Red Carpet Table Decorations

Red Carpet Table Decorations – When it comes to pampering the mom-to-be, this gorgeous Hollywood baby shower on the red carpet is definitely the way to go. A royal reception with a long red carpet and a white throne is sure to let everyone know who is the special person of the holiday. Bee-unike Events did a great job making this party a sophisticated night to remember.

The venue was centered around a delicious dessert table, with a star-studded red carpet running towards it for added effect. Guest tables were arranged on all sides, and the hall was filled with splendor. The round tables were covered in white with black covers and red chairs, which contrasted very elegantly. Small centerpieces filled with beautiful flowers were placed on each table along with a table number, popcorn and a star.

Red Carpet Table Decorations

Red Carpet Table Decorations

On one side of the dessert table was a special section for the whip, which featured a massive throne made of gold. A beautiful table next to the chair was covered in white with a gold runner, and the letters “Child” were written in gold for decoration.

Black And Red Anniversary Party

The banquet table was a scene of gold, black, white and red cloth to create a beautiful effect. The table itself was surrounded by drapery, which gave it a magnificent appearance. This table, covered with gold, immediately caught my eye. The illuminated star behind it created a wonderful focus. Delicious treats served at the party included sugar cookies in the shape of baby shower favors and beautifully detailed cake pops. The three-tiered cake was nothing short of stunning on the red carpet with a film and display board for added flair. It was completed with a gorgeous red jumpsuit. Disclosure: This store is owned by Collective Bias, Inc. and received compensation from the advertiser. All opinions are mine. AD #EntertainandPair #CollectiveBias The following content is intended for readers 21 and older.

Red Carpet Table Decorations

The glitz and glamor of Hollywood may be thousands of miles away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun on the red carpet! Check out all my tips and ideas for throwing your own star-studded red carpet party for friends and family from the comfort of your own home!

Eh! It’s Hollywood awards season! Are you passionate or can you be careless? For as long as I can remember, I have watched various award shows on television. I mean, I’ve always been a movie/tv/music fan, but to be honest, I only watched awards shows, probably because my “regular” TV show was reruns that night.

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Red Carpet Table Decorations

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But a few years ago we met our friends J and C. They are big movie fans and if you’re ever going to do trivia, you definitely want them on your team. So when awards season came around, that was all they talked about. Who and what is nominated, the presenter of the awards, the fashion on the red carpet, etc. They even had an awards night party. No, don’t like it, hey, wanna come watch the awards ceremony? But more than that, we’re literally rolling out our own red carpet, dressing up with sneakers, and sipping on all kinds of fancy food while watching the show. They even had an awards ceremony. You know how some people do pools or tournaments for major sports events, they do one with all the big categories and nominations and then pick who they think will win.

Until I met J and C, I had never thought about doing an awards ceremony or how much fun it could be! After attending our first party with them, I couldn’t help but get excited about the annual awards year after year, even hosting our viewing party! With all the award shows coming up and I love any excuse to throw a special themed party,Ā  I thought I’d share some red carpet party plans and tips with you today so you too can wonder who will be wearing what. Red carpet event!

Red Carpet Table Decorations

This star-studded movie-inspired party would be great not only for an awards ceremony, but also for a more “dressed up” movie night any time of year. Check out all the fun party details below!

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For our movie/Hollywood awards party, I wanted to incorporate not only a red carpet theme, but also a glitzy, star-studded event! I chose black, gold and silver colors with hints of red. I wanted to incorporate a “starry” theme, so the background of the food table (just a decorated tablecloth) had stars in a black/gold/silver color scheme. Other star decorations included black and silver (and gold if you choose) star balloons, silver cupcake stars, gold center stars and I even used gold stars as food labels; You know, like a Hollywood celebrity! I wanted to add gold/silver confetti stars to the table and wine glass plates, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any. Maybe next time!

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Red Carpet Table Decorations

I used a plain black dinner table cloth and placed a red cloth runner on the table to reflect the red runner. Other tabletop decorations included movie wainscoting, a black fedora, and a gold streamer.

For the paper goods and glasses, I kept things simple, again with gold and silver. I bought gold/silver embellished napkins and plates and then hand painted inexpensive stemless wine glasses with gold and silver rims. It didn’t really take long and I drank about 8 glasses while watching a few TV shows a few nights before the party.

Red Carpet Table Decorations

Red Carpet New Year’s Eve Party

I wanted a “cool” movie-inspired party, so I wanted to keep the food pretty simple, think about the appetizers from the movie, and serve the wine. When we host parties for our friends, I always like to choose wines that go well with the food we’re serving, as well as wines that I know my friends will enjoy. At another dinner party recently, a friend of mine served The Dreaming Tree wine. She raved about this wine, but I had never heard of it until then. Anyway, I’m glad she shared this wine with us! Not only did The Dreaming Tree California Pinot Noir pair well with the grilled steak and mushroom risotto my friend served for dinner that night, but I was delighted to learn that The Dreaming Tree Wine is a creative collaboration between world-renowned musician Dave Matthews and award – winemaker-winner. Sean McKenzie. Dreaming Tree Wines is also eco-friendly as their labels are made from recycled paper and use natural cork that can be recycled. I was impressed with The Dreaming Tree Wines, so I decided to serve it at our red carpet party. Roasted, crisp and elegant, the Central Coast Chardonnay wasn’t just paired with the vegetable plate and white bean dip I served; The classic blackberry and cherry flavor of the North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon paired perfectly with the rich and chocolaty Red Velvet Black and White Cookies and barkTHINSĀ® chocolate I served for dessert.

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Other menu items include the must-try multi-grain tortilla chips with chunky salsa, vanilla cupcakes (adorned with silver sprinkles and silver stars, of course!) and a popcorn bar with three different sweet and savory popcorn flavors!

Red Carpet Table Decorations

Popcorn bars can be one of the highlights of the entire party! A movie themed party wouldn’t be complete without popcorn, and the three different flavored “spicy” popcorns were a hit with my guests! Popcorn is extremely cheap to make, but easy to dress up, making it the perfect party food! For our red carpet party, I served Sour Cream Onion Popcorn, Cranberry Apple Cinnamon Popcorn, and Sweet Heat Caramel Corn. I made the flavored popcorn ahead of time and then served it in large clear containers that guests could take to individual popcorn bags placed next to the popcorn containers. Another option is to have a large bowl of plain popcorn, followed by smaller bowls or containers of store-bought or homemade popcorn seasoning that guests can add.

Gala Table Decoration

Other menu offerings for the star-studded red carpet party include a cheese plate, cheese dip, steaks, shrimp kabobs, chocolate covered strawberries, star sandwiches and more. You can even offer a menu full of food inspired by your favorite movie. !

Red Carpet Table Decorations

Encourage guests to dress up! Just because you’re hosting a party at home doesn’t mean you and your guests can’t dress up and have your own red carpet show!

Make a movie game! Research movie facts, quotes, filming locations, and more. and engage them in a trivia game. You can play charades using only movies, or rather using only movies/actors/characters from this year’s nominated movies.

Red Carpet Table Decorations

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Set up a photo booth at the movies. Gather movie themed props or set up a Hollywood/red carpet backdrop and let guests take red carpet selfies. You can buy celebrity expressions for even more selfie fun!

For more information on the Dream Tree

Red Carpet Table Decorations

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