Principal Table Cowboy Decoration

Principal Table Cowboy Decoration – Yes haha! A cowgirl party is a lot of fun and can be easy to do. Most of the details you will see at our party are a few days before the event. Well, apart from registering the horses, they are organized when we have a party day – they are a very important part of the party! We have 2 horses coming in the first hour of the party to make sure the kids get plenty of rides and the kids enjoy it!

We have two separate playgrounds for you to entertain guests while they wait for the ride – Craftin’ Corral and Rodeo Tricks!

Principal Table Cowboy Decoration

Principal Table Cowboy Decoration

In the Tricks Rodeo section, they can blow bubbles, jump rope, hula hoop and massage. At the Craftin’ Corral, they can make a door hanger and decorate a wooden horse.

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We also have a photo booth with lots of props for the girls to dress up and take pictures. I love pictures with multiple frames! We gathered everything from our closet and Halloween costumes and made the center by scraping and nailing the remaining baseboard and spray painting it pink. I used her belly to place on the board and write 6 with chalk,  I recommend chalk pencils for photos – the writing is better.

Principal Table Cowboy Decoration

As you can see, girls love to dress up for photos! Easy parties using things you have at home – what could be better?

After the hike, all the girls gathered in the backyard for a “camp” lunch in the chuck! I can’t find a better picture, but we made the chuck out of PVC pipe and a 6 foot table. We used 1/2 inch PVC pipe to make the tent frame. Then we put a brown cloth on the table, put the center on top and cover the center with white muslin.

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Principal Table Cowboy Decoration

Toy Story Birthday Party

After they get the calf food – hot dogs, trail mix, veggies with “ranch” dip (get it?) and macaroni salad – the calves eat around the “campfire”. Our fire was made of wood with leaf lights. I put straws around the fire for them to sit on, but it was too windy, so the girls used them to make tables. Another fun drink is our pink lemonade. I had seen great orange slice Mason jar lids online, but they weren’t in our budget. We decided to make our own version by punching holes in the lid and using a leather brush.

After lunch it’s time to dance at our hoedown! We hit the poms on the deck and played country music in the row and down!

Principal Table Cowboy Decoration

After the big dance, it’s cake time! The birthday boy loved his dessert table – especially the first chain we made for him. After the party we hung H in his room!

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We also kept the desserts simple and offered separate cupcake batter and horse cupcakes from SuperTarget. I made ridiculously easy smores pops by layering marshmallows with dark chocolate and graham cracker crumbs.

Principal Table Cowboy Decoration

Then it’s time to send all the little girls in purple hats and favors these adorable Cowgirl Cookies from the amazing Bakerela! They look so pretty in jars and are so delicious that you’ll make them even if you’re not hosting a cowboy party. Bakerella makes it easy with step-by-step instructions and even free printables!

If you’re planning a cowgirl or sunset party and want to make your own alphabet or number chain, be sure to read:

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Principal Table Cowboy Decoration

Bandana & Blue Jeans Country Wild West Western Theme Party Table Decorating Kit

If you like the photos in this post, go to Best Photos and book her for your next appointment if you’re in the Tampa area!

Megan is the creator of Coffee Cups and Crayons, a blog full of simple fun and learning. She believes that children’s activities don’t have to be complicated to be fun, and that learning is better through play.

Principal Table Cowboy Decoration

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