Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

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Candlelight creates a certain kind of romantic appeal that casts a glow – both figurative and literal – on all elements of a wedding. Whether you choose to decorate your reception tables with colorful, pointed centerpieces or opt for large outdoor votive candles, candles add a timeless je ne sais quoi to the big day.

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

As you’ll see in the images below, the exposed flame is undeniably stunning both in real life and on film. All these flickering flames emit an amber glow that creates an unparalleled atmosphere and looks stunning in photos. (We just happen to think everyone looks especially beautiful in a candlelit setting).

How To Create Professional Looking Diy Wedding Centerpieces

Correct. From taper candles of varying lengths on elegant table surfaces to pillar candles lining a spiral staircase, you’re sure to find the right lighting for your wedding style.

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

At this stunning wedding, small votive candles were placed in textured cups and placed among the bouquets on the dinner tables. The glowing effect is amazing.

To create the look of a formal evening celebration, place tall gold candlesticks on your tables. As this wedding designed by Tara Guérard proves, they can easily elevate an otherwise simple look.

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

Wedding Reception Decorations That Totally Stunned

Here, hanging votive candles in geometric spheres make this industrial wedding venue feel very romantic. And of course, the extra columns and votives on the floor don’t hurt either.

Subtle and elegant, these votive candles add a sparkling accent to a side table (especially a glass one) that beautifully complements a bouquet of flowers, like these pale pink roses.

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

How beautiful is this layout? Not only is there a tree rising from the center of the table (surrounded by ferns and flowers), but the couple chose tealights hanging from small glass circles as well as taller pillar candles.

Purple Lighting And White Flowers Centerpiece Of Wedding Reception Stock Image

You know when they say more is more, this Chicago wedding is the perfect example. We love how these pillar candles are used in clusters on the tables and also in the pendant lights above.

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

A gold candle holder and a white taper candle can’t go wrong, as seen here with a rich garland of greenery, fruit tones and small white votives.

Sometimes it’s smart to fill open spaces with candlelight. And it’s really smart when the area in question is as beautiful as this metal trim.

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Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

Sziqiqi Tall Glass Hurricane Candle Holders 6 Pc For Float Candles For Wedding Table Centerpiece

Add an old-world touch that blends well with the historic space. When you’re working with such a great place, it’s really best not to compete.

We’re obsessed with these stylish mini boats. Mix and match metal containers (each filled with a votive candle or tea light) to create a simple yet modern cake display.

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

We can’t decide if this candle-lit staircase is more for show or necessity. First, it’s smart to place tricky areas (like stairs) after nightfall, but this setup is so dreamy that we’d be tempted to say yes here, too.

Event & Wedding Supplies Online + Cheap Home Decor

Create the look of stars in a clear-topped tent by hanging glass globes filled with tea lights. The more the better.

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

When you’ve spent months preparing the perfect table, mixing candles of different heights shows off your work best. These tall black candles and mini votives are the perfect combination.

When you think of candlelight, you often picture a very ethereal, romantic look. But you can make it totally modern by using stylish cylinder vases like these.

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

Wholesale Wedding Supplies

Okay, we know you’ve seen pillar candles placed on the floor. But how cool are these gold-framed containers? We’re mad at them — and this backyard wedding in Atlanta.

Lanterns add a special touch to the entrance of this historic church. We especially like how the black rim of the containers matches the black iron railing.

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

At this wedding in Italy, the bride didn’t use flowers, and you really don’t need to when you have candles like these.

Light Up Your Reception: Stunning Ways To Use Candles In Wedding Centerpieces

You usually see thin candles on set tables, but they look especially great around this brick fireplace. (Also seen here with pillar candles, votive candles, and lanterns filled with candles.)

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

We’re obsessed with these gold candlesticks, which look like they’ve been hand-picked from a number of vintage stores to create the perfect (or not-so-perfect) arrangement.

We can’t get enough of this light-filled scene. Who knew the balance of thin candles on the tables and the bistro lights above could be so perfect?

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

Simple Diy Wooden Lanterns

You’ve already seen lanterns lining a staircase, but you can also use them for extra romance at the altar. We especially like them gathered in asymmetrical groups using different sizes.

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While we love greenery-covered railings (we do), it’s the candles that really transform this stunning staircase. We will pose here for bridal portraits please and thank you.

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

At this wedding, the bride and groom chose small candles in different glass containers to accent this stunning white wedding cake. Candlelight weddings are almost always the most romantic celebrations. It’s a great and relatively inexpensive way to create valuable lighting without breaking the bank. Candles also provide sweet amber lighting that exudes a warm and intimate charm.

Sziqiqi Vintage Candle Lantern Decorative Hurricane Candle Holder For Pillar Candle Rustic Hanging Candleholder Set Wall Decoration Table Top Decor For Wedding, Party, Reception Centerpiece, Size L

Depending on how you go about it, incorporating candles into your wedding decor can be an inexpensive and elegant way to unleash the romance. Whether it’s tea lights in glass vases or pillar candles surrounded by fresh flowers, these wax wonders are a great way to enhance the home atmosphere. Not to mention, using candles is a great way to change it up and save on the expense of over-the-top floral centerpieces. These wedding ideas should make your heart flutter a little. If so, enjoy the feeling!

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

There are many beautiful ways to incorporate candles into your wedding decor. Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

The key to decorating with candles is to use them in a way that enhances the overall ambiance and aesthetic of your wedding. Experiment with different settings and styles to find the look that best suits your look.

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

Candlelight Ideas For Romantic Weddings

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, many brides-to-be desire a timeless and natural atmosphere for their special day. Fire and candles add a warm glow to the romantic setting. But decorating your wedding with candles can sometimes be difficult. How do you spice up your centerpieces with your creativity? To help you out, we’re going to highlight the most romantic candlelit wedding centerpiece ideas that are sure to wow your guests.

Making floating candles a table centerpiece or gift table centerpiece is a great way to get creative without breaking the bank.

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

Give your tables a fresh new look with wedding lantern centerpieces that include votives and candles that are a perfect alternative to old fashioned lights and candles. All you need to add is some fruit, greenery and candles.

Diy Wedding Centerpieces We Love

These birdcage centerpieces that are made with candles are a viable alternative to traditional centerpieces. This can be a fun way to add a more modern touch to your wedding, but without breaking the bank. This can also be used in other settings such as weddings, romantic dinners, candlelights, etc.

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Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

There’s no limit to what you can do with greenery and candles! You can center your table and keep the whole room lit with them, give your guests a romantic dinner or simply decorate tables with cakes, in addition to coffee tables and the aisle.

The elegant use of flowers or greenery and elegant square vases from local merchants evoke a fairytale romance. And when paired with flickering candlelight and scented candles, these centerpieces are the perfect centerpiece for an elegant wedding.

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

Small Details — Ghr Rental Boutique

Rustic wooden candlesticks with glass or champagne bottles are perfect for a ceremony or reception. Let your guests see the flame and let their scent set the mood.

To make your wedding more romantic and magical, the wedding aisle with candles will create an amazing atmosphere for your guests. It will attract them and allow them to be guests of honor at your wedding. Wedding aisle ideas with candles range from minimalistic to elaborate, vintage to modern, and simple to extravagant. You can also arrange the candles on the table or in decorative boxes or vases.

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

Here are our favorite romantic candle wedding decoration ideas! Candle decorations are perfect for a wedding – you can place them that way or leave them unlit for a mystical feel, or perhaps place a few tealights in a willow basket and hang them from the ceiling. The options are endless!

Wedding Table Decorations

If you’re wondering where to find unique wedding backdrops, fill your space with candles. Good ideas are to asphalt the plot around the chapel. Let the flames burn between the branches of the wedding tree or make a tunnel of candles for the wedding party. Relax for a minute with a refreshing drink or some sweet mints as you watch your guests enter the wedding venue. Creating a candle backdrop on a wall is a popular idea.

Reception Party Table Decor Luminaries Hurricane Candles

When you’re planning a thoughtful reunion ceremony and want to celebrate a new life with the brand new bride and groom, consider a candlelit reunion ceremony. Two large candles are lit,

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