Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table – This theme is popular for a reason, but there are so many ways to make it totally your own.

There are so many bridal shower themes to choose from, but if you’re a classic bride (or planning an event for one), chances are a traditional pre-wedding party is what you gravitate towards. That’s why you’ll probably want to stick to one of the most iconic shower styles out there: the tea party. Refined, delicate and feminine, this theme plays right into what a bridal party is, at its heart: celebrating your upcoming nuptials with all the amazing women in your life. Need help planning an event straight from Tea With The Queen at Buckingham Palace? You have come to the right place.

Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Ahead, you’ll find a host of bridal shower tea party ideas, from decorating inspiration to menu options. While all of the details below can be classified as fancy, you’ll notice that there are many nuanced ways to customize your tea party to feel just right for you. For example, you don’t have to plan a pink shower, no matter what Pinterest tells you a pink-themed event should be (feel free to work with whatever colors work for you!). Alternatively, mix and match styles, patterns and motifs to create a tea party-inspired soiree that feels a little more modern. In celebration of the preparation for this event, an upbeat gingham tablecloth and amber candles and glasses brought a touch of contemporary style to the otherwise classic party (the bride and her best friends cleaned the more beautiful antique mugs!).

Bella’s Rainbow Birthday Party

Another moment? An easy way to achieve the aesthetic at home is to use the tools most associated with teatime, such as plates and teapots, as decoration. Spend a few months collecting vintage tea cups, then turn them into personalized greeting cards that double as favors, as a bride-to-be. However you decide to translate this popular bridal party theme into your big day, you know there’s one idea that’s sure to work for your particular vision.

Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Has. Think beyond Earl Gray or Chamomile and serve interesting varieties that work with the rest of your event decor. Keeping your decorations pink and girly? Choose a magenta berry-flavored tea and serve it in clear jars to get the most out of its color.

When you think of what you would eat at a tea party, what comes to mind? Finger sandwiches, for starters. Likewise, keep most of the treats you serve at your shower to bite-sized pieces for a themed twist. This little buttercream designer cake would be the perfect addition to your dessert menu. The rest of this romantic tablescape was created by  Magnolia Ranch for an event planned by Hitched JH.

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Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Rainbow Hand Pride Tablecloth Rectangular Tea Table Cloth Waterproof Kitchen Table Cover Weddings Home Decor Mat

Planning a more formal wedding reception with a sit-down meal? You’ll probably want to create a seating chart for the organization. Use this important detail as a way to reference the theme of your celebration by copying Amorologia and hanging vintage teacups, labeled with each guest’s name and table assignment, from gold hooks.

There’s so much inspiration to be gleaned from this Leah Griffith table: note the subtly preppy striped linen (and matching flatware!), the floral plates, and the small bites arranged on a three-tiered silver platter. All the elements would look right at home in your own shower.

Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Who says you have to fill your cups with real tea? Your shower, your rules. Want to worship your favorite spirit? Play as the bride at this pre-event party and send your best friends home with their own glasses full of whiskey

Diy Mason Jar Centerpieces For Spectacular Spring Decorations

Tea party showers often pair well with garden motifs – both styles are distinctly feminine, so feel free to marry the two. Work some flower details in an unexpected way; Paper straws covered in flowers, like these from Dearest Jane, are a fun way to do this.

Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Use your tea service as an opportunity to fill your event with color and personality. We loved the teapot covered in butterflies, which stood out on a romantic table.

Tea doesn’t pair well with super-rich, decadent desserts, so keep your offerings as light as possible. A bare little cake, decorated with all kinds of goodies (this one is baked by Swank Desserts), is a smart choice, and one that won’t clash with the flavors of your drinks, thanks to its minimal coverage.

Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Feast Your Eyes On This Beautiful Boho Rainbow Party

Here’s further proof that harmoniously combining tea and garden party themes is absolutely possible. How sweet are these sugar flower donuts and their rose gold counterparts from Sweet Lee Made? They would look so pretty next to a white porcelain teapot.

Trust us, your bridal shower tea party wouldn’t be complete without an array of colorful macarons, like those from Ladurée. Be creative and serve them tower-style, a mini croquembuche.

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Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Throwing your tea shower outside? Take inspiration from the critters of the great outdoors (and this big day celebration table, featuring flowers from In Bloom Florist) and work some bug motifs into your table. Note the honeycomb centerpiece in the middle of this setup; Beetle print teacups helped reinforce the unique detail.

Spring Centerpieces And Table Decorations

Another style that pairs well with tea party decorations? Motifs of Parisian inspiration. The dessert table at The Planning Co., filled with towers of macarons, eclairs and other French pastries from Nadia & Co. and Juicy Desserts, made guests feel like they were in a Parisian bakery.

Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Take a close look at this bridal shower table by Rebecca Chan Weddings and you’ll notice that every detail, from the floral centerpieces and delicate china to the tea cups and paper menus, features the same flower: roses. Recreate this method (with the flourish of your choice!) when creating your own cohesive tablescapes.

Don’t let Pinterest fool you: Your tea party party can incorporate almost any color palette you want (your party doesn’t

Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Spring Centerpieces That Bring The Outside In

Be an explosion of pink details!). If you prefer blue to blush, score this beautiful (and easy to recreate!) centerpiece made from traditional Dutch Delft and Chinoiserie vases.

Does your mother have a favorite teapot that she has used and kept all these years? Ask her if you can borrow her porcelain piece for your shower; use it to serve tea or place it next to your own setting as a sweet, on-theme reminder of your lineage.

Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Small tea party desserts, like French pastries, require an equally small menu. This illustrated sign was created by Lauryn Prattes Styling & Events and Laura Hooper Calligraphy.

Colorful Wedding Ideas To Make Your Big Day Pop

The best way to distribute your wide range of small bridal shower desserts? On a bunch of tiered platters (usually featuring finger sandwiches!) and assorted vintage cake stands.

Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Consider tea time staples like honey! when brainstorming your bridal shower favors. We love how this bride sent her best friends home with little candy jars, in wooden bowls. You don’t need to spend a lot on decoration. Check out DIY centerpieces for something that’s stunning.

Once upon a time, we decided to bring the outdoors in by using a natural wood slab as the basis for a dreamy decor. Add luscious flowers to antique mason jars along with vintage gold accents to complete this storybook-style centerpiece.

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Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Not My Own: The Rainbow Tea Party

Feeling fruity? Hollow out the heart of a pineapple to turn this summer citrus into a planter worthy of paradise. Choose the flowers to match, in shades of bright pink, coral and golden yellow.

This cozy centerpiece has us dreaming of a white Christmas, as do the recipes. Simply place a cluster of candles on a pretty tray and thread strands of wooden beads around the base. If you’re decorating for the holidays, stick an evergreen sprig behind the candle for all the festive feels.

Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Move over, Pumpkin Spice Latte! We found an even better way to enjoy our favorite fall pumpkin: paint it a fancy shade of cream and place it on a fancy cake stand, of course. Fill it with pink and white roses and eucalyptus branches for the most Pinterest-worthy pumpkin we’ve ever seen.

Our Best Table Décor Ideas To Elevate Any Meal

For a centerpiece that Joanna Gaines would definitely approve of, make your own trendy tray out of distressed concrete. Dress it up with industrial handles and fresh greenery for a result that nails the modern farmhouse look, and whip up a plate of Joanna’s famous cookies for a Southern-style brunch.

Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Channel your inner artist with this bohemian centerpiece, inspired by one from Anthropologie. Do it for a fraction of the cost by swirling paint around the inside of glass jars to create a hand-dipped look. For an extra whimsical feel, choose mismatched jars of all different shapes and sizes.

Are you glad this delicious tower made the list? After all, all you need is a foam cone, a bag of mini tangerines, kale and toothpicks to create an effortlessly chic centerpiece. If you have oranges left, use them to prepare one of the recipes starring the juicy fruit.

Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

Afternoon Tea Party Decorations

Think outside the box with this delicate decoration made from empty eggshells. Recycle cardboard into a pretty planter and place tender spring stems inside the shells. Don’t let the eggs go to waste either! Use them for breakfast in the morning with one of the delicious egg dishes.

Nothing says fall more than deep, rich hues like burgundy, plum, and navy. Combine them in this seasonal centerpiece, complete with mini

Rainbow Tea Decorations For Table

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