Pottery Barn Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Pottery Barn Thanksgiving Table Decorations – The holidays are here! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so we start designing, dreaming and making our plans to decorate the perfect Thanksgiving table.

Luckily, our friends at Camp Makery came up with an amazing solution: a chic fall table with some of our favorite Thanksgiving decorations.

Pottery Barn Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Pottery Barn Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Pottery Barn has included favorites: Feather Stoneware Plate, Wishbone Napkin, Harvest Hunter Checkered Table Runner, Lady Amhurst Feathers and Emma Serve Bowl.

Fall Table Decorations

Get inspired by her gorgeous Thanksgiving table PLUS get stylist Ashley Pepitone’s top 5 Thanksgiving table decorating tips:

Pottery Barn Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Candles, candles and more candles. “Even if you don’t have a formal dining room and you’re sitting at your kitchen table, candles always make a meal feel special,” says Ashley.

Make it personal. “Place cards are not only beautiful and functional, they give your guests a personal touch. Think outside the box: here we used mini gold leaf pumpkins and tied satin ribbon around their stems after adding names to the ribbon with a pen gold paint.

Pottery Barn Thanksgiving Table Decorations

A Simple Thanksgiving Table Using What You Have

Be prepared for last minute guests. “For extra seating, consider using an upholstered bench if you have it, instead of folding chairs or mismatched chairs from another room. It will look more purposeful and you can fit more people in a stool.”

Give guests everything they need. “I love that each place makes everything they’ll need for the meal, from salad and soup plates to plates, wine glasses and water glasses.”

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Pottery Barn Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Make a statement. “I have decorated this table with a large arrangement in the center of the table, it will take up space, but I think it is worth having a beautiful flower arrangement on the table for the arrival of the guests.”

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas 2022

PS: Need to save space but still want flowers? We also love how floral designer Juli Vaughn decorated the space above the table. “If you have a chandelier, add some greenery and fruit with floral wire and you’ll have a beautiful decoration even if there’s no table space,” says Ashley. In the middle of summer, when most of us are at the beach or pool trying to stay cool – our catalog team has vacations on their minds. This July, with the California sun at its peak, the team has been working tirelessly in a beautiful barn in Bodega, California, putting together one of our premier Thanksgiving catalogs.

Pottery Barn Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Take a look at some of our favorite behind-the-scenes iPhone photos below, and don’t forget to check out our latest catalog to see the amazing end results.

The band’s fantastic crew threw a full Thanksgiving spread above and chandeliers mounted from the rafters of this 19th-century barn in Northern California.

Pottery Barn Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Tastemaker Approved Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

The wine wasn’t real, but all the models were animated as such! Another view of the amazing beams and ceiling in the upper area of ​​the barn. We loved this little raised bar! Olive branches are a perfect and easy way to add greenery to a fall display. Almost time for dinner! We all had to be patient while the team put the finishing touches on everything.

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The photographer quickly goes through the photos after the shoot to make sure that yes, it was a real barn – goats and all! (Not seen above: a donkey, chickens and a very cute barn cat.)

Pottery Barn Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Don’t forget to check out our latest catalog and latest collection at Pottery Barn to see the end results of this stunning shoot. When I saw these white ceramic turkeys at Pottery Barn (linked at the bottom of the post) a few months ago. , I knew I wanted to create a table around it. I envisioned a rustic Thanksgiving table with greenery and some velvet pumpkins.

Thanksgiving Table Décor Ideas

I started with a brown linen table and stems of fake green leaves, eucalyptus and some smaller bunches of fake sage. I added some small white flower stems and some brown pine cones.

Pottery Barn Thanksgiving Table Decorations

I used rustic candelabra with white candles and rooster shaped salt. I also found some matching turkey place cards that I will put the place cards on when I finalize the Thanksgiving guest list.

For the place settings, I used light and neutral colors to create a rustic feel to the table. I used a pretty doily to add some color and texture and rustic flatware. I used my silver edged snowflakes which matched the other things on the table perfectly.

Pottery Barn Thanksgiving Table Decorations

How To Set An Eclectic Thanksgiving Table

I filled the white turkey cups with brown pine cones and used different colored velvet pumpkins throughout the wreath. If you look closely you can see some small velvet acorns.

I added dark green cushions to the end chairs to bring in more color. With so many light and neutral tones, I wanted some color around the edges of the table to tie into the green wreath.

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Pottery Barn Thanksgiving Table Decorations

I hope you find some inspiration here to help you create your own beautiful Thanksgiving table. I have linked all the resources below. The chandeliers are from World Market. You can find many fake plants in stores that sell fake flowers. (Hobby Lobby, Michael’s) For my dining room table and other items, search Stores/Tables and you will find more information there.

Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

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