Purple Table Decor Ideas

Purple Table Decor Ideas – Molly Allen is a former bakery owner with a background in wedding orders and also a former event planner. She is now a freelance writer focusing on lifestyle, travel, food and beverage.

After swearing and saying “my friend” the wedding is over. But for most couples, that’s when the real celebration begins. Your reception is the perfect opportunity to mingle, mingle and toast with family and loved ones.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

Purple Table Decor Ideas

There are many details to check when planning your reception, from the catering company to your signature cocktails and escort cards. Important details include your reception desks and all the options you have when decorating them. Whether you’re planning long family style tables or round tables, creating a focal point creates a beautiful setting, and of course, your most important pieces are at the center of this decision.

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Whether you’re looking for a stunning floral arrangement, greenery, candles or something totally unique, there’s a masterpiece design to suit every aesthetic. Read on for 48 of our favorite ideas to get your inspiration flowing.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

Were you expecting something totally romantic? Go for lots of flowers! An entire wreath spanning the length of the table adds a beautiful touch as a stunning centerpiece.

Cherry blossoms stand out for their gorgeous beauty and this look captures it perfectly. Consider displaying tall vases filled with tall branches of cherry blossoms for an elegant look.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

Charming Diy Tea Party Styled Centerpieces

Even a small change can elevate your center. Replace the traditional white cone candle with a beautiful bright color to take your table display to a new level.

Add light to your tables with candles. We love the look of the warm wooden lamps paired with a few flowers.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

Hoping for a flowery display with a little extra interest? Choose a mix of short structures paired with tall posts to make a statement.

Easy To Pull Off Table Decoration Ideas That You Can Copy

Spring wedding? Peonies is definitely the go-to place for most. We love the classic, romantic look of the vase, decorated with pretty peonies and adding a pop of color along the way.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

Stick to the idea of ​​flower vases, but opt ​​for minimal blooms. This combination of pampas grass, ranunculus, and rose adds texture and color without going overboard.

Not interested in flower vases? There are many other options. Displaying mini ornaments is a great way to add greenery to your garden and keeps your centerpieces to a minimum.

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Purple Table Decor Ideas

Fancy Easter Table Setting Ideas

Were you expecting something out of the box? Eliminate the traditional idea of ​​centerpieces and embrace succulents. Pair a terracotta bowl with moss and succulents for a unique look.

It can be easy to go overboard with nautical details at weddings, but not with this look. A simple white knot is the perfect centerpiece addition for a hint of the sea. It can also hold a table number!

Purple Table Decor Ideas

Large flower arrangements are definitely not the only centerpiece option anymore. We love the look of a row of bud vases that run the length of a long table with a few long-stemmed whimsical wildflowers.

A Pop Of Color For A South Of France Wedding

Hoping for a lot of eye-catching textures? For added interest, pair tall branches with lush, fiery blooms.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

Take your hubs to the tropics! This big, bold centerpiece features palm leaves and greenery in tall clear vases for a truly stunning look.

Don’t be afraid to bring some nature, especially if you’re having a winter wedding. These nimble little whites are soft and make a great addition to the winter table in combination with pines.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

Table Decoration Ideas 2022 — Chic, Easy Tablescape Ideas

Is there such a thing as too much green? We don’t think so! The image of these tall green pillars is truly eye-catching in a romantic way.

A fairy tale wedding requires a lot of light, and your centerpieces are a great way to unite them. Fill the lanterns with twinkling lights for a stunning look.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

Embracing the summer spirit? Summer is all about citrus and it can be your highlight. Add a small citrus tree to any table for a sweet statement.

Purple And White Table Decor: Easy & Quick Ideas

Have you ever seen a cute terrarium? This setting with a rose gold rim paired with tiny succulents is the perfect look for a desert or boho wedding.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

While candles are a nice touch to any table, you might want to consider taking things a step further. Opt for oversized candles for a touch of old world romance.

Baby’s breath is the smallest in the floral world, but we’re increasingly seeing it incorporated into weddings. Embrace the simplicity of this beautiful bud and make it the highlight of your centerpiece.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

Easter Table Decor Ideas And Centerpieces (2022)

Don’t be afraid to embrace colors! This tropical display will definitely stand out with its blend of hibiscus, torch lily, ginger, and palm leaves.

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Planning a fall wedding? Perfect for a rustic aesthetic. Combine leafy greens with fresh apples.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

Want something completely unique? Mix items from the house! One couple decided to mix and match beautiful pieces from their personal collections at each table and were at the center of the match.

Event Decor & Styling — Y&i Events

When it comes to adding texture and some fun to the table, pampas grass is your best bet. Consider displaying long textured centers to make a statement.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

A tall, family-style reception desk is romantic in itself, but decorating it with a beautiful centerpiece makes it so much better. We love the look of long sheets paired with simple greens and string lights.

Going for an edgy, boho vibe? Or do you just want more colors? Choose a display of wildflowers in a variety of colors and lengths for a beautiful, bold centerpiece.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

A Guide To Beautiful Wildflower Wedding Decor Ideas

For something truly unique, look outside the box of traditional floral centerpieces. At a couple’s black and white wedding, manzanita branches definitely caught attention when combined with orchids in tall vases.

Simplicity is important to some aesthetics. Make it perfect by adding items that stand on their own. A bold green, golden lantern is the perfect way to achieve this goal.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

A tropical wedding doesn’t always mean bold, bright colors. Choose only white flowers and green grass for a tropical masterpiece with a minimalist twist.

Stunning Pastel Table Setting

If you are planning a more casual reception, you may not want to go to center parties. Displaying a few flowers in brightly colored bud vases goes a long way in decorating the table.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

Want something bold? Hug her! This combination of red and yellow flowers with stems of different lengths creates a truly stunning masterpiece.

Choose only green colors for a natural look. Line a long table with eucalyptus and add candles for a romantic mood.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

Christmas Table Decorations & Place Settings

If you really want to make a splash, adding some citrus to the mix is ​​definitely a good idea. Mixing whole and cut citrus with candles for a bright and dramatic table setting.

Planning an Old World Wedding? Keep it stylish by adding a vintage touch with lamps. This couple opted for gold lamps with a white tone, but you can adapt this to any color palette.

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Purple Table Decor Ideas

Don’t want to choose between centerpieces? Being! Line the table with beautiful decorations and surround it with pendant lights for a modern-romantic look.

Christmas Dishes And Table Decor Ideas

Planning something rustic? This noiseless option can be an ideal fit. Eliminate the idea of ​​floral centerpieces and showcase neutral linens with sprigs of greenery scattered under the table.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

Hydrangeas are as romantic as can be and they can definitely stand on their own. Fill vases with bouquets for a beautiful garden-inspired celebration.

Planning a desert-inspired wedding? Neutrals are a great choice, but don’t be afraid to add color if that’s your preference. We love the way a couple puts together a show of bright succulents with colored sand for a pop of pink.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

Pretty Purple Wedding Ideas For A Bold & Vibrant Celebration

There is nothing that says your centers should be on the table. Choose a display of hanging greenery to accentuate your table. It adds a pop of color and serves as a great centerpiece.

Flowers aren’t the only option for centerpieces! If you want to play with fruit, consider pears for a late summer or fall wedding. They add just the right amount of charm and quirkiness.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

There is no shame in choosing a light colored vase or clear glass. But adding a patterned vase option to the mix? A great way to decorate your centerpiece display!

The Most Beautiful Floral Table Centrepieces For Your 2019 Wedding!

Adding metal and candlelight to your reception desk can be downright romantic. Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals like gold and rose gold to create a truly beautiful display.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

There is no shame in sticking to the minimum! These centerpieces mix a tall flower with a short stem for a simple contrast.

While adding fruit is certainly not a new idea for table settings, you don’t often see sweet blueberries in the mix. We love how this vintage display has been enhanced with the simple addition of blueberries for a romantic twist.

Purple Table Decor Ideas

Lavender Dining Room Sets Inspirations For Valentine Day

Want a simple setup for a tropical party? The use of palm leaves and

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