Red Gold Table Decorations

Red Gold Table Decorations – Sellers, have you formed your team yet for Creative Innovation: Glitter + Glam? Kidd and I are excited to see what you come up with!

You may recall that a Portland wedding photography team called Sara Gray Photography created a unique tablescape inspired by the book Dandelion Wine for their First Entry Contest. Here’s a fun little table dusted with a little sparkle – sure to inspire all of you contestants!

Red Gold Table Decorations

Red Gold Table Decorations

Sarah was inspired by an advertisement for Kate’s Kosmos Twirl fragrance. She used a light palette of golds, reds and pinks and made it a bit more glittery with gold chargers and chivari chairs from The Party Place. Beautiful centerpieces of pink and red roses were created by Sammy’s Flowers.

Sparkling And Festive New Years Eve Table Decoration In Silver And Gold

This is sure inspiration to use when thinking about how to add glitz and glam to your event!

Red Gold Table Decorations

Photography – Sarah Gray Photography Flowers – Sammy’s Flowers Rentals – Wedding Venue Venue – Housekeepers at Ace Hotel

* Sara Gray Photography is one of the most popular EAD sellers in Portland. For information on EAD’s editorial policy, click here. Who would have thought that we would face an epidemic even in a year? Since it’s just the two of us celebrating Valentine’s Day (we usually share it with a few other couples), I set up a red and gold love table for two in our living room to share on the special day.

Red Gold Table Decorations

Decor Ideas For Sangeet That Are Not Cliche

Can you believe it’s been a year since our new tradition started?! I have to admit that in all these problems, I truly believe that my husband is home. It usually travels a ton, so I was blessed to have it home when we switched to ‘bad share’.

He misses traveling and being with his clients, but we got a lot more housework done with this extended time at home. Hi me!! My husband is a veteran so it would be great to spend this special evening with him. He deserves it!

Red Gold Table Decorations

Start with a soft, comfortable foundation. For this table setting, I decided that I wanted to have dinner on the living room table in front of our fireplace. Such a romantic scene … in front of the fire! Since our table is glass, I plan to use faux Mongolian fur as the base.

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Festive Holiday Table With Red And Gold Glitter Christmas Decorations Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 16510121

Use the best dishes for this special occasion. The gold Lenox Tuxedo china is my go-to for special occasions like this. That’s why I chose gold as one of the accent colors. Another reason is that I love every opportunity to use the beautiful Lenox plates. They are perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Red Gold Table Decorations

Create layers with containers to represent color themes. I found these Turkish red and gold glass chargers at HomeGoods, but I have other similar options below. My goal is to provide a foundation for Lenox China.

Also choose “good” for glassware. For the sunglasses, I used my favorite Lenox Trianna sunglasses. They are very entertaining and adjust the venue settings accordingly.

Red Gold Table Decorations

Red Table Decor

To make sure they stand out, I kept the rest of the equipment simple but coordinated with the rest of the table.

Choose flowers and centerpieces that coordinate with your venue settings. Undoubtedly, red roses are the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day… the perfect choice for this second table! I created a large flower arrangement and small ones with 9 dozen Liberty Roses.

Red Gold Table Decorations

I had planned to add leaves to the arrangement, but I chose to show only the lovely roses for the monochromatic drama. My red color is great and romantic! Happy Valentine’s Day to me!! Also, my husband really likes roses.

Rose Gold Table Cloth Sequin Glitter Round Rectangular Tablecloth Party Banquet Home Red White Coffee Table Wedding Decoration

To coordinate with the gold in the place settings, I used the store’s new BEST…brass bars. They are perfect for romantic situations! I just love that the brass rods are coming back.

Red Gold Table Decorations

Put candles in abundance! Is there anything more romantic than candlelight?! Dim the lights, light the candles and kiss your loved one!

Make yourself comfortable with plenty of pillows. For our table, I placed them randomly for added comfort. Throwing can also be added.

Red Gold Table Decorations

Red Gold Christmas Table Decorations Photos

For a Valentine’s Day table setting or other decorating ideas for the occasion, stick with these…

Now for a challenge or idea you can create for Valentine. Honestly, my husband doesn’t particularly like Valentine’s Day. According to him, it’s just a publicity stunt (ha!). That didn’t stop me from trying to make the day and/or evening special for both of us.

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Red Gold Table Decorations

To surprise him last year, I made a list of 100 things I love about him. It was such a fun exercise where I could spend time focusing on what he was doing and who he was that made me happy. You can make a list of 10 items, 50 items, or any number that works for you. I promise you will love the results!

Table Decorated Red Gold Christmas Day Stock Photo 100791202

Here are some pictures of the evening table with the candles burning. (NOTE: I have NO idea how to shoot in the dark, so I’m not entirely happy with how it turned out). I’m going home to Dallas this weekend and will be back the day after Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to get everything ready before I left.

Red Gold Table Decorations

I hope you enjoyed learning how to recreate the second red and gold Valentine’s Day table. You can use any color palette. The most important thing is that you try to make your loved one feel special and loved like no other. I hope you have a beautiful, happy, Valentine’s Day! It’s that time and I have to share more Christmas table decorations with you! I love so many different styles and designs that I can’t pick one this year. If you missed yesterday’s post, check out our gold and white Christmas table here. Today is all about PLAID! You can tell I’m mad about plaid!

Christmas to me is sitting around the holiday table with family and loved ones enjoying our favorite Christmas meals. I want to create a table for the exact place where we want to make these memories. Hope you’re inspired to add a little pizzazz to your holiday table this year! Read on for some of my favorite tips…

Red Gold Table Decorations

Christmas Table Centerpieces

I started with a festive table cloth and covered it with a rattan charger. I wanted to share a Christmas table that was fun and cozy but not ordinary. Many of us have small children at home and they want a vacation environment that is accessible and not crowded.

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White dinner plates with gold rims are paired with red and white ribbons. I love adding pops of red to my home at Christmas. I tied red stripes and ribbons on a few chairs. I use them all season and change the tape if I want a different color scheme. They last year after year, so it’s a great investment!

Red Gold Table Decorations

A sprig of rosemary put in the middle of each plate not only adds festive touches of greenery, but also makes the table smell amazing. I love the smell of rosemary! You can also set it days in advance as it will dry well. I also like to use small bell place cards.

Elegant Green & Gold Christmas Tablescape And Dinner Menu

I think I’ve been sounding like a broken record lately, but light is everything! Especially during the holidays, you want your table to have a wonderful atmosphere. Let your Christmas table decorations do double duty by filling them with candles and twinkling lights. I use simple brass lamps that I usually have in my living room. They did the right trick! I also have a set of glass voters that I use all year round. I put them around the scene settings.

Red Gold Table Decorations

Simple and white flower arrangements are perfect for Christmas! I used white hydrangeas and red roses in simple vases. I also added some golden trees for decoration. I use them all over the house before and after Christmas dinner.

As you can see, it really is! Christmas table decorations don’t have to be pretty to look good and interesting.

Red Gold Table Decorations

Red, White And Gold Holiday Tablescape With A Twist

Brass lamps with twinkling lights, beautiful red and white flowers and touch of decorative trees did the trick! These ideas will work with any color scheme.

You can easily use all white flowers for a white “winter wonderland” theme. Or skip the flowers and add more interesting trees in the middle of the table. Mix and match your favorite jewelry to create the design you love!

Red Gold Table Decorations

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