Red Berry Table Decorations

Red Berry Table Decorations – Whether you’re entertaining during the holidays, hosting a Christmas dinner party, or simply looking to dress up your dining table as part of your holiday decor, today’s post shows you three simple ways to make a big impact with fruit! Kate here, I picked up a bunch of winter branches at the grocery store over the weekend. I brought them home and quickly realized that red berries offer an endless array of design options for the holiday table. From seasonal to seasonal, the following arrangements prove that mixing seasonal foliage with nature’s grace can create a festive retreat.

For the layout in today’s post, I used items from around the house and yard. Most of them can be seen in the next picture. I’m constantly collecting vases when I make my own buds, and below are a few small vases I’ve come across over the years, as well as the White Gaze Vase and Flat Mini Bud Vase from CB2:

Red Berry Table Decorations

Red Berry Table Decorations

The events that follow are named after the scene and feel like they created it! So think about the style of vacation you are going for and choose accordingly. Can’t decide? Neither could I! Create three views. Red fruits combine your designs and create harmony within you.

Simple Holly Berry Christmas Décor Ideas

For the containers, I used a small pot that I had in my collection, as well as a water jug ​​from my kitchen cupboard. There are differing opinions about how long winter branches last after pruning, and whether or not they require water. I wanted to maximize the life of my winterizers, so below are instructions that include soaking them in a container of water. If you don’t need a long time for your arrangement, skip the free water and place the fruit branches in a bowl filled with crushed ice.

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Red Berry Table Decorations

Step 1: Fill a small pot with water and place the fruit branches in the pot. I chose a full and wide section of a single stemmed vase because the main section adds drama to the arrangement!

Step 2: Place the pot inside the container (or container of your choice). Clear cups or bowls work well for this arrangement because the fake snow can really take center stage when the bowls are clear.

Red Berry Table Decorations

Rustic Napkin Ring Serviette Holders Handmade Red Berry Table Decorations For Wedding New Year Valentine’s Banquet Birthday Party

Step 3: Fill the pot with snow and cover the small pot so that the fruit branches look like they are coming out of the snow. I love the whimsical, fairy-tale look of this arrangement, now both have a glass of snow and fruit. The side of a copper bowl on my dining table. Divine!

You may wonder how difficult it is to change the water when you cover a small pot with snow…simply lift the pot, pour water, fill the pot and put it in a cup. You might want to bury it a little and put some fresh fake snow on top. However, considering that a bag of fake snow costs a few dollars, you should leave plenty to fill the cup if you need it.

Red Berry Table Decorations

This upcoming holiday event is the ultimate in over a dozen seasonal styles! Here’s what you need to create this look…

Festive Christmas Dinner Table Setting Place Setting With Natural Botanical Decorations Stock Photo

The arrangement is very easy: combine the fruiting branches with the flowers and display the petals for ten years.

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Red Berry Table Decorations

I used hot pink roses from my garden and the mix of red and pink created a rich, layered look full of individual style. Notice how the colorful leaves look against the white in the vase. If you want a similar look, use a white pan!

If you don’t have flowers blooming in your garden this year, buy inexpensive flowers and arrange them. You don’t have to spend a lot to feel luxurious. Yes, grocery store roses are good!

Red Berry Table Decorations

Best Ever Christmas Decorating Ideas

Today’s final special is all about modern style! Using minimal methods and a collection of round pots, you can create a great holiday statement. To get started:

For visual appeal, arrange fruits and vegetables in three glass containers. Display pots in rows or groups for a modern take on holiday style.

Red Berry Table Decorations

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I used a container similar to a cheap disc with a smaller opening than the CB2. As a result I didn’t overload them with thick branches, but focused on the smaller leaves to get the job done.

Red Berry And Willow Tabletop Christmas Candle Holder

Even if you don’t add greenery, I think it really enhances the arrangement. I cut a few from the evergreens in the yard, and that’s it!

Red Berry Table Decorations

This centerpiece idea is perfect for a small table centerpiece, and it can even take center stage in a kitchen window:

Be sure to research your plant and flower choices to ensure they are safe for pets and children. For example, winterberry is poisonous to dogs and cats, and the fruit should not be eaten by children. If you use potentially poisonous leaves, miss the arrangement. On a happier note, I wish you a colorful start to your holiday season. Enjoy the decorating process and don’t be afraid to get creative!

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Red Berry Table Decorations

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