Purple Silver Table Decorations

Purple Silver Table Decorations – In this post: Looking for Party Table Decoration Ideas for New Year’s Eve Dinner? Try adding a note of elegance with silver tabletop decorations.

In fact, some of my favorite table settings use silver tableware and accessories to convey a sense of elegance and celebration.

Purple Silver Table Decorations

Purple Silver Table Decorations

In this season full of holidays and festivities, a tablescape with a patina of this beauty is right at home. Today I’m sharing a table I planned for New Year’s Eve, but it would be the same for any other fancy gala at home.

Trendy Purple Wedding Table Decorations

Like most of my tables, there are elements that are clearly posh, but the presentation is anything but full. I try hard to avoid a set arrangement with formal china matching serving pieces.

Purple Silver Table Decorations

It’s not that I don’t like formal table settings, but I find a more creative approach infinitely more interesting. Of course you don’t need me to show you how to put a full set of china on the table.

Instead, I want to share a more unique perspective, which is not necessarily followed exactly, but it may inspire ideas for your own vision.

Purple Silver Table Decorations

Elegant Purple, Black And Silver Halloween (or Fall) Tablescape

These beautiful heart-shaped salad plates are decorated with a silver zebra pattern, and are from the exquisite table and gift brand Annie Glass. The platinum rim dinner plates, also from Eniglas, are perfect for mixing and matching with her other pieces.

(If you missed my last two holiday tables with Anneglass, be sure to visit them here and here.)

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Purple Silver Table Decorations

Pulling the plates, I used fine plates, but instead of using a set, I mixed it with a random selection of vintage pieces.

Purple Green Orchid Branch Centerpieces Hanging Crystals

If you’ve inherited some sets from your parents or grandparents, this is a great way to update the look. It’s also a great solution for missing pieces or half sets, or just to use individual items that you fell in love with at an antique market and couldn’t leave without.

Purple Silver Table Decorations

While my color palette on this table is almost entirely silver and white, I chose pops of lilac and lavender to add an extra note.

These little touches of color are just enough to keep a tonal winter table from looking “one note”. You’ll find color mainly in flowers, but also in classic linen napkins.

Purple Silver Table Decorations

Colors For Table Decor And Dining Table Setting

The centerpiece is a beautiful bouquet of lilac-toned roses, cream roses and pale green Queen Anne lace. The flowers are hidden in a silver champagne bucket, a wonderful accompaniment to this silver decorated table.

I chose a pair of vintage silver candlesticks to line the center of the table and provide some space between the flowers. They add a wonderful note of candlelight and grace. There are many glass votives spread over her legs to enhance the effect of warm candlelight.

Purple Silver Table Decorations

I kept it pretty simple when it came to the glassware, preferring to let the other elements shine, so I chose the beautiful cut crystal stem in the wine goblet and champagne flute and left it at that.

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I had room for a few napkins at the end of the table, so I decided to contrast the sophistication of silver servingware with the rustic charm of vintage wooden cutting boards.

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Purple Silver Table Decorations

I’m not a fan of heavy dinner plates on the table, but this is a great little bar to try simple desserts from.

I often like to scatter my flowers across the table and in this case I added some accent flowers near the outer ends. Just a few drops of iris and lisianthus are tucked into the narrow holes of the cut crystal decanter.

Purple Silver Table Decorations

Purple Reception Decor

All parts of the table come together with a silver and glass theme with a hint of violet. It’s elegant yet modern, classy yet classy and always perfect for a holiday gathering!

To get a look, click on the items below for direct links to the products. Where original items were not available, I offered similar options. If an item is out of stock, but may be restocked, I’ve left it on the list.

Purple Silver Table Decorations

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