Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas – Kingsbury Elementary School celebrated Read America Day on Thursday by dressing up as Dr. Seuss and inviting special guests to read to the students.

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Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

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Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

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© Copyright 2023 Sumter Articles | Terms of Use / Privacy Policy | Cancellation / Refund Policy This is a beautiful, fun and simple table by Dr. Seuss that would make the author proud! To celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss, I have prepared a little treat for my children to enjoy!

Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

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Today is the birthday of Dr. Seuss and we celebrated Read Across America this week in his honor. I read Dr. Seuss and my kids too! What child, or adult for that matter, will not see all the bright colors, wonderful illustrations and funny words!

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Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

After I was given some documents that were handed over to Dr. Seuss recently and on his birthday today, I was inspired to create Dr. Seuss chair. Seuss for my children! It’s a fun, cheap and easy way to make my kids feel special. Although I created this for my kids on a small scale, it would make a great display for a children’s party or birthday!

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When you think about Dr. Seuss, you think bright colors. However, instead of the colors found in his books like The Cat in the Hat, I took the colors from his book The Sleep Book of Dr. Seuss. This is one of many books by Dr. Seuss I love reading to my kids! Some of his favorite books by Dr. Seuss’s, Oh, Where You’ll Go, Happy Birthday!, and The Foot Book.

Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

My son likes Dr. Seuss as a child. His first birthday party theme was “Oh, Where You’ll Go!” You can see photos from her first party and read about her birthday HERE!

The first thing I did to create Dr. Seuss, is a table with cheap white art books that I got from Amazon. It comes in a large roll, and is perfect for covering the table and drawing! I have a lot of those things, and bought a liquid and white fan ring and a pink fruit basket, both of which were on clearance.

Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

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I found a white tin organizer at the Target dollar spot and made a little to give it some character. There is always a lot of clutter on the kids’ tables, so I wanted something that could hold “stuff”. You can see it “before” in a short video on my Instagram feed. I used a nice brush, a cloth and some Dr. books. fill it up. Seuss we have.

For a small donation to celebrate Read Across America, I included a new (old) book by Dr. Seuss in a purple and white ribbon gift bag from Sweet Lulu’s Store. The leaves are small wooden leaves so they fit perfectly in the goodie bag!

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Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

I want a table Dr. Seuss is full of bright colors, so I make sure I have color on the table. I made colored cardboard paper wrappers and attached them to the tooth pick to serve as donut toppers. I served the donuts in a pink fruit basket with yogurt in a ceramic saucer from Anthropologie. A glass milk bottle is filled with some herbs. Finally, because we can’t resist fun in this house, I added some cute photo examples so we can take silly pictures!

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Pink fruit basket | sea ​​foam ceramic bowl | yellow and white gift bag | glass milk bottle | hard wearing straws | purple grass | white paper | candles with parallel lines | new clothes | bed linen | white dessert plate | decorations similar to aqua fans | similar to white pewter| photography props | Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can you? | Nose Book | Sleep book Dr. Seuss

Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

For those who don’t know, I used to be a teacher. Reading to children is very important. Not only does it help support them academically, but it also broadens their horizons and makes them dream! So make time today, and every day, to read to your children! What is your favorite book by Dr. Seuss? I could list so many!

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Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

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If you’ve been gifted a party this Independence Day but haven’t had enough time to decorate between grocery shopping and cleaning, these easy last-minute decorations will brighten up the garden you feel immediately patriotic.

Dinner will save you from the problem of dishes after the party. It includes 150 pieces with 25 bowls, 25 glasses, 50 napkins and 50 cakes for a great patriotic celebration.

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Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

Red, white and blue string lights are the perfect way to brighten up your home during Independence Day celebrations. The 10-foot runner has 40 LED lights to brighten up your backyard while you watch the fireworks.

Kingsbury Elementary Holds Read Across America Event In Sumter

These paper cut out pictures will make any part of them add to the life of the party. They are perfect for 4th of July fun

Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

Protect your furniture from noisy parties with this machine washable red, white and blue tablecloth. You can use it all summer long, but the color scheme fits perfectly with the Independence Day theme.

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Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

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Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

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Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

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Read Across America Table Decoration Ideas

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