottery Barn End Table Decor

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Join the length and width pieces at a 45 degree angle, mark 1″ and draw a line across.

Use a 3/8″ drill bit to drill ¼” into each board in each piece of board. Drill pilot holes, then drive 3″ screws into each.

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Pottery Barn End Table Decor

Then insert a 3/8-inch dowel rod into each hole and apply wood glue with a hammer. Hand saw off excess and sand smooth. Repeat at the top and bottom of each side.

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To complement my coffee table, I wanted a light oak color similar to a pottery barn table. I used a very light hand with Varatane Golden Oak, rubbed it in and wiped it off immediately. Next, an acrylic paint stain mix was created with a little water, using taupe craft paint for the light brown wood tone. Wipe it off, let it sit for a minute, then wipe it off.

Pottery Barn End Table Decor

If you want to see more of the making, check out our IG for our highlights here. I would love to see if you make your own table and share it on IG stories. Tag us @ or send us a picture!

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Pottery Barn End Table Decor

Pottery Barn Dupe Coffee Table

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